Airdrop free Gift coins

in airdrop •  8 months ago

Receive free 100 Gift coins value about $20.00 total (about $0.20 each) for free signup.

Plus receive 1000 Gift coins for each referral. Limited amount of coins (1 million free coins, many gone now) to give away as a promotion. Don't wait, go there now.


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Please, Its not nice to spam other posts and not even upvote.


My voting power is low and my upvote is too light.... It's more like nothing

Wow, what are we waiting for? so lets sign up right now. We don't wait the airdrop will stop .
We have a big chance to have a huge income.
So let us sign up now the more earlier the more money you have.


Anyway, Thank you for letting me in on this airdrop.
I'm already up to 2400 Gift coins, value about $480.00 in less than 24 hrs.
I'm amazed.