Delegation Deals at Midnight- The Professor and the Loan shark meet & come to terms for the Minnow Support Project.

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What would you pay to get 200+ minnows access to a 20,000 SP account they can auto curate from a Discord chatroom? Turns out it's $100 SBD for the bots to get started and 80SBD/week for the delegation!

The back story

Once I became a Witness and set my sites on helping grow this community and support minnows it became fairly clear what I had to do. Minnows needed a place to congregate to learn the ropes, socialize, and help one another learn the tricks and tools of successful people on the platform. They also needed a steady supply of upvotes, resteems, and follows to help them get on their way.

I've been able to pass our several hundred SBD and many resteems to Minnow Support Project Weekly Resteem contest winners. That's been a great start, but it isn't quite enough. Without some post rewards to start it's awfully hard to capture anyone's attention. It became clear that I need some SP to help my Discord crew.

I've seen a few people with delegation around here, but I needed my own source of SP. So, where could I turn? What I needed was a loanshark...


I met @neoxian when I was initially vote begging. I told him my platform of Peace, Abudance, and Liberty, Growth hack this place, and support minnows. He came on board to help me, and I liked his style so I followed him.

Well, he started posting how he was lending SBD.... Something inside of me clicked and I knew I should be working with him... It wasn't just that he had steem to share it was the fact that he was another witness to involve in this project and I liked some of the other things he does. You may not know this but he acts like an advocate for people who have been busted by cheetah and are trying to start over having learned their lesson. Usually it's one and done... but @neoxian has a way and got some folks reinstated with a rep of 1 and a hard climb ahead of them.

The deal

So, while walking back home from the train at midnight after a successful pathfinder round in the city I figured I'd reach out and we came to terms.

120 SBD to start for 20k SP delegation for 1 week.
80SBD per week until HF 19 is implemented and we renegotiate based on real world effect.

We inked it on the blockchain before I even made it home.

The results

If you're in the PALnet Discord channel you have a publicly accessible bot that you operate that will allow you control over the community account @minnowsupport to upvote posts. Power is set to 15%, and you have a curation trail of about 50 people to help your posts along. This is day 3. We are nearing in on 300 people that have been to the Discord room. Lots of good discussion, fun people, and a who set of people called greeters with their name in orange who can help get you situated.

This is a really fun community and I'm having a blast being a witness.

Join the Discord Channel-

If you like this project please join us

Upvote, follow, resteem, join the discord, and come hang out. Hope to see you there!

Please vote for my witness


Nice Badge :)

how can I benefit? I dont have 60sbd now

You're pretty much a Saint at this point neoxian. Can I have one of your toenails?

You are awesome. Thank you for helping the "little" guys.

thanks neoxian!!!

cool stuff @neoxian


We'll done, man. Thank you for your support on this.

Thanks for your simplicity and generosity.

We are all extremely grateful for your help @neoxian on all of this. Projects like these are only possible because of such EPIC deals being made like this by you guys.

Thank you @neoxian, from all of us minnows.

Well done and thank you, @neoxian and @aggroed!

neoxian its so nice to read your posts

So cool of you! Thanks for helping out!

My hats off to you too @neoxian!! How great it is to have support from people who care! Grateful to know you.

I'm loving all the creative ways you have implemented to help others on this platform @aggroed. You are super present and active in making sure this is a great experience for as many as you can touch. I'm blessed that you are my witness and excited to send new Steemians your way. I appreciate what you do-THANK YOU!!

Workin' hard!

That's apparent!!

This is all so confusing. Like you are speaking a foreign language :) Yes this is a little fishy, minnow here trying to take all this in.

Hop into Discord and we can get you sorted out.

Really great idea, @aggroed. Recently joined the discord and I'm glad I did! What you're doing is fantastic.


Well I enjoyed the origin story. And this is something to be appreciated. I too wonder how can gain power, NOT for myself, but for my friends whom I invite to steemit, who have signed up, but then fade away discouraged. How can I help them? And then I have met kids from Africa and India who message me, and I tell them all the tips I can but my vote is pennies so what can I do?
I am relieved to have found you. I hope to speak with you more Aggroed. I don't think I'm in a position to be a Witness yet. I trust Inertia with my vote. But I respect what you do. I want to speak to you about how to help, or participate, or even come up with some other idea that will help me, do much of the same things you are doing. I want to have a better impact for others.
I could go on about the different tactics I have taken to set an example for people new and for people who were not here yet, but to show them what they could do. Things are shifting. Tis the beauty of Steemit. But I want to be in a position to go with the flow and assist those in the changing tides. I currently curate with @Steemtrail, so they have my 15% Trail Vote. Then I vote over 200 times a day and still I need to take a day off soon to power back up. I am going to be curating @Improv-Trail soon. So I will have my hands full in between my good ol fashioned minimum wage day job which sadly, still pays me more than steemit... so far. I'm laughing out loud with joy though because the horizon is bright. Even brighter seeing projects such as this that is really reaching out to the minnows to help them.
I hope we can chat in discord some time. Or perhaps some text messages sometime. I don't even know what I'm asking at this point. I do know I'll be telling the newbies I onboard about this and I hope I understand it better along the way. My name is JacobTS here, on discord, and I look forward to learning more from you down the road. Be well.

