ADSactly Tech News - The Age of Self-Driving Cars is Rapidly Approaching!

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ADSactly Tech News: The Age of Self-Driving Cars is Rapidly Approaching!

Image Source: Wired

Have you ever wondered what the future of transportation will look like? Movies have shown flying cars, electromagnetic trains and all other sorts of futuristic transporation possibilities but which of these epic visions of a future reality will manifest as reality first?

In regard to future transport one of the most likely technological upgrades which we will probably see first is autonomous driving. In only five years the technology behind this futuristic prediction has moved from “maybe possible” to “definitely possible” to “inevitable” to “how did anyone ever think this wasn’t inevitable?”

In fact, there are a ton of large scale auto manufacturers actively competing to perfect the technology required to bring a future of driverless cars about.

Companies like Waymo (a spinoff of Google’s self-driving car project) have been hard at work trying to be the future industry leader in this field. They seemed like they were closing in on a complete monopoly in regard to autonomous self-driving cars until a few big names popped up to give them a bit of stiff competition. I'm talking about companies like Lyft and Uber who would love to trade their expensive human drivers for automated driverless shuttles.

Its not only car companies working towards building this future, large corporations like Intel, IBM, and Apple are also looking to get in on the action as well! There are a lot of components in creating autonomous vehicles and many startups are positioning themselves applying for new patents that involve laser sensors, mapping software, and control center configurations responsible for managing future fleets of self-driving cars.

Image Source: Waym

When I talk about driverless cars, I'm not actually talking about the future. Well, I am but this topic strongly relates to the present because believe it or not, some of these cars have already hit the road! Driverless cars are already prowling the streets of California and Michigan, Paris and London, Singapore and Beijing.

There is a lot of speculation at the moment that driverless tech has the possibility of adding $7 trillion to the global economy and save hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few decades. Personally I feel very conflicted about this new potential future in which driverless cars dominate the roads and I must accept the fact that I'm powerless and completely dependent on this new technology to get me to my destination safely!

Maybe its a good thing, maybe not. A big fundamental shift will take place if this new driverless car reality comes to fruition. Firstly, it will completely devastate the auto industry, gas stations, drive-thrus, taxi drivers, and truckers. Uber and Lift drivers will have to re-enter the job market putting further strain on the unemployment rate. Sure, stockholders of the companies that introduce these new vehicles will prosper but there will be a lot of people out of a job on the other hand. I'm not saying this is going to be a terrible reality but I think we need to consider both sides of the coin carefully. Do we want to support this technology or not?

It’s worth remembering that when automobiles first started rumbling down manure-clogged streets, people called them “horseless carriages.” The moniker made sense: Here were vehicles that did what carriages did, minus the hooves. By the time “car” caught on as a term, the invention had become something entirely new. Over a century, it reshaped how humanity moves, and thus how (and where and with whom) humanity lives. This cycle has restarted, and the term “driverless car” will soon seem as anachronistic as “horseless carriage.” We don’t know how cars that don’t need human chauffeurs will mold society, but we can be sure a similar gear shift is on the way.

The above statement makes a good point about change. We may not be ready for new technologies but eventually humanity and society changes with it and adapts to a new way of doing things. When it comes to driverless technology I don't see how its much different than what was stated above.

The driverless car can indeed be compared to the horseless carriage. Older generations will have a much harder time coping with this new reality while younger generations who are much more comfortable with technology considering the fact they have grown up with smart phones and high tech gadgets will certainly be more open to accepting driverless cars as a simple upgrade to modern transportation.

Image Source: The New York Times

So what exactly will the future hold? Do you think self-driving cars will actually become the new norm?

It's important to keep in mind that an autonomous vehicle isn't simply an all in one device but rather a system, a collection of components applied to accomplish the task that a driver would traditionally be given. Another question we may want to ask is when exactly will self-driving technology be ready?

Well, according to the recent research I've conducted around this topic, the hardware required to complete the task has already been developed and tested. Cameras and radars are already cheap and robust enough to build into mass-market cars.

