Only 3 days left !!! Claim the most lucrative airdrop (PAL coin) of Steem ecosystem

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Something you have missed. I can bring a smile for you. I believe that you have not claimed your not PALcoin yet. So please go to and claim your PALcoin.

How much PAL coin(as airdrop) you can get?

Ans- Square root of your SP, multiplied by 10(subject to a maximum of 2500 PAL coin-each coin value is 0.14 usd as of writing this post).

Who is eligible?

Ans- Those are eligible for this airdrop who are active in Steem community during last 2 months and must have SP more than 10SP.

How many days left as of now?

Ans- Only 3 days (till 30th June 2019)

How to claim PALcoin airdrop?

Ans- Go to then click on "Wallet". On the left you can see the PAL logo. Click on that and authorize through "Steemconnect" with your active key or through "Steemkeychain". After that you can see your Airdrop right in your wallet. You can sell it immediately for STEEM or you can hold it also.(I would suggest you to hold it or better power it to PAL power). The current price of PALcoin is 0.14 usd. Please note that yesterday night it was 0.18 usd. So it it a lucrative airdrop in Steem ecosystem.


What are the other ways, I can earn PAL coin?

Ans- You can post in Alternatively you can use "palnet" tag to your steem post, if you are posting from any other front end.

You can also mine PAL coin by buying PALM and PALMM miner.

How to learn more about PAL and PALnet?

Ans- Glad that you asked this question. Please refer to the following resources, should you wish to know more.

Thank you...Steem on and stay blissful...


Thank you so much for the info, I did get my tokens!! 😃😃

You are most welcome.

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