@agoric.systems Update - The Case of the Missing Scrip: Resolved!

in agoric-challenge •  11 months ago

Greetings fellow Steemians!

@Lovejoy here, recently back from the airport, and reporting from Minneapolis on behalf of the @agoric.systems crew.

So... Yesterday I got a phone call from JFK airport...


They found the missing bag!!!

All the Scrip for the Agoric Challenge has been recovered!

Along with a whole mess of other things that I had come to accept might be gone forever.

We don't know what happened exactly except that the bag was tagged with the wrong info, and ended up in some vortex until it was discovered in Madrid.

After three weeks with my luggage MIA I had all but lost hope of ever seeing that bag again, but despite the momentary setback, fortune has smiled upon us! Now we can resume the Agoric Challenge a little more swiftly without having to generate new codes, go back to the printers, and spend more money.

What's next...?

Well this greatly simplifies things going forward, and we are beginning by charting a new course for distributing the Agoric Scrip to everyone who expressed interest in the project at SteemFest².

If you signed up to receive more information about the Agoric Challenge at SteemFest², you can expect to hear from us in the coming weeks.

For everyone else, please read the initial post on the Agoric Challenge, and let us know in the comments below if you are interested in participating!

Thanks to all of the wonderful feedback we received at SteemFest² we have some new ideas as to how we can create a sustainable funding model for the creation and distribution of Agoric Scrip, but for the moment we're still looking for those who are interested in helping to fund this first round of account creation.

So if this is you, reach out to us! I'm always available on Steemit.chat (also @lovejoy there), if you have any questions or ideas you'd like to share off-chain.

Stay tuned, and thanks so much for all your support!

-The @agoric.systems team

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Hey, @lovejoy, check out this post from SteemitFest.


Oh wow... 😊 Thanks for the heads up!

So glad your bag was recovered! I was so bummed for you all after all the hard work you put into this, but all is not lost. :)


Thanks Luke! I'm so relieved... @wolfcat and I were at the airport hopping with joy. It's nice to have some positive resolution on this one. I feel like the universe has our back again. ;)

That's awesome! I didn't knew that happened. Good to know it turned out this way!


Yeah... it's been a saga... This has been a pleasantly surprising outcome! Thanks for your support. :)

Yay!!!! I'm so glad you got the scripts!!! You are so cool. It was very nice to meet you, and you managed well at steemfest in face of the difficulties! Can't wait for steemfest3 <3


Thanks! :) You're very kind! Being around such lovely people made it easier to forget about the luggage snafu, so thanks for contributing to such a positive environment. I'm also super stoked for Steemfest3! <3

Nice one their, very helpful, starters like me need more of this , i need to learn more for am just a few days old in steemit, thanks for sharing.


Welcome to Steemit @etilda, thanks for your comment... I wish you all the best! :)


@agoric.systems : Forgive me I just follow
and read, maybe i need to understand it
so I understand about this. Thank you for sharing
this good thing to us.


Thanks for reading and re-steeming. :)

Would love to know how the Agoric Challenge is coming along.