A great chance to make some easy money ...This is only for nigerians

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#Postrendy #Income Trending_Post
Make money Online Reading News + Other Benefits
Postrendy Members are earning while some are busy chatting and doing instagram without getting paid.
NOTE:: Postrendy Income Pay weekly.
Postrendy Income Bundle Package Summary

  1. ₦50 for daily
  2. ₦100 Per each of your sponsored post
  3. ₦2 Naira for Reading News
  4. ₦ 2 Naira for a web constructed comment
  5. ₦100 Naira for News post (Well constructed Posts Only) [Maximum of 5/Day]
  6. ₦15 Naira for each video you watch on the platform(Watch and earn)
  7. ₦1,000 for each Valid Referral.
  8. THRESHOLD i.e Minimum Payout is ₦5,000 with Just atleast 1referral or ₦10,000 Threshold With No referral (%40 Paid out).
  9. PAYMENT DATE Payment is made From Friday to Saturday.
  10. Postrendy Income Bundle cost is ₦1,500 (One time Payment.)
  11. A Nigeria Bank Account
  12. A internet access phone or laptop (Anyone).
  13. A facebook Account,
  14. One time payment of ₦1,500 to be paid online or Purchase a coupon from out vendors By clicking here::::> https://postrendy.com.ng/pib/?ref=Otto11"
    Wanna start making Money?
    Click here to Join::::>https://postrendy.com.ng/pib/?ref=Otto11"

(c) Postrendy Income.

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It's a fork of NNU, nice to see other website working on paying its users


Bro its super faster too o ...and NNU still havent paid me o


Do one need to register with money like nnu?

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If i didnt mention it before it does pay without referral when u reach the #10k mark,plus it pays weekly from Fri-Sat,latest on sunday

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