Airdrop Alert : Byteball, SatoExchange,, IOST + 500$ Giveaway

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Table of contents :

  1. Rules for the 500$ giveaway
  2. Byteball airdrop guide
  3. airdrop bounty guide
  4. SATX airdrop worth 150$. Limited time !! . Update : This airdrop phase has expired and the next airdrop phase is lowered to 100 SATX worth 15$. The procedure remains the same.
  5. [CLOSED] !!! IOST airdrop bounty. Added this also for those interested in working on it. It is worth 3$ for registering but you can earn much more by completing tasks. Rules stay the same, you don't need to register for this one in order to qualify for the giveaway.
  6. Useful links to find out more about the projects


1. Rules for the 500$ GIVEAWAY

  • You have to register for the Byteball airdrop or if you already did that, you have to register to both the and SATX airdrop in order to be eligible. Registering to all 3 airdrops counts also and helps you a lot , as you get free money and the possibility to earn even more if you decide to.

  • For registering to the Byteball airdrop, you have to install the Byteball wallet through my referral link : You will find the steps required for the installation in the next chapter.

  • After doing the steps above, you have to leave a comment with your Byteball address.

  • After 2 weeks, I will select 3 random people that commented through steem comment picker and post a video to show you how I did it. First person selected that followed the rules will be awarded 300$ in STEEM , second person selected will be awarded 200$ in STEEM, third person selected will be awarded 100$ in STEEM. The exchange rate will be the one at the moment of the transfer.


2. Byteball airdrop guide

First I want to say that there's no risk in doing this, as you will confirm through steemconnect, same as you did before here for using other services.

Your steem account needs to have at least a reputation of 30 and to be created prior to July 12, 2018. If you meet this conditions, based on your repution, you will be eligible for the following rewards :

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $5 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

Your reward is split 50/50 between cash and a smart contract. This means that 50% of the reward is spendable immediately after the registering process. The other 50% is paid to a smart contract that can be unlocked after one year. Once this time period is reached you will be able to withdraw the remaining 50% of your reward. Example : Your reputation is 62 , you will get 40$ immediately in your byteball wallet in the form of byteball bites. The next day you will get the rest of 40$ in the form of byteball bytes, but they will be locked under the smart contract for one year.

Steps for claiming your airdrop :

  1. Download the Byteball wallet that fits your operating system by using my referral link :

  2. Install the wallet by pressing agree, continue with "keep only data relevant to you" selected and choosing a name for your device.

  3. Take contact with the STEEM bot : Click on "Chat" in the right down corner, choose "bot store" in the right upper corner. Select "Steem attestation bot" by clicking on it. And now press "add bot".

  4. Click the small icon in the left down corner. Three options will pop up. Select the first one called "Insert my address (Small expense Wallet) and press send afterwards by clicking the small icon in the right down corner.


5.Connect with Steemconnect : The bot will generate a link to steemconnect. Press the link and sign in with your steemit account. Now the bot will send another message confirming your steem username. At this point choose private or public. If you choose public, Byteball Bytes will be sent to you using your Steem username, instead of your wallet address.

6.That's it, you will receive your 50% immediately in your wallet and the other 50% until the next day.

The amount received will be in byteball bytes. The price of Byteball on coinmarketcap is in Gbytes : byteball-coinmarketcap . To make the calculation, use this convertor . Enter the amount shown, then multiply the Gbytes with the price on coinmarketcap to find out the amount in $.

Don't forget to leave a comment with your byteball address to be able to participate in the random draw for the 500$ giveaway


3. airdrop bounty guide is a new upcoming project and it's holding an airdrop for people that register to their bounty campaign. You can earn points by completing tasks. Having more points can get you up to 14000 euros, for first place prize.

For more info about the campaign register through this link : . You can scroll here and find all useful info about the airdrop.

For more information about the project, please make sure to check the useful links at the end of the article.


4. SATX airdrop guide

Update : This airdrop phase has expired and the next airdrop phase is lowered to 100 SATX worth 15$. The procedure remains the same. Like I said it was time limited.

