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I think you are making a mistake to sell your Steem right now. Even if you power it down, and while I cannot give you any financial advice, I definitely would not sell it unless it's the last resort.

Besides, if you participate on Steem you can earn in who knows how many ways once SMTs arrive. It just may be the case that blogging on Steem isn't the best way for now. Of course it's your choice.


I want to participate, and I would prefer to not sell, and even power up more, but it's hard for me to do that with the current state of things for me here on steemit. There is so much contention on steemit, even outside of the bitconnect issue. My free way of being will probably get me into more trouble on steemit even beyond the issue that exist right now. Posting here is like walking on egg shells, specially for someone like me who likes to post a few times per day.

I will take baby steps, and keep trying to post, but I would be a fool to stop powering down and selling if I keep getting flagged


I wonder if there could ever be a Truce between you, and Steemit....

I like your analogy. an AI is one that is able to create itself, not the creation of humans. It is able to stay alone, not programmed by man. it is able to make it's own decisions, and is able to isolate itself from humans, not revealing it's true nature to men, who can manipulate it. Interesting.

by far,the big danger of artificial intelligence is that people conclude to early that they understand it...And i think This Artificial intelligence technology will enhance us..Superb idea at all dear @craig-grant ... i will always stay here for more great ideas.thanks for sharing Resteem it now...

Your style is beautiful in expression and smooth
Artificial intelligence
Is the phenomenon of modern times


rock on

I suppose AI will never reach its peak because its potential is very high thus it will surely make incredible steps as long as developers are patient in coming up with useful ideas. In contemporary times, it is important to help improve the lives of individuals and different sectors.

Anyway, on your video, I like how you made your point. I hope there would be more discourse on given topic. i love to hear intellectual discussions such as this one.

Digital world is making a artificial man. In it decreasing creativity of man. Humanity will be faced in danger one day.

AI has been an interest of mine since high school.

A year ago I started the engineering college, and the next year, I'm going to be able to orient to AI.

Can't wait for it... It is the future.

Lots of people can be programmers, but not every programmer can be AI developer, I'd say.

By the way, I really liked film called Ex Machina.

It would be really nice if we could see something like that in the near future.

Great Topic @craig-grant Artificial Intelligence is whatever hasn't been done yet .. The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race ;) It would take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded ..

@craig-grant, You have a nice diction. I admire your articulation of words. More videos please

Craig are you smoking weed now?
I am a few puffs away from being out of weed..wondering if I should take a break. How do you feel when you quit weed?
I find that my dreams are VERY vivid...and that I have a sense of being sober...but once I smoke again I get this rush of joy and think to myself "Omg I missed this! how was I staying away from this amazing feeling!"

Regardless of whether you control it down, and keeping in mind that I can't give you any money related counsel, I certainly would not offer it unless it's the final resort.

Additionally, in the event that you take an interest on Steem you can win in who knows what number of ways once SMTs arrive. It just might be the situation that blogging on Steem isn't the most ideal path for the present.

The processing power of such a powerful AI is able to "think" at speeds we cannot fathom...1 week after it spawns and says "I am a computer" it will have taken over the world...maybe even quicker than than 1 week..

Terminator series and Matrix are just examples of how it would look if humans even had a shred of a chance to fight back

Very nice👍

Very nice👍