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The $OAK Airdrop is here

Acorn Collective is partnering with to complete an airdrop of $4 OAK to ’s users. The tokens will be airdropped on Sunday, February 18th 2018.

About Acorn Collective

Acorn Collective wants to make crowdfunding free for any legal project in any country.

We’re building a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that is free-to-use and allows almost any legal project from almost any country to be listed on our platform. We want to promote social enterprise and democratize access to funding, as crowdfunding has already done successfully in developed countries. However, this is much less the case in developing and emerging economies, which is something we wish to change.

What’s wrong with Kickstarter?

Platforms like Kickstarter charge high fees, cut out developing countries, and only accept projects in certain categories. So if you’re a farmer in Bangladesh, you can’t exactly use crowdfunding to fund your project, no matter how great your idea is.

We are going to change that.

Our token-based crowdfunding platform will be open to any legal project in any country, and be free to use for founders with a flexible funding model allowing founders to withdraw their contributions at any time.

Our ecosystem will comprise of:

a crowdfunding hub;
a secondary marketplace to sell post-crowdfunding goods & services;
a point-of-sale payments app;
the Acorn token (“OAK”), facilitating the use of all transactions in our ecosystem and connecting backers, founders and consumers through a single token.
Our proposed funding model and the use of blockchain for transactions means we can offer crowdfunding for free.

In short, we’re changing the crowdfunding industry by crowdfunding it.

Another airdrop on earn.com . This time OAK. Register here: https://earn.com/igloro/referral/?a=iz98paxsto8tdz4t

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