Air Clinic Writing Contest: They Are 'Smoking', But We Are Dying!

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They said smokers are liable to die young, but they did the 'smoking', while we were dying! Many nights we choked and coughed and eyes were itching from 'gases of death', we wondered that we would stay alive through storms of darkness both day and night..

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Belema is my name, and my home is in the creeks of Delta, riverine of Koko village in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Our village is exploited to the core but the wealth is far from me. Health they say is wealth, but neither comfort nor wellness is ours to enjoy. My skies are full of dark smokes, flared gases of carbons' burn, puff by puff so goes our health, oh who will respond to my peoples' ordeal! So many mornings saw the open weeping and cries of death as mothers wept for their dead loved ones who had being lost to a mysterious death overnight while the rest were coughing, hoping to make it till morning, which in any case had been a common occurrence as part of life around the creeks. Besides the sicknesses that saw so many bedridden hoping that the affordable alternative or native medical treatments could offer them solution. We however gained the knowledge of the dangers of such emissions, now fate is left our hands, but even if I go away, will the entire village go with me.. Who will save us from these fumes?

Air pollution is a killer anyhow, acute and chronic its effects are bad. The toxic and health disorders most of the exposed people suffer are Asphyxiation (leading to Carboxyhaemoglobin), Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Cough, Suffocation etc. Alot of these medical conditions are beyond the locals to take care of. We keep crying out to Nigeria, stop gas flaring!

Gas flaring is killing people, day by day
so the health of the exposed people are risked to the dangers
of those fumes. Dear Nigeria, stop smoking!!

-Shalom'Shalom @yowanetwork


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Thank you everyone!
Special thanks to @nairadaddy, @ejemai, @thelovejunkie @air-clinic..




Thank you so much for your review. Hope to see more of you.

Loving how your content is always informative.
Keep it up @yowa :)

Thanks dear. You're always welcome!

It's dreadful how this world works... It might not be against the law but it is unethical and evil anyway... good post!

True. It has always being a problem in the Niger Delta part of Nigeria.. We hope for a change.

Well, I am from the Netherlands, the home of Royal Dutch Shell... We protested against their ways and methods in the NIger delta for a long time. When I first saw the images of what they were doing I was appalled, then I heard of Ken Sarowiwa and how he ended up and I was even more appalled... I mean, our country is benefitting from this??? Our royal family is too??? Sadly this issue has gone to the background here, there are so many things wrong that need to be protested and people are getting worn out too. Please keep writing about this! If you can use my help on this side let me know, I could maybe be of use.

Okay, I sure will. With the interest of human lives above all, we must continue to speak out. Will be in touch sir.

Here is the link for this post in case you want to share it or tell other concerned people about what is going on..

The image that you used is copyrighted. I suggest you read steemstem guide on copyrights. If you need any help you can contact one of our mentors on discord.

Okay.. But it was duely cited from the source.

Okay sir. Will look into that and ensure more careful selection as you have recommended. I have learnt this.

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