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RE: After Steemfest Blues...or maybe not, back to work and more

in #afterlast year

I know what you mean
Back to the grind
That kinda got me down for just bit
But picking myself right up and just keep swimming

All the best with the project you are working on
Will watch out for the big reveal 💗


Yeah, the back to the grind part is not the worst of it, since I have some nice new prospects, but I have been sick of this place for a while (you probably heard me about that many, many times haha). And being in Thailand just brought back just how much I missed SE Asia. But that's OK, because now I am a bit more motivated to make my way back. And it helps that I know now that the kids would love it too.

Thank you for the well wishes. I am hoping to reveal things as they move along.
Stealing your heart hehe 💗💗💗

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