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Do you know what airsoft is ?
Teamwork, outdoorsman skill , military tactics, meeting new people ...

I lead a team " The Bad Samaritan " .
We are semi roleplay team - we play PMC ( private military contractors ) , you got the money we got a time .

( second from the left )

T.B.S. is a part of larger airsoft group D.A.S. Lešinari ( dalmatian airsoft union Vultures )


T.B.S. counting 6 members and DAS Lešinari 32 active players .


Das Lešinari has 4 teams from Zadar , Šibenik , Solin and Sinj .
Uniforms that we are using : russian digi flora , woodland/black , cropat , multicam , gorka 3 bars .
Weapon replicas : everything from western to eastern block . M4 , AK47 , AK74 , SR25 , SCAR H , SCAR L , AR15 , 416 , G36 , M14 , U.A.R. , UZI , every kind of snipers and pistol replica .

(old pic from 2015 )



For future goal we wanna organize roleplay milsim with 50-70 participants . We wanna game to lookas real as it is possible .



( allways call your hits )



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