Announcing The Winners of Affections Photo Contest

Exactly seven days ago when we launched this contest. I never expected that there are Steemians joining this contest. I was just a 3-week Steemian back then. It is really gratifying seeing the entries. Though they are not much, it is something that I am proud of.

This contest would not be possible without the support of @juliank.

With no further adieu, here are the winning entries of the Affections Photo Contest


Entry by @reginecruz

What i love in this photo is the candidness. As you could see, it seems that they both have the best time of their lives.


Entry by @mininthecity

It is always a good feeling every time a mother sees that her child is happy and making most of his/her time. Just pure and genuine happiness.


Entry by @zelenicic

When you finally marry the girl of your dreams, the feeling is just heaven. Seems this guy is the happiest man alive.


Entry by @jamesanity06

I grew up with my grandmother guiding my mother. It is really a different feeling when you get so much attention from someone so dear.

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Perfect. I like this pic. Thanks for share. I resteemed

lovely to look at. :)

Thank you so much @wdoutjah for recognizing my entry..:)you inspire me more in sharing my thoughts.!!

Thank you @wdoutjah for this amazing opportunity to show my love. Love the wining and other runnerup posts it was a hard competition.