Steemit: Poor People killer Or A Strategic Solution For All ?

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Apart from few investors interested in crypto diversification, in reality, majority of people on steemit are here for the financial gains and ability to earn enough in order to be free from poverty / hardship caused by unemployment, economic conditions ,  help relatives / friends in financial difficulties and self-reliance. 


 These conditions have, unfortunately, caused a situation of gold rush and even in extreme situation begging for up votes like a junkie in need of crack cocaine (Please upvote my post, upvote for upvote ,follow for follow,  follow and upvote etc) and if they fail to succeed in getting up votes, some even give up the ghost 


However is steemit the magic answer to the problem? The simple answer is that it depends!!!!   Most of us have read how some hardworking steemians from emerging economies  examples, @firepower , @ogoowinner , @dragonslayer109 , @ogochukwu , @kenhudoy  and @ehiboss  (to mention just few) started with almost nothing , faced very bad infrastructures (poor electric supply , internet and computers plus difficult economic situation ) however still work hard to achieving success against all odds. Moreover, for those who are whining against steemit for not being a success, why not ask yourself what you will do different in order to succeed in this amazing platform. See my former blog post: Stop Whining, Here Are Way To Improve Your Earnings On Steemit .

Below are some few points that will help:   

  • Expectations: some people join to make big money starting from day one because of what they are told or even because of concentrating on the trending pages. This is the wrong way because most people that make it on the hot and trending pages put in months of hard work , constant high quality contents and invested a lot of money in steem power (including building  top contacts here). Therefore solution to this issue is to work hard daily by focusing on great comments on other people posts (thus building good followers), posting great contents, invest your earnings in steem power (future security) and have fun blogging here(if you concentrate on the fun side, money will follow).   
  • Co-operation & Networking: @pharesim and @firepower , for example , are examples  of how networking and strategic co-operation / partnership can lead to a big success in steemit and subsequently, positive financial return. Most people in developed and developing economies will love to join steemit if someone can explain the details in layman language. Therefore, organizing local events is a great way to sign up many people to steemit and build strategic alliances (real followers) with them-this will certainly lead to increase in your post view and up votes without begging for them. 
  • Following the right people: we all have our core-competences, therefore in order to be a success here it will be a great idea to go to the steemit tag and look for great writers in area of your interest (there are many of them ) for example , if your interests are in adventures (wild or sporst)  and exploring the world @surfermarly , @papa-pepper  plus his tribe and  @twinner are some writers creating great contents there. With respect to holiday , tourism and travelling , @sweetsssj , , @rea  and @kafkanarchy84 always perform- and when it comes to work of art/photography then check out   @opheliafu , @saramiller ,  @inber  and @deanliu  . Furthermore, when it comes to great mouthwatering foods and drinks @nickoskitchen ,   @amy-goodrich  , @gringalicious, @wthomas ,  @karenmckersie and  @elfkitchen  does magic via their posts  and thus always win me over via their excellent  posts.  Importantly,  @thecryptofiend , @xaero1 ,  @infovore , @lydon.sipe@blueorgy , @ats-david  , @good-karma and @krnel constructive tips are very helpful and thus will adds value to your offline and online needs. 

Conclusion:  In this post, I discussed issues faced by many steemians especially in the developing economies and why some are still successful against all odds. Moreover, working hard, focusing on the fun part of steemit, networking, investing in steem power, focusing on your core-competences , high quality posts  and being respectful  to your fellow members will always add value to you here at steemit and thus make steemit a strategic solution to  your needs .  

 What do you think? Send in your comment, Please resteem this for others to join and upvote to send your support.   

Also click here and read how I   Exposed: @Dan Hidden Plan To Take Over The World    


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Thanks Belly

Hello @charles1

Thanks for the post and for providing us with amazing people to follow, there are some amazing Steemians I follow that I like to mention here.

@sandstorm for wise and educative content, while @progressivechef is an amazing food blogger.


Good one indeed, will check out @sandstorm and @progressivechef . Tanks for your comment and keep steeming to more success.

am glad that through @charles1 great post i found you...a fellow african and Nija like myself...
already following to be able to support our own...
keep steeming Nwanne nkem!

You are welcome bro. Followed You love
Find my new post on may find the tip helpful...

Wow ! Great post my friend , and thanks a bunch for the mention !! I totally agree with all of it !! Your Conclusion was spot on , and exactly how I feel and have said many of these things as well in the past , "high quality posts and being respectful" is really number one right now with all the begging going on , haha !! Keep up the great work my friend , you are doing awesome !! 👍👍👍

Your welcome !!!✌👍👌

Same here, welcome.

you are truly one steemian worthy of mention as such am not surprice that @carles1 mentioned you!
also am glad to be following and a fan of your blog contents...
keep steeming hot my Canadian hot steemian!

