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First off, I had no idea how to title this post:

Pimp of the year award: Aggroed

How to earn money from your post in 17 different ways

(click baity I admit..)

Ok, folks, gather around, let me tell you a story. In the old days of Steem I would make my goofy, off-the-wall posts and there was this dude, @aggroed who would make lots of funny meme comments on my posts, and I would think to myself "oh look at that funny guy." And then one day he announced he would run a witness and I thought "oh how cute."

And then he become a higher ranked witness than I

Oh dear, there is something to this guy afterall.

And then he started PAL, which was just one of a million online chats made to help steem newbies, nothing special right? At some point, we did business and had one of the first delegation rental deals ever:

Even after that deal ended, I still maintained a 5k Steem delegation ever since (and to this day).

And then there was Steem Monsters

Steem Monsters introduced the idea of Digital Property, or NGT , non fungible tokens to Steem. An interesting idea, but I wasn't sure it was ever going to go anywhere...

Fuck, I don't want to bore you with this story anymore, let's sum it up with this gif:
(Vince Mc Mahon Excited GIF found online)

This is exactly how I've been feeling with the progressively cooler and more amazing things Aggroed and his team have been pumping out now nearly on a daily basis!!!!

Yes, Steem Monsters went somewhere

Steem Monsters, now known as Splinterlands, is now the coolest and best Blockchain game out there (if there is better one, I have no idea what it is). Even if that's all he did, that would be a great accomplishment, but nope, there is more.

There is also the Steem Engine, which gives us tokens on top of Steem, tokens that anyone can create, buy and sell, and use for various things. And there is SCOT, which stands for Smart Contract Organizational Token, which gives us the SMT that Steem Inc has failed to deliver.

(Also toss the very cool Steem Keychain in there too...)

And now we have communities, like

We can now have a forum based on these new tokens, such as Palnet. These tokens can be awarded and run by whatever parameters the creators want to create specific forums geared towards specific topics, which could result in a better, more informational and meaningful forum experience if run and setup correctly.

And those who create such forums will be financially motivated to do a good job, since that will make their tokens worth more, genius! And this is exactly what SMT was supposed to accomplish.

SMT exists now and it is Steem Engine and SCOT

Aggroed delivered this instead of NED

STEEM MONSTERS CORP is the new Steem Inc.

Aggroed is the new Ned

Thus, Aggroed, I award you with the Ned's hair award, wear your beautiful, lustrous hair with pride!

As far as I'm concerned, @aggroed, you and your crew are helping save Steem from Oblivion...

If you think Steem is dying, check out the work of @aggroed

Hey what about the earning in 17 ways from your post?

Oh yea, well from this post, I could earn:

  • Normal Steem like usual
  • PAL token by using the "palnet" tag.
  • SPT token by using the "spt" tag.
  • I also be earning SNAX because I registered there.

That's four tokens from one post. Just think in the future when other tokens will arise, and who knows? Maybe we will be able to register individual Steem accounts with BAT, and earn BAT tokens (just like on Youtube now). Someone make this happen...

To Sum Up

Anyway, this post is getting way too long, to sum up, even if you think Steem Monsters/Splinterlands is a silly card game, please check out the Steem Engine and PalNat if you haven't already to see how cool they really are.


Great post.
@aggroed Steem MaN of the year!!!


Thanks Neox. I try to do some good shit around here.

This is precisely why I gave you my proxy vote 2 years ago....I believed in you then and I believe in you now <3 <3

It's true. You represent better leadership for Steem than STINC. Thank you for the awesome work. 👍👏

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I agree.
Aggroed is most definitely the new Ned.
The inventions he has come up with has been useful thus far to the Steem blockchain.
I wonder if other communities would have been able to create tokens without the Steem Engine in the first place.
He has done so much for the community and hence,deserves the award.
Gracias PAL!

Bro don't forget to thank @yabapmatt who also behind all of these great jobs! Anyway @ned should learn from them (@aggroed, @yabapmatt) and hope they might work together or fund financially (by using STEEM form) to SMC to accomplish the goal of SMT by adopting the current version SCOT!


Steem Keychain is my favorite add-on on my browser.

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Post of the day Neo sir you just nailed it. Indeed epic post👌🙌

STEEM MONSTERS CORP is the new Steem Inc

hehe this line and that gif amazing sense

congrats @aggroed sir you have won an epic award we all proud of you 🙌. keep bringing such amzing innovations to this platform.

I very often am siding against EOS, and many times I got a "Time will tell". That's exactly what I am saying about Steem-Engine: "Time will tell". They could at least stop saying they are a sidechain, while they are not one.

Splinterlands, is now the coolest and best Blockchain game out there (if there is better one, I have no idea what it is).

Spells of Genesis was pretty near to become one, but suspended farther development and there is no activity on the card market in Book of Orbs.

