killing the spirit for traveling one person at a time

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The air pressure in my ears has not received the memo that we’ve been on the ground for over three hours now. I’m enjoying a calm layover in Houston, nursing a strong cold coffee concoction, and charging up my device.

I’ve been up since 4am to catch a 7am flight with Spirit Airlines. I caught a cold from wedding prep and family chaos. I’d rather be in bed than a plane but this morning’s experience was so surreal and awful. You ought to know why to avoid Spirit Airlines in the future.


Home of the Bare Fare....


Traveling used to feel fun and exciting. Spirit has a special way of killing the joy. I had to check in a bag that had been a trusty carry-on for many years of travel. It no longer qualifies as a carry-on. It is officially becoming a fat bag. Are they shrinking planes? It cost $50 to check in the bag. Spirit Airlines also will randomly choose your seats, if you want to choose your own seat, it costs between $15-$35 PER LEG of travel. If you are traveling with family and friends, it will be a bothersome expense. Bare Fare means loads of add-ons if you want to travel in comfort. I recommend that you pack a snack. You will not get a crumb unless you fork out some dough. And water? You won’t receive a drop without pulling out a few dollars.

Traveling with Spirit Airlines is like buying an app that’s useless unless you purchase add-ons.

After checking in my baggage, the traveling experience became more unpleasant. While passengers were not indignified by a barefoot march through security, the morning staff were obvious about not liking their job. There was some downtalking toward a passenger who was confused and wanted clarification. He was chastised instead. Even the mother with a baby ahead of me got a taste of disdain toward her. Everyone was present to a sense of unhappiness. Going through security was a solemn event. Posters reminding us of September 11 lined the walls.

I appreciate efforts to make sure we have safe flights. I wish there was a way to make it a less unpleasant process. My contact lens solution was confiscated and deemed dangerous by JetBlue on my flight away from Los Angeles but JetBlue was polite. Spirit Airlines makes you feel like you’re in line for re-education camp. They guarantee from their initial interface that you will struggle to find something nice to say about them.

It gets worse.

We were delayed in leaving because “a flight attendant called in sick.” There was a frenetic hustle to get connection flight passengers off the plane when we made a pit stop in New Orleans to get a new crew. We left New Orleans without much complication but learned that our connecting flight from Houston to Los Angeles was delayed....

By FIVE hours. Mind you, I already had a 5 hour layover that I knew about. In the end, which hasn’t come to pass yet, I will have spent TEN hours stuck in Houston because Spirit Airlines is a plonker of an airline. I have had more than enough time to read the terrible reviews. It’s supporters raved about savings and advised people to travel by other means if they want to save money. Drive or take a train and stop complaining. Stop complaining??? There has to be a way to do business and gain loyalty besides telling people if they want savings, do the Spirit model. How much time before every airline starts to be as terrible? No water, no food, no inflight movie or WiFi? No reclining seats....Civilization is digressing as we become a more wealthy and tech-savvy society. Traveling is becoming an indigifying process. The travel industry is tanking if we are encouraged to stay quiet. Traveling used to feel fun.

My coffee is long gone and my ears still feel like it’s full of cotton. Gate A17 is full of sad people. We’ve all booked with the rent a wreck airline. It’s an expensive lesson. I’m too tired to fight. I’m not good at yelling.

Why why why is this airline still in business?

I am soooo glad I did not book this airline to arrive for the wedding. I’m hearing frustrated conversations around me. People missing events, appointments, reservations. People’s itineraries have been thrown in the air and shot down like clay birds.

I struggle to find a redeeming quality. It is my hope that I can save you and others from unnecessary heartache and annoyance. Save yourselves! Don’t fly with Spirit Airlines. They are killing the spirit for traveling one person at a time.

And I have way too much time on my hands. I’m finding more than half a dozen of my friends have no love for Spirit Airlines. They’ve cancelled flights last minute due to drizzle. Here’s some condemning news.

Why why why is this airline still in business???

Next time, I’m going to fly with JetBlue. They have fly-fi, places on every seat to charge your device, and nice people that give you water and snacks. How modern and civilized.


People still want to enjoy the wonder of flying.



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Yikes. I hate flying and insist on other methods of travel now (preferring to drive) because of the cramped conditions coupled with being treated like a criminal/potential terrorist. I figure if one day enough people get upset and quit using them they will have to rethink how they treat people.

I know your time here is limited, but I wrote two posts (one on Steem, the other on Steemit) that were partially inspired by you. I think you could learn a lot on how to grow your account if you were to read them. If you are interested, here they are.

Steem for beginners Don't vote this as it is well past the 7 day cutoff.

Steemit for beginners.

I am getting ready when I am done commenting here to begin a post on how to keep track and manage Steem assets. When you have time, it might be something you want to look at as well.

Hopefully your next travel plans will go more smoothly. :)


Thank you for thinking of me and writing these posts. I want to upvote your post even if it’s past seven days as an acknowledgement (internet hug). Valuable posts ought to continue gaining acknowledgement :)

I’m home with a cold. Being stuck in Houston for 10 hours was misery but gave me loads of time to research Spirit Airlines! I have yet to write of my Florida trip.....and unpack.



Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for the kind words again. Uhg, can't imagine being stuck for 10 hours. The worst I had was a sensor went out on a truck I had years ago when I was passing through the mountains of New Mexico and I limped it to a small little town and had to wait about 3 hours for the garage to open, then another 2 hours for the part.

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