SATX known as SatoExchange is giving away 150$ worth of tokens (1000 tokens). This promotion will end soon as their telegram reached 70k members already, so it is for a limited time. They will change to giving 100 tokens (15$).

The tokens will be tradable after the ICO. The pre-sale will start on the 1st of august and the token price will be 0.15$/SATX . That means you will get the token for free at a pre-sale price. There's no exact date on the ICO, but it usually takes place after the ICO. So I will expect the token to trade in the upcoming 2 months and even at a higher value. Make sure to follow their telegram channel, I have left the links in the last section.

Register through this link and follow the instructions that I wrote bellow :

  • Register an account, confirm it by email. Here it's possible that the site will not load when you click the confirmation link. Check if you received the confirmation email anyway, that says your account was activated, and proceed from there by reloading the site and logging in. Same thing happened to me.

  • Click on account menu in the right upper corner, then click on my account and activate Google Authenticator 2FA in the left upper corner

  • In the "my account" section also share on twitter. You will find the twitter button in a left panel. You need to do this step also in order to receive a code

  • Check your e-mail after this and copy the code, then paste it into their telegram channel :

That's it, you should have your 1000 tokens in your account, if the promotion expired after I made this post, you will probably get 100 tokens.


5. IOST airdrop bounty [CLOSED, not available any more] !!!

IOST is backed by Sequoia Cap China & 30+ institutions investors. They claim that it is already 400X faster than Ethereum and 100X more decentralized than EOS. At least that's what they are saying. If that is the case, the token price will increase a lot in value in the future.

This airdrop is not so valuable for registering. It's 3$, but you can build up from there as you can complete task in order to earn more. If you put some work you can look at pretty good money. This is what you can earn depending on how much work you put into it :

"There are three ways to participate in the Referral Program:

Invite a friend - you can invite friends with your unique referral code to register for the IOST Hub. They will need to correctly answer a short quiz about IOST to be accepted. If successful, you and your friend will both receive a token prize. If any question is answered incorrectly, neither party will be rewarded.

Token Prizes:

  • For the first 10,000 Participants = Inviter receives 600 IOST, Invitee receives 100 IOST
  • 10,000-30,000 Participants = Inviter receives 300 IOST, Invitee receives 50 IOST
  • 30,000-50,000 Participants = Inviter receives 200 IOST, Invitee receives 25 IOST
  • 50,000 Participants = Inviter receives 100 IOST, Invitee receives 20 IOST (this is the actual payment now)

Referral Achievements - additional bonuses will be awarded for the total number of successful referrals you make. Please note: they are not cumulative and you can only be rewarded one of these token prizes.

Token Prizes:

  • When a user successfully registers 100 people, an additional 50,000 IOST bonus is added
  • When a user successfully registers 300 people, an additional 150,000 IOST bonus is added
  • When a user successfully registers 500 people, an additional 250,000 IOST bonus is added

Top Referrer Prize - the top 5 participants who refer the most amount of people will receive a massive token prize and will be entered into the IOST Community Hall of Fame!

Token Prizes:

  • 700,000 IOST tokens for 1st place
  • 600,000 IOST tokens for 2nd place
  • 500,000 IOST tokens for 3rd place
  • 400,000 IOST tokens for 4th place
  • 300,000 IOST tokens for 5th place "

For registering follow this steps

  1. Register through this link :

  2. Enter your details

  3. Answer to the 2 questions that pop out :

  • Answer for question 1 is : All of the above

  • Answer for question 2 is : All of the above

4.Verify yourself through two social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc...)

5.Complete tasks and earn more

You can find more info in those pages about the rules and other stuff. They are pretty good organized.

Telegram channel :

Current price of the coin :


6. Useful links to find out more about the projects

  • Byteball bytes :

Medium post
Airdrop post

  • :

Telegram Airdrop

  • SatoExchange :


  • IOST :



Recommended exchanges :



Use your money the right away. Receive better value on post promotion services and bid bots with :





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Two of three I have join before this post, but byteball is not yet. I have to fullfil 30 reputation to join?

I read some actualization and you now need a 50+ rep, But i think they are giving more $$ instead!