Awe , thank you for your kind reply !!👍✌👌

always welcome dear... wish you find time one day soon to check some of my blog posts as your comment and advice will be appreciated...

OK thanks ! I have been off for 2 days , very busy lately !! But will check out your page now ! Thanks for the up vote !👍👍👍

great steemian...
thanks for the support and comment..

Well done once again @charles1!

begging for up votes like a junkie in need of crack cocaine

That hit home, I've seen too much of that. Keep it up mate!

Hahaha , I feel you my dear @papa-pepper however you are a strong guy and takes good care of yourself from the junkies isnt it? thanks a lot for all your support and great contents. More success to you and @papa-pepper tribe.

I think a better way for a new person to judge their success in earning is to look at the feed of all new posts and then use that to get some perspective. If one looks at the value of new posts going back a few hours, they will quickly see that there are many posts that don't earn a single penny and then a lot more that get between $0.01-0.10.

The way I see it, if you're earning anything here you should be thankful, especially those of us who have a decent full time job and a roof over our heads and food on our tables. Those small earnings of less than a dollar do eventually add up. I've made a point to read a lot of posts and reply with something more than "good post" when I have something to say about the content because I feel that adds value to the community as a whole and the author is usually appreciative of a well thought out reply to his or her post.

I consistently make a dollar or two each day or on a really good day even $5 just from my comments on other people's posts. I like looking at my wallet and claiming those small rewards because it means I'm growing my account. It's a constant reminder of that. On top of that, I've poured my heart out in some of my own posts and earned more than I could have ever hoped in my short time here. Finally, I've also begun to add to my steem power by buying STEEM and transferring it here and exchanging it. About 40% of my wallet is money I've invested here as I see it as a great way to earn sort of a "dividend" on my investment. It's a long term strategy for sure but I have a feeling it's gonna pay off big time after several years.

But getting back to your talk about less fortunate people who are using steemit to earn money to better their own lives...I agree it is wonderful that steemit is helping people to pull themselves out of a bad situation. It's very inspiring.

Wow this is a very good comment, I agree with you and thus following you in order to stay in touch and send in my support.
Most new people instead of checking the new section , focused only on trending and hot section which can break someone heart Lol...thanks for your comment ad keep steeming to success

I'm starting to think the people that leach and ask for upvotes on steemit are the same ones that would do it If they lived on the streets.

You never know..they might act like gentlemen on the street..isnt it?

don't know about that. When I was homeless everyone would just rely on strangers for money. I never once begged or flew a sign couldn't do it everyone did.

Good point, you are quite unique.

your post is always on point... you beautifully made some good remarks which most people struggling and complaining in steemit if they adhere to will be a successful tip for them to follow
More of such post here is needed as we have no other option than to succeed...
thanks once more for sharing this which earned my 100% upvote!

welcome , keep steeming to more success

as always



you are sounding like @banjo , the bot

cpncentrate your little internet time on positively commenting and adding value on other posts for curation rewards . Stop wasting your time.

Ok...good comment

Tbh people just need to work hard and quit expecting a hand out. Whatever work you put in you'll be compensated for. It makes me so mad when people beg

Good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment.

I think there are different elements at play. Yes, you are absolutely right that it's key to follow the right people and get involved, get informed get educated and really think about the value you can bring to the community. It doesn't help to whine about how hard it can be, you just have to go for it and persevere.

But, when it comes down to it, ultimately it's the accounts that hold big amounts of Steem Power who determine your rewards and the resulting influence you get. I love your post, and I could write the nicest of compliments, but when I hit the upvote button the impact is negligible.

I think Steemit's future depends on how succesfull this platform becomes at attracting the planet's best content crafters. I really think that content quality will be THE decisive factor when other platforms based on similar principles (decentralized and rewarded) arise. Platform success always comes with competition, it's only a matter of time.

Every single Steemian would like the price of Steem soar to ten or a hundred times what it is today. But, if you hold big amounts of SP that value is exactly what you are influencing (from a helicopter perspective that is)

So, when you have much SP and you 100% self-vote a meaningless comment, in the short term you get your author and curation reward, in the long term you have decreased the value of Steem.

But when you have much SP and you upvote a great comment or post from a talented new Steemian, you forfeit your author reward, only the curation rewards is yours, but you might have motivated and encouraged new talent to develop further, you have fostered and contributed to the community and as a result you have postively impacted the value of steem itself.

