[HIRING] - Android JAVA Programmer wanted

in agorise •  7 months ago

Hello again from the merkle tree! :)

We'd like to hire an additional Android Java Programmer.

To qualify:

  • Be an Expert Android Java Developer; your github proof (with public email displayed) is required
  • Experience with Android Architecture Components (AAC)
  • Experience with XML and Custom Interpolators
  • All cryptocurrencies must still be legal in the country in which you live.
  • You must accept payments in Bitcoin

NOT required, but this is a plus:

  1. Experienced with Animation Resources
  2. Some interest in Kotlin

This is a long-term job, and will be mostly your code (we know it's no fun sifting through another guy's code). This job will employ you immediately, and we're very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live. Our Dev Teams are located all over the Earth, and upon being hired, we'll introduce you to many of them.

We're always at your side on Telegram/Keybase (+ there are 9 other Devs here) should you have any questions or want to pitch your ideas, and we always have quick (usually less than 30 minute) meetings each week to sum up everyone’s progress and chit-chat with the other Devs, etc.

If you are looking to work in the blockchain industry, this is the mother of all projects. We love what we do here and are working fast to bring chain-agnostic infrastructure to the world of digital currencies, so hopefully that matters to you as well.


Not qualified? Please spread the word!

Qualified Applicants, please ping ken on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode
Qualified Applicants, please ping ken on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode

Thank You! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.

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Resteemed to spread the word.

Not qualified in any way other than I'll take a few BTC if you wanna gimme some 😂

I'm learning HTML right now. Trying to be more technologically relevant. Being new in the crypto space has opened my eyes to how much I need to decentralize my skillset. Thanks for popping up in my feed.


Thanx for spreading the word either way though :)
My upvotes aren't worth much, but Steem is definitely worth more than BTC long term though imo. HTML is a good base to have too by the way, that's where most of us got started.


Lol it's worth a heck of a lot more than mine! I'm working on it though. Trying for 1100 SP by the end of the year. It's still minnow status, but it's pretty big to me lol

Everyone has told me that it's a good base. I'm also told that I'll want to progress to CSS and JavaScript after that, but I'm gonna make an HTML website first.