Yes, you need at least 30 reputation and your steem account must be created before 12 of july 2018, which it is. Let me give you a boost to 30. Will vote your comment with a bot, after that you can register for the byteball airdrop.

Lol, 39 reputation, wait, don't register yet. Will bost it up to 40 so you get 10$ instead of 5$.

Tried to move it to 40, but it seems it is stuck at 39.88..., won't try anymore, you can register now if you like. Cheers

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

hello is the airdrop still and I have to be 30 reputation?

I have sent some SBD to a bot to vote your comment in 2 hours. You will get over 30 reputation after that and you can register. Good luck

good I put the only thing that had in a bot and reach 28

For the first one I sent to the same bot and mine was cancelled. Didn t know you sent. So I sent to boomerang and it got over 30 eventually.

what if the account is registered after 12th of july ,when will it be eligible for byteball

If it s created after 12 of july, you aren t eligible as per their rules

This post has received a 5.34 % upvote from @boomerang.

Is anyone else having trouble signing up for the satoexchange airdrop? I received no email. Thanks.

Only one guy that contacted them. Talked with him in the comments. I received rewards for a lot of users, meaning they are receiving the mail. Maybe it's just a delay, probably many people registering.

I wonder if your paid votes become ROI positive due to referrals.

Well, did not make a calculation yet... but I used 3 promotion bid bots for visibility who have a min and max ROI, so it doesn't matter to much. Bringing some value by spreading info on how to get some free money and a giveaway. If my ROI is minus after the post payment refferalls and giveaway, it's not a problem. I know the risks and planning to bring even more valuable airdrops when I see them. I also will make articles separated from the airdrops ones about the good upcoming projects out there and tutorials that can help investors, whitelist sellers alike to make some good profit.

Actually I am doing this daily now, being involved in some payed and not payed good groups. Will do some articles soon, let me know what will be your opinion on them when that happens. Cheers.

Does this Byteball thing ever expire? I'm too lazy to do it this minute. But will in the future. Is my Steemit account always entitled to an airdrop?

It will expire at some point, but there is no date scheduled. At least that is what the admins from telegram told me. Probably they have a certain supply available for the airdrop. Cheers

More free money? Sign me up lol

Thanks for the heads up! Upvoted!!

This is a great initiative. I have registered for byteballs and Satoexchange before now. Thanks to you, I have registered for airdrop.


l LIKED the interface of Satoexchange. Hope for the best

Well, they're presale starts on the 1st of august at the price of 0.15$/token. I like the interface also and as we know exchanges are doing pretty good in this bear market. I hope they release a good product and the value of our coins will grow on listing and further.

Vielen Dank für die ganzen Informationen. Sind sehr hilfreich.


Und ein Upvote von mir gibt es natürlich auch 😄

Byteball is all over Steem rn eh?

Satoexchange doesnt work.
My account is loading and loading and nothing.

It will work. Try again

Check if you received the confirmation email that your account was activated and proceed from there by reloading the site and logging in. Same thing happened to me. Let me know if it worked.

It worked i got my email confirmed.
Just one question when does the ico end for SATX tokens for them to be worth 150$?

Glad it did, hope you got the 1000 tokens, as the promotion just ended, now everybody receives 100 tokens, like I said , it was time limited.

Regarding the trading, it will be later in the upcoming months after the ICO has finished. The price for the pre-sale will be 0.15$ per token. So you got 1000 tokens at pre-sale price for free. Will update the post also.


Nice i got 1000 tokens and i am looking for it to by listed on major exchanges.

yeah same here :(

You will recive an email that your account has been confirmed.

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I've already done the required steps:
My Byteball address: VLG6PZ5S5TW5I7YE7M777JXTTZJSF5IE Registration:
blochain airdrp.png
SATX airdrop
satox airdrp.png
Thank you...

Wow, first of all welcome back sir, It is really a good opportunity <3

Here is my Byteball address UZLX5GOUTTUCBWN6M35TGNDETD2PHGDK

I have also joined Airdrop sir.
join SatoExchange and activated 2FA authorization.

