Airdrops, is it really an effective strategy?

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What is a Crypto Airdrop?

An Airdrop is when a blockchain project distributes chips or free coins to the cryptocurrency community. Airdrops is a format to distribute chips in the crypto world. And there are still no standard rules. Maybe in the future, with the growing popularity. It is mainly implemented as a way to attract attention and new followers, which translates into a larger user base.

The big question is, Why would someone give free cryptocurrencies?

Airdrops can be considered a marketing strategy to promote an ICO, but will it really be effective? Even considering that its objective is usually to spread a certain product, currency or exchange in the world of cryptocurrencies. What do you think?

If you know about this topic and you can recommend some airdrop, do it here, do not hesitate to comment it below, I will appreciate your comment with part of the reward I will give through @steem-bounty. If you are new to the concept check out how bounties work here with this link . There are tutorials in various languages.

Project by @knircky and @famunger

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there is an ongoing airdrop that is actually for steemit members..

the rewards or bytes coins that each member gets is dependent on their reputation (which is quite awesome for people who have high reps).

We can not think all airdrop are not good. Byteball is a great aridrop and at the beginning of bitcoin they give bitcoin via faucet. Every ICO is giving away their coins. Some are successful and some are not. But airdrop is the way they make their coin know by people.

Great and valuable content @jmhb85. I appreciate your work. You are truly my inspiration sir. You always gives to new ideas to write a post in a correct manner!! So thank you so much for sharing this post. 🤗💚💙💜

Lots of love! 💖

May the divinity bless upon you

Well Airdrop can be very effictive.
With Airdrops you can promote your coin to a lot of users.
There are a few successfull Projects like Byteball.
The reason why most of the Airdrop coins are not successfull isn t the Airdrop. Its because most of them are Scam or just simple Altcoins with no value and no new technologie.

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There is a website- which is dedicated to listing the ongoing Airdrops.
I don't feel these are much effective. I took part in 2, but not at all worth participating, considering the hassle and effort that is involved.

There are lots of AIRDROPERS many will get some win, but the rest wont and will not make a solid base for the crypto. The fittest will survive.
#topfive #steemfamilyhi.

No se si se buena estrategia, mas bien pienso que si miramos las estadísticas de las ICO's que realmente tienen éxito, creo que esta estrategia seria un riesgo muy alto para el nuevo proyecto. #topfive #steemfamilyhi

Yes it is as we don't what the price may be in the future. Go in expecting nothing and you may earn a small fortune if one of those air-drop coins turn into the next bitcoin.

Effectively Airdrops are certainly not. Quite simply because probably of 99 Airdrops only one later really drops money. You never know if you might just join the one Airdop that pays off. In any case, I would never invest money in something like that

It can definitely can be effective, but it must be well done and with the right intent to be successful and get an userbase.

I don't think it's effective.
There are so many airdrops that people just sing up for the free money without really thinking about the coin and the idea which get's airdropped. Not to mentioned that 99% of the coins are shitcoins who just won't to promote their scam ICO.
And people will spam ref links so they can get more coins from the airdrop.

man, this is one of various ways for getting money good post!!

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I do not know if they are effective, but if you have a lot of risk. Leaving my support TopFive #steemfamilyhi

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Airdrops are a terrible function of crypto marketing.
Mire like widespread spam.