PXL Airdrop Entrance Closing In Twelve Hours!

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UPDATE: Entrance Has Closed

Entrance into the #PXLAirdrop has officially closed!

The winners will be selected and notified over the next few days, and then formally announced next week!

Thank you everyone for participating


Airdrop Entrance Closing Soon

Entrance for the PixelProperty #PXLAirdrop ends in less than twelve hours! The deadline to enter is June 1st at 3pm ET / 7pm UTC.


Enter On Steemit

To enter through our Steemit, comment your Ethereum address in the comment section below, or on the comment section of the #PXLAirdrop Announcement!

For two more chances to win through Steemit, simply like this post, resteem it and follow us @PixelProperty!

All Ways To Enter

There are multiple ways to enter. The full comprehensive list with terms and conditions can be found at pixelproperty.io/airdrop. More entries means more chances to win, so feel free to enter on as many platforms as you'd like!

More Info

For more information on the #PXLAirdrop, PXL or PixelProperty, checkout the #PXLAirdrop announcement post or visit our website at PixelProperty.io. Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below!




This a brilliant initiative I would always like to be part of. I also believe pixelproperty airdrop is going to be a gem soon. :)

Thank you very much for the kind words!

PixelProperty has a lot of goals. We're in the very early stages of everything. We're going to be doing multiple airdrops and giveaways over time, so stay tuned for more opportunities!

Thank you for your support

Thank you too @pixelproperty. I will be looking forward to your airdrops and giveaways. I have also been resteeming your posts so that my followers can benefit from the airdrops and giveaways. I'm glad to be part of pixelproperty especially at this early stage. pixelproperty is genuine and real. :)


Well thank you again for the kind words! We really appreciate the support!

@pixelproperty Thanks for this: pixelproperty.png

I've created a spreadsheet for all the airdrops I'm following for anyone interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OZbfNAL_UV2TZ--NHuZ1snflXYrpXhp68fRa-TBQJYE/edit?usp=sharing
Pixel Property is in May section of the spreadsheet.

No problem, thank you for participating!