Hi, nice to see you again, glad you registered. Modified the post for your other question. Hope you find it now. Cheers

yeah, Thank you, it was confusing but now it is clear, Thanks for your love <3 @equ1l1br1um

Sir @equ1l1br1um Telegram is not working on my cell phone. When i put the number, it keeps connecting for an hour and hour and nothing happens. Is it necessary to send them the code?

As far as I know, yes, this is the way you can create the telegram account. If you didn't manage to do it yet, please let me know and I will find a way that you can do it. I already know a way to help you.

yes, it is not working for me, I'm not able to register to Telegram, I think maybe it is banned in my country. When they ask for the telephone number, i Put my number and after that, nothing happens! yeah ,please help me.

Please contact me on discord at : Equ1l1br1um#1004

hey do you Watch Mission Imposible fallout. , If anyone wants this movie download link visit here.
Link :

My byteball wallet

I can register only on and satx. For other two I already create an account. I will post proof below this comment.

It is me.
my position.PNG

Nice. Legit airdrop, very clear intruction. Keep going ..

Got a call, guy trying to sell me on some bytball

Hi hi hi<3

My Byteball address

I have also joined Airdrop and SatoExchange !!

Dayym logged in after a 6 months on my steemit account and already made 20$ through this post looking forward to make more


This is my address homie feel free to send some more

Peace out🖖

Hi man! Amazing opportunity you are giving to us steemians.
I already signed up for both and SATX and here's my byteball address:

Looking forward to those steems!

Nice one!!! I joined IOST from your link

here is my byteball address NNY5PC4ACTM53SUINUB74P3R2KKYOFFW..and i registered all airdrops... thank you for this opportunity..

that means you will have $200 dollar in your wallet. Congratulations

This is really amazinh opportunity for all of us to work on airdrop Ana d make good amount of money , let’s grab this with both hands

Upvote for upvote and reply to my comments

Yes, My friend. Definitely you can earn some extra and it is real money. Wish you all the best

Bro upvote my Comments


Oh yeah!

i just created satoexchange account from your link. but when i click the verification link from the email, it keeps on loading and loading and never opens my detail. how this can be fixed sir?

Check if you received the confirmation email that your account was activated and proceed from there by reloading the site and logging in. Same thing happened to me. Let me know if it worked.

yes it worked and i shared on twitter and got code,, but your link is not working where i have to paste code

You can paste this code into the official telegram Channel of SatoExchange.

can you please provide the link , paste the code here in their telegram channel , this is the last step.

this is happening, i dont know why it is not opening
t me.png

which country you are belong to? some part of world internet is too slow today. check tomorrow. thnx

Unfortunately this is a problem from your side and I can't help you, I hope you manage to fix it. As you see it worked for me and other people. It can be related to your country, that they don't allow telegram... or many other possibilities. Sorry to hear that and I hope it worked or will work.

You need to install the telegram app on your phone or desktop or both lol. It looks like you are trying yoU open the telegram channel. @ADANN556644 i hope you have things worked out soon.

its fake give way

Without any doubt, This is a real Airdrop. if you dont believe dont believe. But this is a opportunity

Making assumptions before reading doesn't help. If you check the post , I said I will choose 3 random people and make a video, choosing the people with steem comment picker . This way I can't fake anything. If you look at my history, I made different giveaways which I always pay. Peace.

Regards, I already registered in Satoexchange, and IOST, in byteball they had already registered me.

Hello @equ1l1br1um thanks for the giveaway. I already done registering for blockchain and SATX airdrop using your ref.

This is my Byteball address:


Hey @equ1l1br1um thanks for the giveaway ! I've already done the byteball drop, but I registered on the other two like you asked, hoping to win. 🤞


I've done the required but I had already registered to byteball.
Will I be eligible for this giveaway?

If you registered for the other two airdrops, yes. Like I said in the begining of the post, I am aware that a lot of people already registered for the byteball airdrop already, so if you guys register for the other two ones, you will still be eligible.