A more expensive component required in creating a driverless car is that of the laser-shooting lidar which is still very expensive but as you can imagine large companies are quickly racing to bring the cost of this component down as it represents one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Then you have the brain, the processor that will be required to handle all the complex computations of getting a car to its destination safely. As a result, chipmakers like Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia are working hard to reduce power requirements for these rolling supercomputers.

Image Source: The Sun

So what does all this mean? Well, as a community we need to ask the hard questions around self-driving cars. The first question I think that we may need to ask is, do we really want to see a future in which we are completely dependent on automation to get us to our destination safely? If we all agree that self-driving cars are good and that this technology should be incorporated into our everyday lives we must further ask to what extent do we want to see it implemented?

One thing I've learned from writing technology articles is the future tends to come whether you want it to or not. However, I do believe we have the ability as intelligent human beings to direct to an extent how the future is implemented... We do have the power as a collective to stop large fundamental shifts from happening and the key is in organizing the masses, coming to an agreement together and then taking action!

What do you guys think about self-driving cars? Do you think we will see these vehicles on our streets in the near future?

Lets talk about this before it fully becomes reality!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

The WIRED Guide to Self-Driving Cars - Wired

Image Sources: The Sun, Google, Wired

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I have had a driving licence since 1972. The novelty of manually controlling my own vehicle is beginning to wear off.

Bring it on!

I'm anticipating this future of driverless cars will be quite exciting. Like living in a sci-fi movie and to think it'll happen in our lifetimes is pretty cool.

less accidents too!

I work in the auto industry. First at GM in manufacturing an then with 3 tier 1 suppliers. I follow technology for a living as an innovation manager for the company I work for. Here's my beef: Tech companies are good at creating a vision of a future and then repeating it until they get others to believe it. There timing is always woefully overstated. Then you have one of the most competitive markets in the world start to hedge their current business by investing massive amounts into R&D to try to ensure the threat from all the new entrants won't put them out of business. There will be a hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on this effort. And, many of these companies can't afford the investment dollars, but can't afford not to make the investment. Trust me, the next market downturn will see car companies go bankrupt again.

So what needs to be solved to actually move to autonomous vehicles:
-Laws. Governments around the world need to define who is liable for what when something goes wrong and someone dies. The conversation has barely begun.
-Actual technology that can be implemented into mass produced vehicles. As mentioned, LiDAR is large and completely out of line with cost requirements. First, look at the picture of the LiDAR system on top of the car shown in this article. Do you think aerodynamics have a place in a functional car? Do you think you would have some wind noise issues, some high speed induced vibrations? Do you think an automobile needs to efficiently move it's weight with least drag forces? LiDAR needs to shrink by a factor of 100. And the cost needs to scale accordingly.
-Automobiles are one of the most costly consumer products and one of the worlds most competitive markets. It's really hard to design and develop and mass produce automotive components and vehicles. The vehicle costs cannot be jacked up $7,000-$10,000 per vehicle. Automobiles are price elastic, meaning if you raise their price, in general, the demand craters. I believe it was in S. Korea where the local government incentives for electric vehicles came off recently. The sales crashed to almost zero.
-There is an assumption that is made but rarely talked about. Autonomous vehicles assume they will be electric vehicles or perhaps fuel cell. There needs to be a massive leap in battery technology and charging to enable range and charge time to be radically improved. And there needs to be massive capacity to build batteries for all the proposed cars. Last I read, there are well over 100 electric vehicles that have been announced. Good luck with charging infrastructure and batteries capacity.
-Software and electrical systems need to be secure from the rotten people of this world intent on doing bad things.

So in summary, we may have technology that can function today for an autonomous vehicle. But we are years away from solving these massive issues. I was at CES this year and attended the Automotive conference sessions. I was shocked by the arrogance of the tech companies. I most shocked by NVDA. Someone asked a question and the executive said: "People like to talk about ethical dilemmas in autonomous vehicles. They don't exist. We will never have to make a choice about hitting a tree or hitting a child. Our technology sees 360 degrees. So we will never be in that situation." Ummm. I'm quite sure he will be proven wrong. The technology will always need to make these decisions. But he got points for his effort on trying to manipulate the market...

very nice post! ))

It really does amaze me how quickly this technology has come to fruition.

