BIGGEST LESSON from 2 famous crypto crashes/failures!

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Hey , you know what, the only way to keep

our crypto community growing is to learn from the

mistakes which other people have done...

...and improvise on them.

lets go through and learn about 2 of the biggest crypto

currency failures- and why people who participated in their

ICOs made a mistake...

...and this pretty much will be a conclusive proof that

participating in Altexch ICO private sale round starting 26th November ...

...will be one of the best things you'll do with your

money this year!


Branding themselves as “the first decentralized space company,”

SpaceBIT announced its idea to the world in late 2014.

The company wanted to launch several “nano-satellites”

into orbit — yes, space — to provide a globally-accessible


This blockchain would be used for both bitcoin cold storage

and helping unbanked regions access financial services.

However, despite all the hype from the community, and all

the talk from the team, SpaceBIT never revealed any kind

of prototype or proof-of-concept. In fact, after the first couple

months of 2015, we stopped hearing about SpaceBIT altogether.

Lesson? Wait..coming up soon :)


GetGems, originally branded as “Gems,” is a social networking

platform that uses cryptocurrency to pay members that view

advertisements within the app.

GetGems was so proud of their idea, that in 2014, they said it

would disrupt social media as we knew it.

But, those claims seem to have fallen flat.

At the end of 2014, the company reported a disappointing

crowdsale, raising only $111,000 USD.

Such an amount is quite small compared to other cryptocurrency

projects with similar claims of disruption, which have raised

tens of millions of dollars in funding.

As entrepreneurs & innovators, we've learned our lessons

from the success and failures of implementing unique ideas

on blockchain & crypto...

...the question is, what lesson can you learn, as an investor

who wants to make money?

In your portfolio, keep space for innovative ideas, but BALANCE

IT OUT, with currencies associated with Proven Business models.

what do we mean by this?

Altexch's business model is quite a proven one.

its an exchange platform.

exchange platforms with half the quality and features are

thriving in the industry today...Altexch is going to smash them

(if there was any competition)

...and in the past few emails, we've talked about the reasons

in depth.

lets look at SpaceBit - wanting to launch Nanosatelites into

the orbit- this is something you don't see everyday.

we're all open for science & innovation.

but the company couldn't even present some MVP/prototype.

sure, people will launch companies with innovative &

unique ideas in future...

...and one of them will make your portfolio's value go

through the roof!

but as a smart investor, remember striking a balance!

=> Altexch private token sale is live right now - claim your share of goodness

Watch out, its going to be HUGE.

I would encourage you to spend sometime with our yellow paper.

you'd understand why you can close your eyes,

and proceed with buying as many tokens as you can...with confidence.

...and watch your money multiply itself

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