It's amazing what these guys are doing and it's all being made possible thanks to you guys.

The task you asked of me 2 days ago is done and your feedback would mean a lot.

I hope to meet more people like you ,@nanzo-scoop ,@tytran and @surfyogi this year.

Please help me get this post by @brightacq up to at least what My post is at! I have sent him 2.8 SBD today so far for his great work , he deserves the attention!

My post was short because of Steepshot app restrictions which i need because I have OCD and cant stop writing, I will be making posts like this everyday and ADDINg details via comments

@kofpato also was there and please support his post too:

BITCOIn doesn't help orphans! STEEm does and helps make people MONEY while doing it!

THIS sort of optics could get attention of @dan or @ned to hopefully appear on video over skype for a conference for steemfest africa

would be amazing to show @ned and @dan the fruit of his labor and how much their creation has changed lives in the areas that needed their help the most! Their protocal is a beacon of hope, I am confident the @steemit and @misterdelegation or @ned accounts will hopefully consider giving delegation to @mcsamm @tj4real @kofpato @steem4depoor @brightacq to continue these sorts of projects in the name of steem

The best strategy you have taken in your hand and realization

This is a great way to appreciate what steemit has done for you. Steemit has made a difference in our lives especially in the lives of we Africans.. and sharing the rewards from steemit with the African children is how you can best return the favor from steemit. Lets continue sharing the smile from steemit with fellow Africans who have no voice.
Go team Ghana.

cool stuff guys.. I am from Ghan too

black-man from ghan? provide pictures to prove it please and you can join team ghana lolol check ou what @mcsamm is doing u may qualify to get free internet for us if you start helping team ghana but by the time u start working with us u will be making so much you will b abl to afford to buy whatever you need man, but mybe you alreaady are wealthy, if you are you should buy steempower and upvote your brothers and it will earn you money in curation, tell other wealthy people about this secret to making money while hlping those in need who will lso pay you back in followers and upvotes !

Come on masa this one too you wan make a take pix show for here. Sake off a make typo wey ano add a to Ghana. You self you spell am with small letter. Abi you know dada. A dey Ghana, a dey commot for Ghana, wey a dey rep Ghana ma guy.

How ago join team Ghana?

You are already a member of Team Ghana of course! :D no hierarchy anyone is welcome to contribute because w dont have tie to worry about who is bos of who, no one works for anyone we just work for ideas

Ayt... let me know ways I can also help. I just started with Steem about 10 days ago.

ok hey i asked for picture because I was wrong i assumed you might have been a troll, i assumed you were a joke, many trolls around i didnt know if you were serious lol i apologize

I was seriously thinking you may have been a fake account!! I swear man haha i didnt check your account i was so busy commenting on multiple posts, haha but NOW i see you are real man, I just didnt want to end up giving a fake person pretending to be Ghanian some upvotes when that could go to real Ghania hahah

I know you are real now! that was why my attitude was like that man haha

You will get along well i this group i can tell from your Profile Description, Nature Startups and Crypto giving back thats perfect man!

We spend money for entertainment, theres more where that came from that's all i'm sayin!
like that new song

Awesome nana... lets do something Good here :)

@ackza Absolutely the RIGHT THING to do for Humanity and STEEMIT !

Nice family really amazing post thanks for sharing...resteemed

thank you! But if possible could you please resteem @brightacq 's post to help the Ghanians get more visibility too?

... i do ap[recite the resteem because I fund team ghana a lot with surfyogi and my personal funds and my time and you can ask anyone in team ghana , the rewards from this post always go to helping them, ask t hem or go look at my wallet to see ow much i send in iquid to them everyday :D

its beautiful what we are accomplishing here just wit for $100 steem man wooooo

This is a great initiative. I am supporting this. Everyone should come forward for them.. @ackza

good jobs bro

Great job. I appreciate you. Best of luck for future.

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