Personally, I'm quite looking forward to Teslas becoming more and more affordable.

Oh I would love a Tesla!! Who wouldnt!!

I really wouldnt want a fully automated car though. I LOVE driving! I would miss it so much. Plus im not a very good passenger. For some reason I always get motion sickness if im not in the drivers seat. Sucks.

I think that eventually, It may be illegal to manually drive a vehicle. We may be few years away from that yet, but I can see it happening.

You have the option to upvote my memes while you're on board inside your car--if you feel like bored and nothing else to do.

For sure. I'm hoping the regulatory impediments are minimal. I'd love to be actively using this tech in 5-10 years. It would be absolutely life changing.

i think so

im in full agreement there! although bringing it down to 35,000 with the model 3 is getting pretty close to ideal! cant wait to get my tesla ..someday!

Nvidia is doing big things as well. They are heavily involved in this field and growing yearly.

If we actually create viable self-driving cars, it'd be a huge paradigm shift. Uber is going to be a top 3 tech company.

Goodbye morning commute. Can't wait to be able to sit back and do stuff while riding.

i mean tesla already has the auto pilot feature out on the road. its definitely happening though it will be a while until most auto manufacturers have adopted the tech.

uber already is! and yes it will grow more! although many other companies are competing to pave the way

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche stated last Friday that the want to put the first robe-taxis on the streets in the early 2020s. But its seems as if law and regulation are the greater obstacle that technology.

Yeah, I think the tech is pretty good right now. If they actually were able to implement it on any grand scale, the machine learning speed would be hugely helpful towards perfecting the tech. Regulation is likely to be a huge hurdle though.

I already worked in this kind of researched and yes this cars already exist. The city where I live is one of the first cities in Germany where autonomus cars can drive for testing.

The problem right now is that the technology is not advanced and cheap enough to produce it in masses. Probably we will see first a self driving bus before the cheap self driving car, because for public transportation the mane cost is the personal.

Yeah, I'd be cool with that. That way no crazy people can attack bus drivers too!

I think you have two topics under discussion: Will we eventually rely on automated transportation almost exclusively? I think that's an easy answer.

It'll take a generation at least. Young people are already living with the reality of Uber and not owning your own transportation is becoming ordinary. This is one of those 'bottom up' happenings.

The other question may be 'Do I like it?'. Personally, that is also an easy answer. I have spent my life going other than the masses, and I'll be sad to see that not be readily available.

You are correct. The shift will be at least as fundamental as the move from animal powered transportation. My grandfather bought his first car in 1929 and the trend that looked to last for centuries lasted less than one.

Very nicely thought out and written article. Thank you.

I'd love the extra time. I think road trips would probably become more common. If you could get a comfy cab in a car and hang out in the back while it drives I think more people would opt to go on cross country trips. Especially if the fuel is cheap.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have come to stay but there are a few issues we will have.
First challenge will be that of the labour market. A lot of people will lose their jobs and fall back into the labour Market. This will bring in lots of issues for the future but my advice would be that we all should look at the future of the particular skill we depend on today and see how it will change in the future so we can adapt to it now.

Second issue will be security. If someone hacks into our car and collects data. This data can be analyse to give information about our movement and who knows what the hacker wants with it. So I ask, is this technology a blessing or a curse?

Hacking is a huge concern. It seems that the people who create networking capability in every day objects are not doing due diligence on security.

Am planning on putting an article on that very soon. Every individual should be aware at least in little ways how vulnerable he or she is to cyber attacks. And should know of a few ways to protect what he has.

You do have a point. One more computerized item to be hacked. Probably end up with secret cameras inside them too to spy on people. Thanks to Edward Snowden we all know how the NSA loves to eavesdrop 🙄

It therefore bring the concern that the more powerful a tool is, the more dangerous it can turn if misuse.

