September ProgBlog #2: off on a slight tangent

in aer •  2 months ago

Only a very slight one though.

This is the first of four panels on that rather large songpic that escaped from my head (that obnoxious white line on the left is the frame border). Think I've levelled up or at least gained a lot of xp with shadowing as normally I still need the lineart layer after light and shadow 1 but it's currently off, guess dark scenes are good for something XD (or maybe I should just not be so afraid of the shadow layers in day scenes).

I've got a video to edit of when I was livestreaming on Wednesday (decided to try dlive, failed, so jumped on picarto and also recorded) but currently not sure if I should post it, I'll decide after I'm done editing as it's mostly putting down shadow 1 and I have no idea how exciting that is.

Anyway this is at 100% on my Cintiq, it's a slightly large canvas at 3000x11513px. I haven't done one this big for ages (I don't really count the comics I did for steemlords as they were quick and sketchy). I'll be resizing it to something a bit more managable for teh interwebz when I'm done. I'm dedicating more time to getting this one done as soon as possible when one isn't in a hurry as I've decided to make this my #hayrunners project, wihch means that I've pretty much stalled on the retopo of Zara:

I've been a bit slacky with my workflow as what I really need to be doing is testing the retopo in Blender before I paint it (in case I need to change the topology for whatever reason) but with Red I just went ahead and painted after retopo because I was already in 3dC. I think I got away with that because Red's not that flexible in the grand scheme (the Dragonkin don't really bother with head kicks when they have two arms, two wings and a prehensile tail all of which can do a really nice job of bashing someone on the head and leave their feet firmly planted on the ground, plus it probably wouldn't work too well with where their centre of gravity is anyway). I'll find out whether or not I actually got away with it the hard way. Zara on the other hand does a good job of pretending she doesn't actually have much in the way of bones and will need to bend/deform properly so I'll have to do this one properly...once I figure out how to close the mesh at the hands and feet which is a constant challenge for me which is why I'm not altogether unhappy with taking a break here while I have a good excuse. Though having said that this will be what I come back to when the painting is making me cross-eyed, so everything will get done eventually XD

#hayrunners banner by @bearone

The post payout number in steem will go to @teamaustralia for the #hayrunners fundraising project. We're sponsoring a truck of hay to be delivered to drought stricken farmers.

Thanks for looking! ^_^

If you want to natter I usually haunt both the #teamaustralia channels (yes there's two, the PAL one and one for Aus/NZ), Be Awesome, and hang with the @steemartists on the server with the same name on Discord with a bunch of awesome people :D


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i feel like your character design has leveled up so much since I first found you a year ago. The expressions are much more dynamic and there is more individuality with each character. I think I need to catch up with where you are in the creation of this universe!


Thanks ^_^ these characters are really old and the designs are pretty stable now I think, I probably just got better at drawing but as I've plateaud the improvements are hard to notice except over a really long period of time now XD

You haven't really missed a lot, I'm finishing up the first character and started building the second one and have about a million more to go and in the meantime I deviate into mini projects :)

This is all way to complicated and finicky for me to understand, but always like seeing the cool characters you produce. I like the glowing eyes and serious expression on the top one. That wireframe looks like quite a timeconsuming exercise too.

Thanks for jumping in with a post for #hayrunners! 😁


Thanks XD The wireframe/retopo is easier for my brain int his program, there's a tool that pretty much just lets me draw it and when I'm happy with how the polygons are fitting together then I just set it and it's done and usually just needs a bit of neatening up as my lines aren't that neat XD

I'm doing the top piece for hayrunners so will do post payouts from the related wip posts as well so with a lot of luck there might be 5-10 steem coming from me lol XD

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I’m forever lost, ryi...that face with the intense eyes is not Red right? Red is blue? I get lost in all the tech/blender talk and then my brain wants to explode at the word ‘workflow’....



I'm sure you'll get sick of seeing my characters eventually XD this one is Zara, she's younger here than she is in the current arc I'm working on.

Yep Red is blue XD

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Oh hey, just consider any slight detours as periods of reprieve. You work so hard, so don't fault yourself on the breather, mate!



I tend to procrastinate things by doing other things that also need to be done or that I at least want to do, so it doesn't count as procrastination then right? ;D

so flashy eyes))))
I am not so good in 3D


Thanks :D Sometimes I wish her eyes would not be so luminescent so we could actually see them, they reflect a lot more in the finished piece (which I think I finished last night or so, but got three more panels to go before the whole thing is finished).

Have you posted 3d work before and I missed it?

I really do need to have a go at 3 d modeling as it would be such a great way to people my paintings. You sound as busy as me! :)


It's definitely one way to do it. I'm not good at human-shaped things but I'm semi-decent at 3d so all of my non-cartoony stuff are actually overpaints of my base models :)

While reading your post, I couldn't help noticing the following words:

shadowing, light and shadow, dark scenes
afraid of the shadow (layers) in day scenes

What's happening? Are we in parallel universes? There's shadow people everywhere!


98% of my paintings are light and shadow XD I think you're just picking up on more of these things because you've got shadow people on the brain ;D

...or maybe that's just what they want us to think >_>