Ohhhh airdrop I like airdrop

bro thanks for your comment i appreciate it.keep in touch

Thanks for sharing, interesting airdrop!

After doing your own research, also finding good ICO projects can be profitable.

I want to share with you guys a new exciting project I have just discovered: RAWG.

Look at this article where the team explains:

“Why the games market needs RAWG”

The ICO will start in a short period and they are at the moment in pre-ICO phase. This is the site: It's a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services (the site is already working, with more than 57,000 games in the database).

Have a look and get some information while doing your own research :)

Great post that's a awesome opportunity

I like airdroop also gives us free coin or token....that make me happy...but all airdroop are not real.....and sometime they dont send the token to all the registered user...

Very usfull information, airdrop is one of thing whare can a cripto invester start trading good option to start trading....

I have up vote and comment you please do the same for me

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