I’m looking forward to getting drunk and having my car drive me home lol

Circa 2020

Nissan has publicly stated that they will have self driving cars available for purchase by the year 2020 (Nissan Promises to Deliver Autonomous Car by 2020 | Autopia | That is a short enough time frame that they certainly have an actual product in the engineering pipeline as we speak. Several other companies are actively working on the technology, so somebody might beat them to it by a year or two. Or, the engineering schedules may slip and they will be delayed by a year or two.

Autonomous vehicles are coming. They can't get here fast enough for me.

Bring it on! I think the technology exists now, it's simply a matter of driving down costs. Still a bit worried about an iRobot scenario where the car gets hacked and drives us into a wall though...

If all car is A.I I think they could speak to each other and make more faster drive for all the cars. Maybe we won’t need any more traffic lights. Because everything will be fluid like water

Yes this is a good point, if all cars communicate with each other the potential to reduce traffic jams would be increasingly likely!

Traffic bulbs always necessary for walkers. If not, self-driving cars crash people, when people are on blind points of them.

Awesome post really. I am sure apple will join the trend.
My bet is that they themselves are doing very little. However, they have deep pockets and I am sure they are funding a research lab or more than one to work on this.
The thing is that if ford and toyota can pull this off, i believe apple can, Or maybe all they do is take a self-driven Toyota/Lexus and put an apple on top. Even in that case, they could become successful.
Fully self-driving cars will enable individuals to drink as much as they want in a bar or with dinner without worrying about drunk driving. This will lead to other consequences, including possibly a rise in alcohol-related health problems.
But the thing is that the pros are way higher than the cons. I cant wait to see it on the streets of where i am from.
Great post @adsactly.

Most people love easy things, quick, fast and simple.
These are the works of technology. Impossible to stop in my opinion.
I want to see flying cars or cars under the see.

Or people flying!

Underwater vehicles sound pretty cool indeed! I'd be very interested in renting one and taking it out for a spin!

That would be exciting!

my organization is working on a single occupancy flight device right now - will keep you posted when we make it happen!;)


Nice car! Is this a Nissan or Mazda?

thanks you..

Great informative post. Thank you for sharing.

So what exactly will the future hold? Do you think self-driving cars will actually become the new norm?

I think that IOT is the future of technology. That's why self-driving cars are going to be the new norm. However, this trend doesn't progress solo. All things need to be connected to each other and system can work properly. If not, there will be so many accidents because of light bulbs, humans etc. This is the most critical issue for self-driving cars I think.
Upvoted & Resteemed to discuss deeply.

Thanks for your thoughts on this! Happy you decided to leave your opinion on this. I agree with you, this is going to happen on a mass scale.

nice your programmin post and..Bring it on! I think the technology exists now, it's simply a matter of driving down costs. Still a bit worried about an iRobot scenario where the car gets hacked and drives us into a wall though...

You copied my comment eh? Try to make a new and original one that you can claim as your own :)

Oh dear! Some people just find it difficult to have original thoughts! Lol

Wow a very nice car. It's so incredible, the car can drive itself. If our technology gax usah binghu, because The more technologically advanced.

think's for sharing beautiful car.

Maybe its a good thing, maybe not. A big fundamental shift will take place if this new driverless car reality comes to fruition. Firstly, it will completely devastate the auto industry, gas stations, drive-thrus, taxi drivers, and truckers. Uber and Lift drivers will have to re-enter the job market putting further strain on the unemployment rate. Sure, stockholders of the companies that introduce these new vehicles will prosper but there will be a lot of people out of a job on the other hand. I'm not saying this is going to be a terrible reality but I think we need to consider both sides of the coin carefully. Do we want to support this technology or not?

Yes, but the need for the introduction of universal basic income will be all the more pressing. The auto industry and all the industries that depend on put together is huge.

The car manufacturing industry itself will, among many, suffer greatly. The number of cars required to meet all our transportation needs will be much smaller with autonomous driving and the automobile becoming just another part of Mobility as a Service. Carpooling Uber style will go up in popularity but maybe not as much out of choice but to a significat degree out of necessity because the overall unemployment rate will increase together with wage cuts. That will also mean less new road capacity built and less necessity to maintain existing roads. The potential economic impact of autonomous driving will be hard to adequately predict.

