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Are there advanced A.I humanoids walking the planet as we speak? Shall we call them Organic Robotoids? Are these super advanced beings part of the Secret Space Program (SSP) that involves Aliens and Deep Underground Military Bases? Top Secret Military projects dating back to WW1. After the invasion of Nazi Germany the American Military brought over 140 of the top scientist and began to rebuild what was known as a signals intelligence system or Sig Sally. The system was developed by Hitler and the Germans after they located the crash sight of an alien craft and recovered and rebuilt its technology. Operation Paperclip saw that technology make its way to Texas after WW2 around 1947. Now during this time the government and the state of affairs had become quiet barbaric. With JFK coming into office in 1961, he witnessed from inside just how corrupt it really was. 2 years later he was murdered... assasinated... no one has the offical story, especially with the Mandela Effect causing multiple timelines to merge into one. Some recount seeing 4 seats in the car some say 6. Again, no one knows the exact details of the past. But we can agree that JFK is no longer around. By the 90's the greed and corruption had taken hold of the corporations and everything it owned. JFK Jr. who grew up without his father, knew about the murder and when he started to dig deeper, he had decided that he had to expose the Cabal's evil ways to the people. Did the Cabal put out a hit on JFK Jr? Did he know that he was to be murdered by the same evil invaders that murdered his father years prior?
JFK Jr went flying on July 16,1999 without signing in a flight log. Did he fake his own death in order to escape the Cabal's hit? Did JFK Jr go into protective custody under the Super Top Secret Naval Intelligence Program? Did JFK Jr download his consciousness into a quantum computer? Are we seeing transcendence? Is the transhumanism event underway? If one were to match there blood frequency with this machine could we incorporate our inner or higher self back into the quantum realm ? Are we in cyber space? Are we clones in a advanced holographic simulation machine? Is my body a DNA spacesuit? I'm not sure, as I am not from around here... This is my first post on steemit... #Tyler #TeamTyler #CodeTyler #LadyLogic #Feecting #2020FIGHTtrans.jpg


Welcome to Steemit. Curious to see where you are going with this.

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