Cryptrust A Blockchain powered social media platform. Get 100,000 CTRT tokens free Airdrop per person just by doing Singup.

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CryptoTrust is a brand new social media platform powered by blockchain technology that allows you to share your story, thoughts, and anything which you like to share with the world.

This blog is especially for Airdrop then please have a look about Airdrop They are giving us 100,000 CTRT tokens absolutely free just by signup. Not only this they have also referral program as well that will give you 3000 CTRT tokens on each referral. As we can see on their website the token withdrawal going to start after 8 when the ICO sale will be finished. And in this situation, if you are interested in joining good & genuine Airdrop then this is the great opportunity for you. If you respect my effort then please signup with my link only so that I get 3000 tokens and you can get 100,000 tokens.


  • ERC20 wallet (
  • follow them on twitter
  • connect with the telegram

For signup-

Step: 1-

click here-

Step: 2-

fill the details such as your good name, email, username, gender & birthdate.


Go to inbox and verify the email


After that, the dashboard will be open then click on my account after that you will see this pic-

Screenshot (281).png


Now do these 2 tasks follow them on twitter & give permission for telegram channel and then enter you Public address.

Well Done!

Now you can see your tokens on the top of window.
Screenshot (282).png

If you have any doubt then feel free to ask in the comment section.

*** Don't get Stressed, Stay Blessed. ***

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Very nice . Good job by your article people will get to know how to sineup.


Thank you @rosy1606 :-)

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I cant wait for a social networking platform that can put Facebook under.


Same here @embomb.
I have taken admission in a wrong University just because of Facebook Ads.
Thank You :-)