Many factors are making the need for a universal basic income increasingly important but I'm not sure if we will see it come to fruition in our lifetimes... I think its a good idea but centuries of human history don't have a single case study with a successful implementation of this idea. Still, it doesn't mean it is impossible.

Nothing new to welfare. Welfare is as old as civilization itself.

Universal basic income is just a streamlined version of welfare that will be implemented after permanent and high structural unemployment starts to have a negative impact too serious to ignore.

My work is in transportation and how i wish this would all come true. So would just sit on the driver side and relax and let the robot drive

I'm not sure things will really work that way but I suppose anything is possible. More likely your job will be moved to some sort of control room / operations center for remote control in unusual situations.

wow ..!!!!!! this is really extraordinary,..!!! and really beyond the limits of human ability usually .. !!!! really a really great technological advancement. hopefully we can feel progress like this.

Good post. from indonesia

Thanks for this programming post sharing.... i appreciate this technology ... best of luck dear.....

Now wait for self-driving bikes!

The Age of Self-Driving Cars Upvoted and shared.This is a truly amazing cars.

you are right - its an exciting topic and there are a lot of great innovations that can happen because of it!

The future is now, live it and love it.....most importantly, live and let live!

Its a nice concept but it won't be available for the common man, but all the same, technological advancement is welcomed, its my dream , I pray it comes true

Interesting. I think it won't be available for the common man initially much like how only the rich had cars when they were first invented but you never know. The rich may decide they don't trust them and use us as test subjects first while they perfect their technologies (uber and lyft...)

That's the problem, there is huge gap between the rich and the poor, we are only recognized in not so pleasurable situations, as "bait" for the main catch, well I hope it will get better someday.

wow... what nice post @adsactly . i like your ADSactly Tech News - The Age of Self-Driving Cars is Rapidly Approaching! post. thanks for share the post.

Very interesting and it is very important that a person has such a technology and this shows that people are developing. at the same time this car will meet the needs of most people

a new future for all of us, technology can not be stopped!!

I think that age is already here with us.

it really is ! with autopilot features in teslas we're already on our way!

Woow amazing, very very good thanks the sharing

everyday is amazing cars becoming self controlled, flying drones, reusable rockets , colony on mars...what next?

Te invito a pasar por mi canal, admiro tus artículos. Soy una gran entusiasta de trabajo virtual. Estoy comenzando.

great post.
i appreciate technology.
thanks for sharing this post

Can't wait for this technology ;)

I refuse to be ubered by one of these UNLESS it has a kill switch button near me built in, that will kill the engine and slam the brakes kind of like trains have. I DON'T TRUST THAT CRAP!!

This is very important technology post you share & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

Absolutely. The thought of seeing self-driving cars on our roads in just a few years is mind-boggling. Now we will just have to wait and see if this becomes true or not.

its already true - just a question of to what extent. the future is an exciting place!

wawoo,, its amazing and wonderful stuff @adsactly
i like it and appreciate to your post , its really important and informative glog, All the best

cool. movies visions are getting real

Anyone else read that Uber and grab want to make it illegal to own your own self driving car in cities in USA. They want to have fleets of cars so they can monopolize the market. I just want a car to drive and make me money as a taxi while I go for a quick workout at the gym or when I go for a run.

i havent heard of this but i highly doubt it. anything hindering the approval of the tech could ultimately destroy their chances of approval as well. and even if theyre trying, i see it very unlikely they would succeed.

The present tense is mindblowing!!!

Wonderful write up dear, your level of knowledge are beyond description. it has really inspired me to be a better writer. Keep flying. You are becoming a great mentor


I am quite skeptical about it cause ability to operate a self driving car would require some level of educated background there,it's not just everybody's cup of tea.i know most of the part is taken care by computer itself,but how to operate it with keeping all safety norms is still a question there.
There is also accent barrier in communicating with AI for exactly everything gonna resolves would be sight in near future.

dont worry - youll have expert designers like me that will be making it as seamless and easy as possible :)

Wow how i wish to have that . But in my dreams. ..... @adsactly I really really appreciate your post and I love it.