I know it's hard sometimes to spend hours curating and finding talented bloggers. You shall not whine about it. Because within the Steem ecosystem it's even more true than outside:


end of rant.
sorry for ranting.

Your point is valid , good one indeed. I agree hence why I mentioned that you should invest in steem power ie power up any time you get your reward. Some people grow their followers and steem only by sending in great comments like yours . Following you in order to stay in touch and send in my support.. Keep it up to more success and thanks for your comment...

The African poor people do not have access to internet or computers. Many also cannot use computers because they cant read or write. Project Africa have the final solution for to end poverty for good in Africa. Then for sure steemit and other similar communities will get popular. Other issue is also that crypto currency is hard to cash out in Africa. In the poorest countries never heard about it.

Good point, more success to you.

Love this article well said! :) I agree, the connections and friendships you make on this platform are what helps you do well and most importantly people give you knowledge... and knowledge is power. That's what I love most about this platform, all of the cool friends that I have made.

As for the begging for upvotes, that is happening to our dear friend @xaero1. They are flocking to him in masses!

Absolutely, you are right. However , remember that the more power you have (political, economic or even physical) then come great responsibilities. Great to gradually grow and thus have time to learn how to deal with such issue isnt it?

haha yes it is nice... I'm still just a little minnow swimming swimming swimming. It is nice to observe and see how people use the Steemit platform for good! :)

Good one my dear. Minnows do grow too (both of us) especially if they are being fed well. Hence why I always feed you with some healthy fish whenever I see your will certainly grow into a dolphin and subseqnetly, a whale.

aww thanks! I totally see you growing as well. You offer awesome content, and you are fun to chat with :)

But what if I'm vegetarian? LOL will you feed me seaweed instead? jk... I'm not actually vegetarian. Just giving you a hard time :P

I know that you love fish my dear then willyou grow to dolphin and whale...eating seagrass?
keep steeming to more success.

welcome, always

good post, everyone has to find their own way and niche, and let's face it, for some steemit just won't be a good fit, every social media has it's own audience and I think steemit members in general are more independent thinking and intellectually curious than your average internet surfer, imo.

very correct @clumsysilverdad
here in steemit, its not an all comers affair but for those ready, willing and able to create their niche and good contents...and have patience to follow up...

I agree with you, good point indeed.

Unfortunatley people seem to think it's acceptable to spam this sort of stuff in hopes of gaining followers.. I always ask them this:

"Would you ask a stranger on the street to give you money or attention?"

Tends to put things into perspective for them.. At the same time as we get more users the problem is only likely to get worse unless we make it common knowledge that that sort of crap isn't cool here. Good post.

quite on point as always... steemit should be about those who has original content and confidence enough to create a niche for themselves not begging for upvotes and followings...nice comment

I agree with you @klye, good point indeed-thanks f your comment and supports here..

Exactly @klye ...... I've said this begging
Reminds me of a person arriving at the mall in their car getting out, going in Macy's and Just asking people for money "can i have some money?" "Why?" " because, i just want your money ..."
With no reason behind it.

Wow! Great work @charles1. This post was a pleasure to read and you've certainly garnered some success. Thanks for the mention, I appreciate you.

welcome, thanks a lot and feel free to read the other blog about the co-founder of steemit:
Exposed: @Dan Hidden Plan To Take Over The World

I agree and wrote an article about people whining a couple weeks ago that I would say now but I can just link to the former post:

Thanks for your comment and sharing your link, more success to you.

Wishing you great success, as well :)

welcome, always...Have a blessed weekend.

good point... but you can make reference to the article by not sending link on others blog...
however, i will loo into it...
thanks for sharing

I would have typed it all out again, but I have a new baby and don't get much time to write these days, sorry!

Awww... please mum... I didn't mean it that way.. My love & kisses to baby... Boy or girl... How many months.. I checked your post out & will reference it on my post

He is 2 weeks today :)

wow... keep doing the great job of motherhood...
not easy steeming and taking care of a neonate... keep it up ma'am

Thanks for the mention, I do hope I give constructuve tips 🤔 Wouldn't want to lead anybody down a unconstructive steem path 🍻

You do send in great tips @blueorgy , thanks for your comments and supports here, more success.

you a great guy and worthy of mention.... i also plan to mention you on my achievement post coming soon... as one who inspired me as a minnow when i started few weeks ago...glad to be following too
keep it up sir

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Are you @banjo the friendly bot

Excellent post dear friend @ charles1 congratulations. I agree with you, to make money on the platform you have to work very hard, forming the stock of real followers is very expensive, as far as the investment of time is concerned.
Thank you very much for sharing your point of view
Have a great day

You are welcome, always. Thanks for your comment and support my dear friend..bless you.

