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Welcome to the blog of SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v

In the framework of the social work that Steemchurch Venezuela is doing with the children, we have started the "Turn on a light" campaign promoting the Blockchain as "technology with purpose".

One of the things we have proposed is to encourage the generation of relief and promote values ​​in them, supporting them in sports and recreational activities, this in order to add value to their quality of life, in these times of social deterioration that runs through our country, it is important to promote the physical and intellectual development of the youngest, collaborating with sports associations and communities in general.

For our team, it was very special to meet @agfacademy, the only football training academy in the world that uses the Steem block chain to reward young players for improving their soccer skills.

Their leader Andre Gray is a professional footballer of the Premier League of England and has a passion for helping young players, especially those from the poorest nations. For more information visit:

We did not let you wait and we started supporting this great initiative of Andre Gray and @oracle-d, to bring joy to the children of Venezuela, this time in the city of Vinotinto, Lecheria with the San Celestino FC team.

Since early mornings the children were very excited, we talked about Andre Gray being a professional soccer player who wants to help children like them. It was a very special and fun day.

"Football is the only thing that unites people of different races and social conditions"

Since FIFA have stated on many occasions that "football is a school of life with great educational value, especially for children and adolescents, who must learn to accept defeats with style and dignity, harmonize as a group, be supportive and achieve goals as a team ».

A message from Andre Gray: **
"I want to help young people from all over the world to play and enjoy football like I did, and by using Steem, I can now do it by providing some money that could help you buy part of your kit or facilitate your purchase. to football ".

It is very beautiful this work that is being done from the Academy of Andre Gray's through the chain of steem block and the support of @oracle-d, which is doing a great job, impacting lives through revolutionary technology of the Blockchain, from @sc-v, we thank @starkerz for their valuable collaboration and incentive for the children of Venezuela, and we can not fail to mention Andre Gray.

He who is generous prospers; **
**the one who revives will be revived. **
Proverbs 11:25

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This is a great initiative of the talented footballer Andre Gray, with the valuable collaboration of the great team of @oracle-d, led by @starkerz and @anarcotech, they are being agents of changes, promoting the use of the blockchain to improve the quality of life of people. In the sports area this support is very important, for example in Venezuela, soccer teams have been created supported by parents and communities, but most of them have stopped because of lack of clothing and logistical support. Initiatives like this will be an example so that other people can support the children of the world in this or any other sport.



Excellent this initiative of Andrés Gray, support these children who love football and most can not fulfill their dreams for lack of resources, we also thank @oracled and of course our beloved @ sc-v for giving value to work social and always be ready with your team to give your best and seek strategies in the midst of the current crisis that our nation is going through

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Excellent pomover the sport in the children, good initiative of Andre Gray, @oracle-d, and the team of @sc-v, always supporting the social work in Venezuela.

Football, the sport Rey, is a good job, in Venezuela most of the community sports organizations have closed for lack of clothing. Andre Gray is on a very nice mission.

I think the blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world, Andre Gray is a beautiful job, thanks @oracle-d and the team of @sc-v, @darlenys01.

Happy to have worked with the children of San Celestino FC today, thanks Andre Gray for this opportunity to help children from their communities.

Great job, congratulations to all those people who do their best to add value to the lives of others, Andre Gray, thanks!

Wonderful work for the children and youth of the world, congratulations Andre Gray, count on us to expand this message full of hope.Thanks @darlenys01, for always being willing to help in what you can.

My son's favorite sport, the work is really admirable, God bless all those involved, we are going to take this message so that more people can join and together with Andre Gray, help children who need it.

The children of the world will appreciate it, good work Andre Gray, keep going.

Beautiful work of all involved, no doubt, is a great positive influence for children and their dreams of being a football player. Execle @darlenys01.

Wonderful work with great enthusiasm, I am passionate about football and I really believe that it is a very good initiative of the Football Player Andre Gray to help children to achieve their goals of being a footballer.

A very exemplary work to support young athletes so that in a fururo not far can fulfill their dreams, thanks to the support of Andre Gray will be fulfilled..

Best regards