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The LYK Airdrop is here

Loyakk Ltd ("Loyakk") is offering an airdrop to selected earn.com users. Each user can earn 50 LYK tokens (equivalent to 25 GBP) by completing the following task. The tokens will be airdropped on June 15, 2018, after the token sale close and reconciliation process which will be about 8-12 weeks post the close of the Token Sale on March 22, 2018.
About Loyakk

Loyakk offers the Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform - powered by blockchain - that transforms how companies engage with their global network of customers, channel partners, distributors, suppliers and contractors in a secure, efficient and agile manner.

Loyakk is pioneering the concept of ‘Enterprise Value Webs’, which are decentralized, distributed, digital ecosystem structures, powered and protected by blockchain technology. This fundamentally transforms the way enterprises across industries create and distribute value to their customers and partners. Businesses will have the ability to track and secure transactions, ownership of digital assets, and control propagation and sharing of business data ensuring that all activities can be verified and updated by authorized participants. For more information, visit

Another airdrop on earn.com . This time LYK. Register here: https://earn.com/igloro/referral/?a=iz98paxsto8tdz4t

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