This is quite an interesting read. Even the comments are even more fascinating. Most that joined here kinda did with a lil wrong orientation. But I guess with time it'll all becomes clearer how it works here.

Trying to get a feel of how it works here. My latest work can be viewed here if you cared enough to read some real life struggles of me growing up :)

Thanks for your comment, will check out your post.

Unless one has connections, it takes a lot of work to reach up to a point and make money. I started with pretty much nothing — actually picking fights with whales even and that hold me back for a while.

i am not sure how many people are willing to put the work into this though. I write because I like reading and writing but most people just want to make bank and sometimes socialize.

Good point indeed, I agree. At least, your hardwork has paid off, you are a big success story here and the whales love you now..thanks for your comment and support.

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lovely poem and i guess the most beautiful steemian is you!
nice comment on @charles1 post

???? is that a comment or bot like spam.. please!

thanks @kenhudoy :)
and this not a bot

wow.. i was even thinking you a bot
always welcome dear
find time to also check my health tip on my blog...


good post
the best way to success is posting good think .

Thanks a lot, I agree

Good point, thanks

Great post...type of advice that should be useful. Resteemed😃

@xaero1 thank you so much for all your support. I try to send in only quality posts and appreciate your support-which is a big motivation. Bless you and more success.

Such a great post! I agree with everything you said. Working hard, focusing on the fun part of steemit, and creating quality content, not begging for upvotes or follows is what will make you stand out and earn the votes. And thank you so much for the mention! I hope I get to cook for you one day ;)

@amy-goodrich I will be more than honored if I will eat your food and drink your juice ..haha . Thanks for your comment , support and great yummy posts. Keep up the good work and more success.

Thanks @charles1! The honor would be all mine ;) Nothing better than sharing food with good people.

You are welcome, always. I will certainly take up the

Any day to share food is a good day! If you can find a quick flight from Germany you may make in time for dinner hehe!

Absolutely, send in adress, phone number et al and I will be on my way..Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hehe! Just let me know when you are at the airport and we'll pick you up... no addresses here ;)

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great to see good jobs keep it up

nice to see your post ....................please back

Beautifully written

I just recently joined this network cause a friend recomended it and i knew nothing about it. Reading your post has opened my mind and given me loads of tips and ideas on how to get started. Thank you for all these tools. 💪

welcome and feel free to resteem in order for your followers and friends to see the post and learn. Keep steeming to more success.

great content I also resonate with this

Your 3 points are solid, and I am learning from your networking skills. You have found your niche, and you are good at it. Steem on Sir Charles.

welcome @lydon.sipe the Steemit master!!!! I am sure that you will be a great success story here (you are already a success). Thanks for your comment and keep steeming .

Great post @charles1 and thank you for the mention too :) All very interesting to me as I'm fairly new here and really enjoying it.

You are welcome @nickoskitchen , always. Keep steeming to more success.

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Thanks bot

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I agree with all points raised. Thats why i started steemit dreamit (fb group) aimed at helping Steemians gain organic followings

wow, that a good concept...can you send in the link to your facebook group? success

Good one indde, I sent a request to join, thanks

You're glad to have you

welcome, thanks.

@chelsea88 steemit dreamit facebook page? great concept... keep it up

Thank you yes search for it on Facebook:)

ok dear...
also find time and check my health tip on my blog
keep steeming

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Thanks netty

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thanks Love

I see steemit like a hobby if someone want to upvote : yeah cool , if someone do not want to upvote : yeahh cool too :PPP greetings Lena

wow, nice to hear from one of my best blogger @lenatramper I though that you have forgotten us due to too much enjoyment in Moscow...thanks for your comment and I agree.
I am currently writing a new post for today evening. Will check out your posts. Wish you a blessed weekend.

Also, the first question for everyone should be What can I GIVE, and then and only then we should ask what can I GET

thanks for sharing


I sincerely believe your title tells so much of the story . My account value has tripled in aprox 3 months . Here in the so called first world that is mild amusement . On a global scale that may be a years wage for some . Steemit is a solution for some problems .

Good point, thanks for your comment

Great post, @charles1! You offer valuable tips for all Steemians to improve their game. Thanks for the shout out!

welcome , keep up the great work here.

Please help me, i just joined in steemit, please vote and resteemit: '(:' (: '(


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