"Why do I sometimes feel stuck and how can I change it?"

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Hello Nomad-Magus,

Although I do a lot of inner work, sometimes I reach a point where I feel stuck. Nothing new happens in my life. Is there a higher purpose for this feeling and how do I get my life rolling again?

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You are quite right in your perception; that "stuck" situation is appropriate for absorbing certain energies that come to you. Because of the intensive work that you do on yourself you bring many changes into your biology and to your other fields of energy. These changes naturally influence you but they also require time to be assimilated and to "sit well" in and around you. Therefore, when the quota is filled, so to speak, you ask for a halt, a full stop, and that generates the feeling of stuckness.

Having said all that, you are the creator and therefore when you feel ready to move again; when the inner flame of growth is fully burning within you and you can't hold it down any longer, there is one simple tool that you can use to make your locomotion drive again -

  • First, remember that you are responsible for your life and that you are creating it.

  • Second, from that stance of creation express your choice loud and clear (figuratively speaking, that is you do not have to speak it out loud unless you feel you want to): "what else do I need to know?". Very intently express your desire to know, and be aware of the answers that will soon come to you.

You may receive some reading material that will propel you forward; you may meet someone who will have a message for you; you may simply receive new wisdom either through a dream or in your waking hours.

Whatever the way, you asked for it simply by stating your choice. The creator's choice.

Good luck!


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@nomad-magus, You've said right and that means, we are controllers and creators of our life and at the end of the day we are Ultimate decision makers. And in my opinion we face the difficulties to choose the right path to take the right decisions because of lot of external Distractions.

And yes, we are more in inner-self and less in outer world, and the process of inner world influence our outer world and outer decisions. And we have to understand one thing, in what position how we have to react, our inner-self give hints, it's just matter of reading it.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

First, remember that you are responsible for your life and that you created it.

All of us get this every second of life's chances. And it's sad that most of us waste it in things that don't really add value to our lives or others. We often hear from successful people that we are on here to serve a purpose. A worthy goal to die. Well, the goal must be one without completing it, someone can't even die. And who knows that purpose is the right opportunity to sit next to us. The problem is we don't realize and give reasons in life. We are fine by wasting our daily time watching TV and not trying to develop new skills or other sources of income. Taking the opportunities we get in life often adds value to our lives, both in ways that good or better way.
Thanks for thia My Teacher @nomad-mqgus


If one needs a purpose to life then I would recommend, have fun, live in true inner joy. The rest will follow. 🙂

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