I agree with this cool talk, and I'm enjoying 6pm when the sun is plated with golden water. Technology, today is not a surprising thing, we are in the village, on my right is the Indian ocean and on the left hills with carved fields. What do you have we can buy from here, what you are talking about we also know that interrupted your teeth are stuck berhe seeds hehehehehe. And we have succeeded in making a simple flying drone capable of crossing the coast then landing on the hill. We villagers have succeeded, because we not only admire, tell and dream to have but hard work, and one more step we will use water as our drone fuel source hehehehehe .....
but I like the model of the car ..... like an ambulance hehehe ... hopefully all our success friends. Looks like our bitcoin is flu hehehehehe .... also sbd and steem. hehehehe. see you.

very nice post upvoted you

Thank you for new teach...
I like it that cars...
Success is always for you...

I am so ready for self driving cars. I'm trying to turn that entire commuting process into massive amounts of productivity.

exactly! this is what its all about! making things seamless, time more efficient, and the increase of shared car services. i worked on a concept for a mobile office design essentially provides everything you need in order to work en route to the office. saves you 1-2 hours of work time, making your work day shorter :)

it is a good idea to bring in an self driving car but the question is "Are we complaining about the human driving cars we have" this we leave many youth/fathers jobless, please the government of every country should reconsider this so call self driving car before letting it on roads.
this companies aim are only to make profits.

Good point here. We need to consider all the consequences of bringing this technology to use in everyday life.

auto driving cars will be a great relive on often road users. nice post.

haha.good lucky man

Hola acabo de leer tu post y me pareció bien interesante, a mi también me apasiona ese tema y pienso que lo mismo ocurrirá con los aviones ya están invadiendo el cielo de drones. estare pendiente de tus publicaciones.

Yeah agreed they are just very rapidly improving...

Every person wants a self car for their self so they are trying to have it personally in their homes...

I think this will be very useful for the days coming ahead as the time is so precious so alot of work can be done by these cars....

domino pizza use this too

good posting
voting to you
see you again

Excellent post, very interesting, This is the future, in order to have a better planet...¡¡¡

I only hope that with more and more AI cars driving, there will be no accidents in the future.

hello, i am @bestrakibul2. I've been working steem for a long time. But I have not had any improvement. How do I work? Please sujjection on how I can improve the speed of your post. thanks

Very wonderful car

will have self driving cars available for purchase by the year 2020 (Nissan Promises to Deliver Autonomous Car by 2020 | Autopia |

Modern technology car

Well, with the way things are going, I see it happening soon. Every invention has its downside anyway, but I think humanity can cope with it.

its almost the time to use them... they have arrived not approaching!

Great article
Self driving cars are the future.Driver less cars reduces the human effort as well as the number of accidents if properly used.It also minimize the cost the drivers cost

The article is great

The Ideal Vehicle's Future Abandoned Real Problems
I read good articles well.
follow, resteem, up boting!

What human do then... all rely on AI.

Cool article - others, like Airbus are taking the view that cars should not be restricted to ground travel, and tested their first Vahana unmanned flying taxi two days ago:
I doesn't look to pretty, but it flew for 53 seconds.
I would sell my car if I could get around in one of those - no grid-locked purguatory on the highway!!

If technology continues on its current course, your car will do the concentrating for you. Automakers are developing complex systems that allow cars to drive themselves.
They're also furthering existing technologies such as self-parking and pre-safe systems. You may even be surprised to find out your old clunker already sports some driverless technologies........
@adsactly i hope the pace of our growing keeps increasing

100% - the interesting thing is then AI integration and capability that self driving cars might have down the line. for sure the tech is there in terms visibility, but when the car actually starts becoming intelligent decision making machine - woah - now thats scary and exciting.

wow,,what a nice car it is! hope that everyone like it..i really like it and want to thanks for sharing...great job

wow is veery goodpost ADSactly Tech News - The Age of Self-Driving Cars is Rapidly Approaching!