How is Steem-Engine not a sidechain?
Ah found a good old comment I made about what are sidechains(copy and pasting it)

You want to know how bad the definition of sidechain is?
Namecoin(yes the first altcoin) is the world "official" sidechain to Bitcoin based on Satoshi's(??) and the dev words...(thought this can be argued null but who knows what who talking lel)
As such merged mine=sidechains
Blockstream then made the term more popular by the use of pegged sidechain-a separate blockchain with an asset of an established one.
This was the merged mined papers.
Merged mine=sidechain still here

The Federation based sidechain paper came when finding and making a pegged asset "trustless" was found to be hard. It can be done at different costs see Drivechain.
This Federation where trusted or open parties make blocks but use an asset that pegged by the same Federation as the tx fee. This is used in Liquid.

At here is when Sidechain=merged mined ended and the essence came a blockchain that helps the original asset and favors it.

The next "generation" or new sidechain idea came when Extenstion blocks came during the great scaling wars. This would be an opt code in which some nodes can download and accept this "sidechain" like blockchain along with main chain and other nodes would only count main chain.
This idea was revived when Litecoin Foundation announced it was going to add Mimblewimble to Litecoin via extension blocks.

So at the root-the basic idea of sidechain is that as long the blockchain helps the original asset and is built on using the original asset as well.

Definitions in this space are hard....

Having only 1 unique node able to "produce" blocks -which are not written anywhere, they are produced on-the-fly from information taken from the Steem blockchain- means it is not a sidechain. I don't know any person who would be supporting it, if we remove who is behind the Steem-Engine project. And that's the only reason they are using it.

A sidechain is an independent blockchain, with its own nodes and block producers, which allows holders to switch tokens from one chain to the side-chain via some kind of transaction.

I am not able to create a transaction on my own node -no longer running it, though- and expect some other node to add it into the Steem-Engine chain. Nowadays, that node is always the one being run by Steem-Engine themselves. There is no decentralization.

Also, everything is happening on the Steem blockchain which means Steem-Engine is in fact an app looking like a sidechain. They, Steem-Engine, are providing a service which currently no other service is providing; but they are not a sidechain.

You do have some points.
Do you have any info on where it only 1 node making blocks?
Steem Engine is more of a metacoins a chain that stores data on the mainchain while storing the bulk of the data on its own system-nodes. Kinda like how Omni works.
However they do have this pegged asset that=1 steem. What is the pegging for?
They did say they make their own blocks while storing it own steem kinda like a hybrid between sidechain and metacoins.

Do you have any info on where it only 1 node making blocks?

I asked two times in the Steem-Engine Discord server. Team replied me on both times that there is still no consensus mechanism and that the only truth for them is the one Steem-Engine node creates.

Last time was a on last Monday on the general channel. I quote the reply I got from Harpagon:

"[]javirid there is still no consensus layer available , however, if you start a node you can compare the hashes provided by steem-engine to the ones your node produces"

I could be comparing hashes and, in case of any be different, I could report it to the Steem-Engine team for them to see if there is some bug. But, again, the only truth would come from hashes by Steem-Engine's node transactions.

Kinda like how Omni works.

Good point. A few days ago I was thinking on all of this. Then it came to my mind that someone could relate Steem-Engine to Omni. As I am always thinking that I could be wrong -I am more times that I would like- I started thinking about it. Knowing how it works on a low level basis, yeah. Omni and Steem-Engine are extremely similar. Both of them are writing information into one chain which only them are able to decipher and that information is related to tokens.

However, my main point in all of this -I already said I am not against Steem-Engine project as a whole- is that they are "selling" it to the public as being a sidechain. They are not. They, like Omni, are writing information in Steem blocks and that information can only be understood by Steem-Engine. It is not content publishing related, it will not be appearing as a post.

In the case of Omni, I could install omnid -the bitcoind equivalent for Omni Protocol layer transactions-, create a transaction and sign it. It would normally be mined and added into the bitcoin blockchain. That transaction was created from my own node and added to the bitcoin blockchain by some random miner -meaning it doesn't matter which one-. Then I could be exploring my wallet and see all my transactions and be sure what I see is "the truth".

That's not the case in Steem-Engine. In order to transact I must use their website -ok, the same as with OmniWallet- or send a message to certain account -that was working a few months ago, I am unsure if it is still the case-. If Steem-Engine node accepts it -in other words, if "their truth" allows the transaction to be added- then a new transaction is created and added into the Steem blockchain.

See the difference? In Steem-Engine they aren't worried about any other "truth" than the one they are seeing on their own fake side-chain data. Sure. Like any other application. In the case of Omni, any node will see the same, even OmniWallet. Because truth comes from data stored in the blockchain by whoever mined the block, not data stored in the Steem blockchain added by Steem-Engine.

Steem-Engine is an app, not a side-chain.

This is very concerning. Why have they not changed? Could even DAO(with ENG) it to give it more decentralization

As I said on other of my replies, yes. It is. I wouldn't be using any platform which are showing obvious clues that are fully centralized. I think one of those would be BearShares, where all witnesses are controlled by one unique entity.

That's no different to Steem-Engine. The only reason people are trusting them is because who are the developers behind it. And they are really trustfull people. Steem Keychain is the best thing ever happened to Steem since the Genesis Block.

But the fear is still over there. Sure. Just to say something possitve, I clamed yesterday my PAL tokens. And I will be using PALnet quite often, almost in a daily basis. But I don't like them to say they are what they are not.

