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Awesome! I don't know if you've seen my earlier posts, but I just recently wrote a tool for making airdrops simple. I hope you'll check it out, it's for ERC20 tokens on ETH only, but still I'd love the feedback!

Wow, I upvoted the post....I have been looking for a tool that will help Dev pay all airdrop applicants at once..say load it with all erc20 tokens addreses...say 5K and then indicated the amount to be sent and click and it will pay all addreses the same amount...what do you think? I think your post is the solution? let us connect via steemit chat

Yes is designed so it will do exactly that. If you have an existing ERC20 address to import addresses from, that's exactly what it can do now. If you're interested I can also fix the csv import function so you can import from a CSV file if you prefer. What is steemit chat?

Almost forgot, make sure you're logged into metamask when you use it, it connects to the Ethereum network using your metamask or mist web3 provider.

Wow, let us chat...mine is charles1 ..we can do nice things together

@saragarmee great concept. Keep it up. Any idea on marketing AIRDROP for huge publicity?

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