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The globe of fire burns
Ever hot; Ever seen
It stands with pride above the clouds, battles with the mares of the night,
and emerges victorious every single time
But, just as light fights to stay bright
The dark clan meet and devise ways to obscure the light
They plan and plot to create total darkness..
"It's gonna hit em hard", they say
For the persistence of the dark side
For plans made since before you were born
The dark reveals itself when you least want it to
When you shine the brightest
In the heat of your summer win
It wins.
An eclipse
The dark creeps up
The king of the dark moves
His pawns dance
For the first time in a hundred years
The dark would win
The sun would offer no light
No matter how bright it burns
It'll still cave in
The world would purge itself and would emerge a post-apocalyptic dump
These are trying times
The worst of times
But, you see
Even when the dark leads
When the dark wins
The world gathers
To appreciate the beauty in the dark
For a few minutes
The judgmental and segregated world we live in, actually agrees on something
The beauty of the dark
So we stand ... geared up
shield ourselves from the imminent destruction and total blindness it offers
And we watch
And smile
Because we know
In a few seconds, not too far
The light would burn out
It'll light up the skies and light up our hearts
So we stand and sing
Rather than fret or fear
We take our pens and mark the day of the dark
Appreciate the beauty we find in it
Then we wait for the green light of the bright light
And we cheer
For we know...for a fact...the darkness never wins
Our light is far too strong to let it
We know it's melodrama
Just another show of power.



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