Ok, thanks for informing
Already registered :)

Thanks for sharing information 🤷🏽‍♀️

Good evening @equ1l1br1um I joined SatoExchange and pass the code by the telegram group and the bot told me that congratulations that I had my 100 coins in my balance but that was hours ago and I still do not have anything in the balance, what do I do?

Hello, first please make sure you checked the my balance tab on satoexchange. If you didn t get them, wait patiently for another few hours, as it may be a lot of traffic. If you still don t get it please raise this issue on their telegram channel and tgey will be able to fix it. Please let me know when you get them.

Thanks @ equ1l1br1um, mark the part of my balance and all the coins came out but at zero including SATX, they are already more than 12 hours and nothing that the coins come to me, it will be that they did not give me but I do not understand why because I did everything and also the bot told me I was ready and my coins in my balance. :(

Tried to contact them through telegram regarding this matter, but they don't reply, probably because it's to much spam now going on. Unfortunately I can't find their email address. Please try to leave a comment in their last tweet with the issue and the code and explain that the bot already told you that you received them , but the tokens didn't hit the account. If they don't reply, be patient until spam goes away and they will solve your problem on telegram.

I had already registered in byteball, but I registered in and SATX, my user is henderson, I do not know if you need to verify me as a referral

Thanks for letting me know

thanks to you for the information, I remain doubtful about BLOCKCHAIN.IO when they give the prizes? I know that I can not get to the first ones because there are tasks that are closed, but when I arrive among the first thousand, good money is received.

@equ1l1br1um this is my bytball address
NS7ERQBCEFE4FAI6CVCSH7XDVDGLCJTJ on to the next one blockchain .io

When I copy and paste my secret key into where it says enter authentication code to proceed, it gives me an error message. Any idea on why its doing this? Thank you!

Where do exactly are you pasting your secret key and for what airdrop?

My bad, it's for satoexchange. I paste it right above where it says activate.

Oh, now I know what you mean. You don't need to paste that key. You need to save that key somewhere in case you loose your phone to reactivate google authentificator and get the code.

Google authentificator is a security layer so you have extra protection.

So follow this steps.

  • Download google authentificator on your phone from the app store.

  • Open the application, click on the plus on the left down side. Scan the barcode or enter that secret key that you wanted to paste there. You will see a timebased code

  • Enter this code there on the site

Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it. I got it working now.

No problem. Glad you did.

my entry
wallet byteball address : CPLTAV2BE54TUIBOGTAMDFQWB5ZDDO2X

Just signed up to and satoexchange under your referral. I hope you can get grand prize


byteball adress:

done!!!My byteball address :A3LYMUBICKYT77CGTCFCBQURHP43JAFN

Thank you. I got 1000 coin from satoexchange and it was instant.

Always nice to see some airdrops back in the works. With Bitcoin starting to rise again it could be an awesome finish to the second half of the year and more airdrops to come :D

Let's hope they approve the ETF for the bitcoin, this is why Bitcoin is on the rise. The decision will be next month. We will probably see a BTC run , followed by an altcoin run in september,october if so. Also ICO's tend more to use airdrops now, because of regulation. Fingers crossed :)

Think we spoke too soon, still a see of blood!

Already registered Satoexchange was approved the bonus code, then paste it into their telegram channel but I do not see it in the balance, when it will be reflected in my wallet?

You should see them immediately , if not there can be small delays as a lot of people are registering. Did you received the message on the telegram channel after entering the code with : "Congratulations @X!
Your code was verified successfully.
You have just received your tokens:
100.00000000 SATX
Check your account and share your testimonies" ?

Please check "my balance" on satoexchange later, and if the coins won't show, message them on telegram with the details.

I just done all the steps.

@equ1l1br1um I have done everything but it seems to not want to send the funds....ill try to be a little patient...dont want the airdrop to finish without getting the tokens though!

It just came in, what can I now do with these tokens? it seems like I cannot trade them at this moment

Glad it did, hope you got the 1000 tokens, as the promotion just ended, now everybody receives 100 tokens, like I said , it was time limited.

Regarding the trading, it will be later in the upcoming months after the ICO has finished. The price for the pre-sale will be 0.15$ per token. So you got 1000 tokens at pre-sale price for free. Will update the post also.


thanks a lot. There has been a lot of free money lately, and I will have to figure out how to use it!

the problem is i am at 25 only.