DUDE! Come chill in Discord. We will get you a happy home there!

Well , I follow @neoxian I found you

Steem Like.png

Way to go @aggroed! It really is impressive what you have done in such a short time.

Very Cool Initiative @aggroed

You are indeed Noble.



You are the man @aggroed I am honored to be a minnow in your school

resteemed and upvoted mate.

Great post. I was just looking at the minnowsupport wallet and I wondered about that 20,000. Good to know there is real power there to help us minnows get used to the rough waters.

This looks like a great project! Excited to see you and your efforts really paying off. Great job!

I am part of this great initiative. I am a curator for the trail, what an awesome idea to help minnows build there blog on steemit. Thanks @neoxian for being part of the initiative. STEEM ON!

kudos @aggroed! you're really making this move forward... impressive!

P.S.: I just tried banjo and minnowsupport... they are much more powerful today!

This is awesome. I will check this out tonight!

Really love it so far, just joined on this platform a week ago and trying to get seen. Which I quickly learned to be a difficult task, a project like this is a great help and can say I am a proud member of the minnowsupport project :)!

Glad to have you! Thanks for coming.

Great initiative @aggroed. You should be called the Saviour of the minnows:)

That would be some nickname. 😀

THIS IS SUPER AWESOME! Cant wait to see the WHALE roll through!

IM SO Excited

lol those don't sound like shark rates. I think I'll follow @neoxian too

Good plan! It was a good deal!

Good info. Might have to check it out.

We are looking forward to this... Let's go make it happen!

Congrats! Cheers!

Solid project, thanks for sharing here. Upvoted.

Great posts and project..thanks for sharing...upvoted...more success

I have registered to the "Minnows project" in order to support my game. At the same time though I started receiving valuable up votes, therefore i decided to be some kind of curator and help spread the love... Now I’m rewarding minnows that I have come across throughout my existence on this platform. This makes me even bigger curator than I first thought!

Hello, I've re-read this post. And sorry, I think I'm too dense in the noggin.. What does this mean? I mean, I'm a Minnow whos posting content and growing. What is this? A resource? A discord chat? How can this help me? Sorry for being so ignorant, but I'd like to learn!

Delegation means that Sp from one account is used by a different account. I don't own it, but it's in @minnowsupport. I paid him SBDs.

Discord is a semi-sophisticated chat room that can do voice and accept programmed commands.

The is a bot that upvotes stuff based on user commands. So, the folks in there don't own the main account, but they have access to the bot, which has access to the main account. They use the bot to upvote stuff.

Upvote, reesteemed and follow you

We minnows need all the help we can get. It's very uplifting to hear of bigger fish who might still care about us, just as so many of us are proselytizing for this new cult we've joined...a core philosophy of liberty for all, what a concept...

resteemed and upped

Jumping for joy to be part of this project... Upvoted and resteemed.

Glad to see other steemians helping each other out. I don't think I'm a minnow yet think I'm a red fish as shows. hehe

thank You BOTH and glad to be a part of this !

Thanks again for this. I've met some wonderful people and found content I wouldn't have normally run across. This has been great!

Wow, moving forward at the speed of light @aggroed. Very impressive how this is taking off :)

Sounds like a fun experiment. Followed and resteemed! Good luck!

Thanks @aggroed resteemed! keep up the good work!

Sharks and minnows oh my.

This is shaping up very nicely! fantastic!

We are helpful to you boss!.

Minnows Unite

Peace, Abundance, Liberty


Thanks for your effort to this project. Will definitely keep trying out of this!

Keep rocking in man!!

Dude, you are the best.
I love it in PAL and I'm off back there now.

Glad to have you with us!

Love the GIF

Nice project! The Minnows will be happy :)

Follow us for the latest news in cryptocurrency,be the voice of the future.

so much nice its so nice to read this

You have done an awesome job so far @aggroed - together with backing from @neoxian. All of the top team ( @aggroed @teamsteem @ausbitbank ) have made incredible strides to get this rolling. 3 days in and it looks like the project is exploding.

Bravo, great to play a small part in it with my fellow PAL minnows

It is only a matter of time, before you become a whale.

Should be able to help a lot more people then!

Yay! This is great news!

Thanks @neoxian!!!

Nice one, we minnows need all the help we can get.

Its like you guys have so muc money concentrated in such a small group of people tat u want to share the sheer steempower of ur accounts so awesome!

my questionis, can i just upvote my own posts? I mean of course right? I only have so any posts to upvote! And then I wanna go upvote alll my friends posts!
i wiill take u up onthis and i will buy whatevr the minumum amount of money i ned

wow this is like u leveraging the power of ur steempower for cash thats awesome

its like or any mining pool operation selliing btc conracts to fund more mining machines!

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