Airdrop Alert: Steem and Bitcoin payment sytem ( EthLyte) : Get free tokens/Money

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Ethlyte is the next best thing see their website : ethlyte due to its innovative based projects, ability to integrate different blockchain concepts on its payment system and vibrant community

therefore, any one in possession of Etlyte token has bought for himself or herself an endless opportunity for the nearest future that will guarantee an excellent return on investment (ROI). Importantly, Ethlyte intrinsic value is bound to increase rapidly due to its low circulation and total supply, deflationary nature, innovative technology, hardworking and trust worthy team members


Click here airdrop and fill out the simple Google form in order to get their tokens for free.
Moreover, you can join their crowdsale via this link : Crowdsale .

Note: Now is your opportunity to join a new undervalued token at its infancy and be among the early investors just like the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem and EOS et al.

In addition to receiving free tokens via airdrop, do feel free to apply for Ethlyte bounty and get more tokens..see link : Bounty

For Step by step procedures on how to use myetherwallet and participate in their crowdsale, click here: Crowdsale procedures

Do not forget to Join their Telegram if you have any questions and upvote plus resteem in order for others to join.


Thanks for sharing this new project with us @charles1 ...I just applied for their bounty, and will apply for their crowd sale asap. I am a believer of early adoption of top innovative projects...thanks for sharing the telegram link too...

Hi members, the airdrop link changed...see the new one thanks

Great, thanks for your applications and jpining their telegram group...a real action lady

A look at the concept of this project as well as the team behind it shows that they might be in for something serious.

Great opportunity to earn a scarce token which along with steem will take over the crypto space. Ethlyte is a sure way to make it quick in crypto. Tks as always for sharing valuable info. Upvoted and resteemed !

Good point, thanks for your comment

This is a great project, built with careful planning, and on the run with a great concept by a great team. I think they will be very success in the future.

Excellent opportunity to earn free token. No better time than now. Thanks for sharing @charles1
Already applied for the airdrop and bounty. This post is worthy of my 💯 upvote and resteem

Thanks for being an action man...more success to you

This is amazing, innovative project with committed team members and progressive community members, thanks for sharing @ Charles1. I have applied for the airdrop and have bought some reasonable quality for myself. I don't want to make the same mistake I made when bitcoin and etheruem was introduced to me and I refused to invest in it. I am glad to be among the early holder of ethlyte coin, I know that my investment will appreciate soon. My advice is that all community members should try and get at list 10 ethlyte. Keep the good work up. Resteemed and upvoted.

Wow, a real pragmatic investors...more success to you

Hope this project acheive massive success in crypto industry.....

I have no money to invest in anything right now but when i get a chance I will check more into it and get the free airdrop if its easy enough. Thanks @charles1 , upped and resteemed for you to spread the word!👍👍👍😀

I miss my Canadian mumsy...great lady. I already applied and it's free. Pls join the team of progressives. I hope you make a nice funny cartoon and spread this AIRDROP. Sure @charles1 will have some good package for you 😊

Wow, my dear do not need money to join the airdrop...pls apply asap and share with all your contacts...even make a solid steemit post for it and apply for the bounty will get tokens..

Huge blockchain concepts on its payment system and growing community will always Grow the Reputation and also Company Growth

Good point...make sure that you join their telegram and airdrop...success

Thank you @charles1 for this opportunity. It is great to have somebody who keeps the community informed about airdrops.

Resteemed, followed and upvoted

Thanks...make sure that you apply and join their telegram group...lets make some money together

Seems to be an exciting airdrop. A little vague in the details, but worth doing a few simple tasks nonetheless.

Thanks for the information :)

Welcome, all details are in the application form plus their telegram need to bore people with very long post..Lol

wow nice post looking for more airdrops

Hope you apply asap and their bounty too

I'm a new user of steemit community. Firstly, i thought it was just a waste of time to join in this community but i'm now so impressed that i can learn and also earn crypto by joining here. Thanks for sharing air drop with us..

Welcome and apply asap ..also join their telegram group

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