Let's Get Some Free Money! Grab upto $160 by Following This Procedure (Byteball Airdrop)!!!

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Hi Steemians,

One of my Steemit friends spoke to me about an airdrop going on for Steem users. I followed her instructions and was credited with $80 worth of airdropped tokens. I read about the airdrop rules and found out that it is available for more than one million Steemians; virtually everyone with a reputation score above 30. There's one hurdle though. You will need to pay a small verification fee to receive your airdrop and it can only be received from someone who has it already. But don't worry because I will send you the required fee.

Let's do it then.


The airdrop was annouced by Byteball in the wake of them joining Steemit. To integrate Steem users with Byteball interface, they created a medium for verifying your Steem username with Byteball app. As a reward for becoming a Byteball's verified member, you get Byte tokens worth upto $160 depending on your reputation score.

Reputation wise Reward

Corresponding to your Steem reputation, you will get following amount.

  • Above 30 - $10
  • Above 40 - $20
  • Above 50 - $40
  • Above 60 - $80
  • Above 70 - $160

How to Claim Reward

I'm sharing a brief, step by step procedure to claim your reward. Follow these steps. Additionally, you will need to contact me when required to pay fee because I will send Bytes to your wallet.

1. Go to Byteball website

Link contains my referral ID, so I will earn some bonus as well for referring you without affecting your reward.

2. Download Wallet

Click the DOWNLOAD WALLET button and choose the device; for example, Android.


3. Install the Wallet & Attach Your Device

Once downloaded, the wallet app will recognize your device and ask you to attach it to the wallet. Do as told.

4. Go to Chat, Click Bot Store & Choose Steem Attestation Bot

Here's the screenshot.


After clicking the bot, click to open chat.


5. Insert Your Address

By clicking the ••• icon, you will see following options. Choose Insert my address. Your wallet address will appear in the chat box. Send it to chat.


6. Open SteemConnect Link

By sending your wallet address, you will receive a unique link to connect your Steem account with Byteball. Click it, enter your username and key. You will get a confirmation message.


Once your username is connected, you will receive a message asking you about privacy of username. Select public as shown above.

7. Pay Attestation Fee

The final step is to pay a small attestation fee. Your wallet is empty so you cannot pay attestation fee. So, do not click the payment request.


7.a. Send Me Your Wallet Address

In the wallet, go to receive and copy your wallet address. Send it to me. You can send me the wallet address, alongwith payment request amount via Discord (ilyastarar#4395). Upon receipt, I will send you the required amount.


7.b. Click Payment Request

After receipt of required number of bytes, go to chat, Steem attestation bot and click the payment request as shown above.

That's It!

You will immediately receive your reward. Half of your reward will be liquid (immediately transferable) and the other half will remain locked in a smart contract for a year (which is good because price may rise many times).

You can get BTC by selling Bytes in the Byte-BTC Exchange bot. An example order is given below.


Go ahead and claim your reward. Let me know in comments or on discord if you face any difficulty. I tried to clarify everything step by step but questions are most welcome.

Resteem so that everyone can get free money!

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This is probably the biggest air drop ever for steemians am I right?

what is your referral link?


Thanks for asking. Just updated the post and included link.

Can you also pay me a small amount of Steem instead of Bytes?
I prefer to receive the 49000 in Steem. 😬😂😋😜


Hahahahahahahhaha. I'm afraid I won't be able to buy that much Steem even after selling everything I own. 😂😂😂


That really bytes 😋

I seriously wonder how long this will go on? I mean think about it, it's like we can get free money. But there is not such a thing as free money. Cause otherwise we both would have been rich....

brother mene byteball tokens get kr liye hen but ek problem he k agar mera wallet uninstall ho jay ya laptop hard wgera khrab ho jay to kis tarha me kisi or device pe sigin ho sakon ga apne wallet id se kia ap muje ek 2 screen shot le k es app ka bta sakte hen kon c option pe jana he es k liye
agar ham ek sal tak apne 50% tokens ka intzar kren or apne refrell ka 75% hasil krne k liye


Main issi issue pe search kar raha hun. Solution milay ga tou post kar dun ga.


thanx brother me ap ki post ka wait kron ga
setting me ye jo recovery seed or full backup he es k bare me ap kia kehte hen es k zriye kuch ho sakta he k ni agar ho sakta he to kis tarha


I've heard of it but I'm still pretty skeptical about this over charitable tokens. Anyway, thanks for sharing :D


Try using the app and interface. It's good to enhance the experience of using newer technologies.

Why they are so cheritable? What profit they have?


if you refer someone you will get a bonus dependent on the reputation.

I would say sending $0,007 USD worth ob bytes is charitable though ;)


Nothing I guess
Just another crypto coin.


They have undistributed tokens and would like more adoption. Steem has a huge community. That's the incentive.

Thanks for sharing this useful information and for your guidance as well. It is a surprising gift from this unique platform. I am happy to avail from this golden chance.

I have difficulty downloading the wallet sir...Been doing it since last night...I'm using my toshiba laptop...download error....

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This is a great initiative. Byteball has been around a bit now and has an easy to wallet you can even use through and app on your cell phone. I completed this setup and would you believe there were people standing by ready to buy my byteballs off of me, which I sold, since it was free money. Thanks for sharing!