Could even DAO(with ENG) it to give it more decentralization

Another interesting non-feature is that they don't allow for people to publish any smart contract. And that was a very smart decission. Steem-Engine contracts are written in JavaScript, which could be insecure. I am not saying that currently deployed Steem-Engine smart contracts are insecure.

Of course, an upgrade on the platform on the smart-contract side to facilitate the process to take decissions would help. But I don't see it helping in the decentralization..

What they could do is allowing any node to look for the consensus and, if it was the case, splitting the side-chain in case of differences on those blocks -the ones on the side-chain, which are just redundantly built from data stored on the Steem blockchain-.

That still leaves us with the centralization issue. That of course could be fixed by allowing any node to create the transaction which modifies the data on the Steem blockchain, and then, wait for the consensus between Steem-Engine nodes to arrive.

Until then, Steem-Engine is just a platform which stores data on th eSteem blockchain and allows other nodes to validate it without any possibility to stop trusting Steem-Engine side-chain node.

Spells of Genesis great game! Why not steem? They are using sidechain of bitcoin. That's so slow.

Counterparty is not a side-chain.

I like the way they added blockchain functionality. What they did was to allow users to tokenize their cards, which then allowed them to exchange them for BitCrystals (BCY). The game itself is not using any blockchain. It is only using it in the process I just explained to you.

As most users would not be exchanging their cards, Bitcoin block producing time makes no difference on the gameplay itself. You could be playing, and if you improve some card a their maximum level, then you will be able to tokenize and exchange it. That doesn't make the gameplay slower.

I don't see any need for any app to use Steem. Only those which create consumable content, like Actifit does, are in the right direction. Steem allows apps to store arbitrary data in the custom_json transaction kind. But that doesn't mean they must. Doing it just because they can doesn't add value to the Steem tokens and are only a "feature" to attract more people.

If aggord is having a good capabilities then ned we have to promote him as well on social media as a team to new face of STEEM.

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Good stuff brother!

Steem-Engine is killer.

It's nice to understand that I do not think so alone. If it were not for the steemmonsters, I would not have been on STEEM for a year.

It is interesting to check if the tag #spt works in the comments.

I am glad that you stayed on STEEM. I want to believe that a bright future awaits us. I am so sure, because for almost a year I managed to save\earn a lot of cards @splinterlands

I do not know why, but again I am pleased to write comments on and


Tag #spt also works with comments!!!


@aggroed is doing one of the best things not only for newcomers but also for the whole of steem blokchain. @neoxian :D

#palnet #spt

Aggroed is the new Ned

Good idea. We need new leadership. Ned sleep like old bear.

No doubt about it. SE, SCOT, SM, & PAL are really cool stuff I witnessed here in Steem. Exciting times!!!

I enjoyed reading that. When I first joined I read him telling the world he'd given up his steady well paid work to work on the blockchain full time. And 18 months later he and the teams he works with have achieved so much and single-handedly kept this blockchain from disintegrating to dried, powdered shit.

PS I ven never read or seen anything 'normal' youve written. More funny posts like this and I might vote for your witness...thats got you running to the keyboard basn't it ?lol;-)

He act with less blah blah blah blah blah, that's make aggroed a new idol and of course a true respective leader.

:D Awesome to read from where he came through your eyes, and where he is now. It's definitely crazy impressive to see what 'The Team' is accomplishing, they are pumping out exciting stuff on a weekly sometimes daily basis and keeping this place alive in a way that makes you forget how things would be if all they made was pulled off the chain :-)

A well deserved award, I should say. @aggroed has been a blessing to this chain in too many ways to mention. Cheers! For writing this tribute.

Three cheers for @aggroed!

Love Steem Engine, love Pal and appreciate the airdrop of tokens!

to get the hair is most def a big honor. Hahahah that gif will always make me laugh.

I will follow your advice and check all those places out!

Okay... Now this is epic... @aggroed is a genius..
I applaud his team and his brain power. The hair is worth it 😜

I must say that's a top notch shop :)

And yes @aggroed is a real go-getter.

We're lucky to have him on Steem.

SPT....? What's that? Have I missed something somewhere amongst all the steem-engine/splinterlands/palnet feed...?!?!?!

Seriously we waited around a year and a half. Then the community really tore into him this year and still nothing from that side of the fence lol

I would say @aggroed is @aggroed, ned is ned, he's the best man on Steemit.!

I Like it and I Think it was a Good Thing to get PAL involved.........

I am left with an image of a sad, forlorn and shorn @ned, bald head between his hands...

Ned's hair! @aggroed gambols about in the forest; deep in the wilderness of crypto, prancing proudly; pronking like gazelles daring lions to come at them; perfect coif dancing in the breeze...


The possibilities are endless now. We have opened the doors to infinite creativity here.

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I'm sorry I just now saw this post - excellent review of all the things that @aggroed is doing for Steem. Steem Engine, Palnet, Steem Keychain - wow! I'm definitely behind all of them. I bought and staked more PAL immediately and just waiting for a few more post payout to buy more. And thank you for supporting me with some upvotes, much appreciated!

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