Makes me wonder how the police will earn money when they can't hand out speeding and drink driving fines any more. ;)

The sweetest moments in a car i love most is the sounds it bring when yoy ignite it, Technology has done a lot and keep doing. Scientist in general have worked, The type of car we use determine the enjoyment we get when in it. This car self-driving is wow, I've just chect it on net and it has great features. Thanks for the awareness @adsactly. You posses supernatural powers. I love this.

I am pretty sure self-driving vehicles are here to stay, in the near future it will be the main form of transportation soon after that at best the manually driving a car will be only be for enthusiasts and hobbyists (and sport) or at worst they will be illegal, let's hope for the former.

Of course when driver-less vehicles start getting widely adopted all those people who where driving for a living will be out of work and without a big change in how our economic system works well let's say it won't be pretty...

Another issue I have is, how easy can these things can be hacked ? I don't follow the development of self-driving cars closely but it doesn't seem like the companies care about this problem much and imo they should care and built them from the ground up to be resilient to hacking.

And lastly another concern of mine is, will we own the car or it will be "licensed" to us or be "public" and all our data that get collected by it will be available to be sold and be exploited..?

you bring up a lot of really good points. IoT (Internet of Things) development and security will play a HUGE part in making this a safe and secure environment. think of it, we already have devices that know everything about us that we walk around with 24/7, and devices like Alexa or Google Home are starting to become more normal in households. The more things are connected, the more secure the firewalls need to be! Especially when it comes to self driving cars since its also a huge safety issue and could be life or death.

I love it, keep uploading such a great post.

I've always wondered how those self driving cars would respond to a situation when an oncoming driver disobeys traffic rules. Its going to be difficult to create an A.I that could perform certain evasive actions that are human

your car will do the concentrating for you. Automakers are developing complex systems that allow cars to drive themselves.
They're also furthering existing technologies such as self-parking and pre-safe systems. You may even be surprised to find out your old clunker already sports some driverless technologies........

Interesting. I've always had my reservations about the concept of self driving cars, there's quite a lot of human factors; problems with the road etc. Would the tech also respond to stuff like that?

I believe it already exists to do just that. Its now a question of lowering costs to make it available to the masses.

This is going to be great in the morning, maybe sleep, drink coffee, for ladies, put make up on, all while driving...this could be a real game changer lol

@adsactly !!! Very Nice POST.
It truly bewilders me how rapidly this advancement has worked out clearly. In the event that we really make sensible self-driving autos, it'd be a colossal change in perspective. Uber will be an essential 3 tech affiliation. You are right.

The move will be in any event as key as the move from creature filled transportation

We are already seeing the benefit of these systems in our new cars where the driver gets active assistance from an automated watchdog. Sometimes its annoying but its getting better and better and will avoid a lot of accidents as the tech becomes main stream.

Self-Driving Cars are definitely here and 3 years ago when I started to travel everyday by car over 150 km each day, I talked to my friends about when am I going to be able to do important stuff while driving instead of focus on the road?!?!?!

I must say I was not expecting it to be so fast, but this cars and their benefits are unbelievable, the number of accidents will decline dramatically, especially truck drivers will see their lives change to better not having to spend million of hours on the road... (more free time for everybody that usually has to drive)

Great to see that in the near future driving would be such a pleasant and effortles experience ! :D

I love how technology is advancing with the time and support the progress. I'm just a little old fashion when it comes to driving and would prefer to be in control. I can see where this creation would be beneficial in multiple ways but the next factor to consider is the cost. Kind of like that movie "Total Recall" seems like the things that were once entertainment are indeed assets of life.


Is everyone exited about not having to drive or being able to drink more?

Autonomous vehicles are coming,is a nice konsep

If our passion keeps driving us
Everything imaginary can turn out to be reality

it is truly shocking at how fast technology has progressed ,but if it means safer roads then that must be the way forward.

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