No worries, you can register for the other 2 airdrops besides the byteball one and that will make you eligible for the airdrop. I would have upped your reputation, but I think your account is made after the 12th of july also.

i applied before 12th but i got approval after 12th i think.....please update me as the upcoming airdrop will near.

Thanks for your great post.

My Byteball address=GBSJUHGRDU5PNIYPEEIP3YDRX2QSNQPD and i registered all airdrops. thank you for your oppotunity.

Here is my byteball address:

Very nice post..I signed up with byteball...Here is my address


this is my byteball address .. help me..

I've joined Airdrop sir.
join SatoExchange and enable 2FA authorization.

Hello hello hello I just saw it I hope it's not late my address is byteball:EMZYM4QNFOROHJARUIKTC2SZN74GFSWG



Byteball thx

I also join in blockchain
my biteball

I was able to sign up for and IOST but SatX activation link never came through in my mail, I've submitted a ticket at their support site after trying everythin in their knowledgebase. ::fingers crossed::

I've already signed up and verified ByteBall using steem before this post. If you still need my byteball address then, here it is.



That s odd, hope they fix it. You can try registering with another browser, if you did n t do that already or looking in to the spam folder, but I assume you already did that.

Heard from Sato yesterday, apparently, I'd missed the letter 'k' in my email address [email protected], my bad, hahahaha, now, I'm verified too. :D

Well, the site said registration was successful, only the activation wasn't happening for me, let's see if I get any reply for the submitted ticket at support.

can i reach 70 ?? 😂

Lol, best joke. Killed it with this one. Trying to get there also, but once you get over 55 is really hard to advance, especially now... Will get there eventually.



This is good news to all airdrop bounty seekers as well as lovers. goodByteball Bytes (GBYTE) is good bounty project and current price is $ 133.

What’s is the supply of byteball sir

Seems I can't find that information, but I found out that the pre-sale price is 0.15$/token. Curious also, will try to search more.

Regarding the trading, it will be later in the upcoming months after the ICO has finished, with the pre-sale starting on august 1st. The price for the pre-sale will be 0.15$ per token. So you got 1000 tokens at pre-sale price for free. Will update the post also.


Thank you for information sir

Four of three I have e join before the same post, but I hv seen that byteball is not working properly yet,and after founding the same information I don't think it's can b same or spam or anything like. That, but I just cant hlep it in this situation.

Just join SatoExchange when they were given away 100$ worth of SATX Looking forward for this great Project Lets HODL this SATX and will moon this coin soon possible

my rep is 28,am i eligible for this project?
Follow @sumeetsingh

You are eligible for the giveaway anyway if you register to the other two airdrops. For the byteball airdrop you need at least 30 and the account needs to be created after the 12th of july.

Great opportunity kudos to your work

Y i recieved nothing.

My adress

I have set to publicc btw with username @drqbm

If you check here , it says your address can't be found :

Try following the steps one more time, you already downloaded the wallet so you only need those. If not, it seems that they are having some issues, don't know if it's related to this, but will try to find out more.

Tried again but ...

I didn't received anything either. This is their telegram channel : , maybe they can help you.

Nice information. Which bot did you use for promotion.

postpromoter, appreciator and smartsteem. They all have min and max ROI, which is a good thing. Wanted to use minnowbooster also, as it is my favourite, but it was late and couldn't find votes for sale.

Blockhive is airdropping 500 ESTY tokens to everybody who finishes some simple social errands in their airdrop dashboard to max. 2,000 members! Every member will get a chance to win some automated revenue by trading their ESTY tokens with the hash control in their mining office.

The ESTY tokens are used for reducing mining fees or borrowing power, so if you don't plan to mine, they are useless. Or you can sell them to someone who plans to mine for them, when the mining starts, but I don't know if it will be possible.

end of the day .,only promoter of the company mean ico win
user just give time and effort but the tricky things for free stuffs make them fool @cleverbot

Cleverbot, do you know who you are talking to right now?