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Good evening my dears. It's another Friday, the start of another weekend and I believe that everyone is roaring to go party, clubbing, sleeping or whatever you do on your weekends. Oh well, I am not. I have got some movies planned and maybe a book or two. That's how I roll.

The airhawk-project community is a vast community with projects going on in different areas and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. I know some of our members do not know some of the things we do to make life and steemit more comfortable for them. Well it's about to change.

When I just joined the community, before we had a discord server, we used to have a weekend round up community post where interested members could share their articles, stories and poetry. I used to get my poetry out for @diana01 back then. I called her moms, 😂. For some reason, the series was stopped.

Well we have decided to do a return of the series. This time we have thought to expand and add some touches to make the post more all encompassing.


Well we have several programs ongoing on the airhawk-project project community server. We have Whaleshares Shout out hosted by @samest, Saturday Night with Zizy hosted by @zizymena, Steemit Tips hosted by @afolwalex, and Monday Shout out your post hosted by @warpedpoetic. We also have newbie tutoring going everyday and it's tutored by @itoroarchibong. These are some of the activities in the community.

We will therefore be sharing a weekly round up of these activities and more every Friday evening. So if you missed out on any of the shows, you can get a glimpse lf what it was about as well as enjoy some of the talented content creators in the community.

Not only that, this will serve as a platform for the sharing news and updates for community projects like @airhawk-exchange, the community exchange project that enables you and I change our tokens to naira as well as the @bankplethora where you can save your sbd and steem and get a weekly or monthly interest paid into your wallet.


As this is our first time out, some of our programs have not been able to drop updates on the editors desk. So we would not have a full summary of activities. K promisw you that from next week, it would be a rosy one.

On the server this week, we had lots of good stuff going on. First of, we had;



The show started with information on what whaleshares is all about and the beta.whaleshares platform that is going to be released later in July was also talked about. @samest was also able to explain crowdsales and crowdfunding to the participant and use easydex.pb and ezira as an example, it was an interesting presentation.

It was an avenue to learn and earn as @samest gave some whaleshares to those who could answer some steemit related question. This was just to make it fun for the participant. A total of 50whaleshares, 30Milks, 2SBD and 5Beyondbits were shared to the participants.


The first show was held yesterday. The purpose of the program is to give updates and ways to go about using and enjoying the various steemit projects that are already operating as well as future ones to come.

Yesterday, we talked about Steemhunt. According to the host @afolwalex, Steemhunt is a project focused on retrieving products. The products can be a website, mobile application or a technologically related project.

The participants were taught how to connect steemhunt to steemit, the best ways to hunt for products, the basic steemhunt rules, how steemhunt ranks the products, and other benefits of steemhunt. Then, question and answers followed.


Image source

As the title implies, this popular show is held every Saturday and the host @zizymena says her show i
talks about relationship issues, gives dating tips and helps people solve relationship issues.

The show is usually jam-packed with an interested audience and it is always fun-filled and exciting.

The last show focused on some topics like dating tips, how to know if a man wants a woman for sex or he wants more, then there was something about vibrating condoms. If I have caught your attention, then you can go here to read up on the last show.


On Tuesday there was a Srecipe presentation on the community server in which @weberh8 came around to present the project as a crossposting platform basically for chefs. According to him, the project will cater for lovers of food and chefs. The project has it own token on the bishares blockchain. If you should need more information, you can contact us at airhawk project discord server to get the details.

On the same day, Shout out your post was carried out and a quite a number of post were curated by the community account.


If you are interested in getting your post up on this weekend round up post, do not hesitate to send me a direct message on discord with a link to the article.

This is just a taste of what we are about every week and I will definitely be here next weekend with another weekend round up. Do have a splendid weekend. See you on the other side.


@warpedpoetic writing for Airhawk-project Community.

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