PXL Airdrop Announcement & PixelProperty News

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UPDATE: Entrance Has Closed

Entrance into the #PXLAirdrop has officially closed!

The winners will be selected and notified over the next few days, and then formally announced next week!

Thank you everyone for participating.


Giving Away 10,000 PXL And A Property

PixelProperty is having a cryptocurrency and cryptocollectable giveaway in the form of an airdrop, with 101 prizes to win! One hundred prizes of one hundred PXL, with one lucky winner getting their own Property in PixelProperty!

More entries means more chances to win, so feel free to enter on as many platforms as you'd like.


Enter On Steemit

To enter through our Steemit, comment your Ethereum address in the comment section below!

For two more chances to win through Steemit, simply like this post, resteem it and follow us @PixelProperty!

Enter By Registration

Three entries into the airdrop giveaway are given to all users who are registered with the PixelProperty DApp by the end of the giveaway. Simply visit the DApp at canvas.pixelproperty.io and click the "Become A Member" button.

Other Ways To Enter

There are multiple ways to enter. The full comprehensive list with terms and conditions can be found at pixelproperty.io/airdrop.

Airdrop Ends

The airdrop ends Friday, June 1st at 7pm UTC / 3pm EST


What Is PixelProperty?

PixelProperty is a free use community-run canvas of pixels, powered by people coming together to draw, create, advertise, and share. Always changing and evolving with the taste and style of the community pushing it forward. Anyone can share their art, advertise their websites, or simply own a section of the evolving canvas.

What Is PXL?

PXL is the cryptocurrency of PixelProperty, awarded to members for contributing to the canvas' evolution. Members can spend PXL to access extra features tailored towards advertising, making their contributions for impactful and generating more PXL.

What Is Property?

Property is the cryptocollectable of PixelProperty, representing ownership of the digital canvas. Members can use their Property to access even more exclusive features!


What's New To PixelProperty?

Now Free-To-Play!

PixelProperty has recently become a free-to-play web app! Artists can now contribute to the canvas without signing up, installing MetaMask or acquiring Ethereum. It's easier than ever to contribute to the canvas!

Contributors can easily sign-up and become a member to access tons of features, including gaining access to PXL, Property and all the benefits they encompass. Check this out for more information on free-to-play

PXL Hitting Exchanges

PXL, the ERC20 cryptocurrency of PixelProperty, has officially started hitting exchanges! The first exchange to accept PXL is https://token.store/trade/PXL, with more coming on the way!



For full information on our airdrop, rules and conditions, visit pixelproperty.io/airdrop. If you have any questions, we'd be more than happy to answer your questions in the comments below.



Thank you for participating!

Quick reminder that registering to become a member at canvas.pixelproperty.io earns you extra entries into the airdrop, and is needed to claim the Property prize (should you be the one who wins the cryptocollectable), so to get the most out of the giveaway, we recommend signing up at the DApp link above.

Thank you again for participating, have a wonderful day



We appreciate the enthusiasm!

Everyone who drops their ETH address is eligible for the 100 separate PXL prizes, however only registered users can win the cryptocollectable Property. Registering also gives you three more entries into the giveaway/airdrop, so we encourage you to check out our DApp at canvas.pixelproperty.io and become a member if you want to get the most out of the airdrop.

Thank you for your interest!



Thank you for entering on every platform possible! We appreciate the support!






Thank you. Sounds interesting

We're glad to hear you find it interesting! Similar projects have existed, but none to near the same depth and breadth we're attempting.

Small reminder that you get three extra entries into the airdrop for registering with the DApp at canvas.pixelproperty.io. The cryptocollectable Property being given away requires registration to be claimed, so to get the most out of the airdrop, we highly recommend you register to become a member.

Thanks again for the kind words and have a wonderful day



Thanks For PXL Airdrop.




Thank you for participating in the airdrop!

We noticed your previous blogs about PixelProperty. We enjoyed how educational it was, and how you explained to users the differing PXL vs Ethereum prices for Properties and how to purchase them cheaper via token.store. Glad to see the community reaching out and growing

Thank you for the ongoing support!

Hi,i am new to airdrop but i interested ,any information you know informe me.

My ether wallet address


An airdrop is a distribution method of a cryptocurrency. Usually an airdrop is an alternative to the ICO model and mining model. The idea is that everyone who signs up (or everyone who meets a certain criteria) is given a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

For us, it's slightly different. PXL is already released, with PixelProperty being a fully functional DApp in beta right now. You can use PXL, play with the DApp and more at canvas.pixelproperty.io. We reserved zero PXL on launch, and have only received it as payment from our users for buying Property (our cryptocollectable, which there is only 10,000 of in pixelproperty.io).

Our airdrop this week is a giveaway. We're giving away 10,000 PXL, and one Property (valued at roughly 0.09 ETH or 1885 PXL in the market currently). This is split into 101 prizes, where 100 users will win 100 PXL each, and one user will win one Property.

There are many ways to enter, so users can enter more than once (up to 12 times in total I believe). This means that, if a user enters in every possible way, they could win, at best, 1100 PXL and the Property. You can read the full list of ways to enter at pixelproperty.io/airdrop.

On June 1st we will randomly select the winners and distribute the prizes!

Thank you for your time and for entering. If you have any questions we would be more than happy to help.









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excellent work and thanks




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Thanks !

This mine @pixelproperty thanks.