"Why did my girlfriend break up with me?" – The answer is revealed in the dream

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Excerpt: Dreams are really not that complicated. With some practice, everyone can and should explain their own dreams and I hope the examples I publish here will help you do so. Often the message in a dream is very clear and gives us the answer for something that has troubled us and has preoccupied our mind for a long time. Like in this example when the dream says – "find the inner strength within you, not in your girlfriend".

credit: Nik Shuliahin

I was separated from my girlfriend whom I still love and she still appears in my dreams, something that drives me crazy. The dream starts when I receive a phone call at home, I answer and it's the ex's father. I say hello but get confused a few times about his name until I manage to get it right ("Jacob"). I go to the kitchen and give the phone to my girlfriend, but she says that she wants her private time. While I am waiting I slice a roll. What does the dream mean?

The dream reveals to you the reason for separating from your girlfriend. First, the dream begins by establishing the connection between you and the wise and older part of you (symbolized by the father of the ex). This part wants to give you a message so that you understand why you separated, do the inner work and move forward in your life.

The separation took place because your partner wants time for herself so that she can find the loving inner part within, her true self, that wise aspect, for the sake of her spiritual growth (symbolized in the dream by the fact that you give her the phone).

You, on your part, are not part of her spiritual path. It does not mean that you are not a spiritual person, but that your ways as a couple, at the moment, are different. The dream also means that you are feeding off of her, nourish yourself by her love for you, by her attention. (Symbolized by the roll). You have to learn to stop this feeding because it interferes greatly with your ex's well-being. She knew that and needed the time for herself!

Feeding off of the other, by the way, is one of the prominent reasons for breakups in relationships - people are not able to feed themselves from within and demand their spouses to nourish them. The latter, naturally, cannot do it all the time, for a long time, and therefore feel guilty, exhausted and energetically drained. Such situation cannot last and people feel that they "can't handle it anymore" and choose to leave.

Two days ago I dreamed again about her. This time I was in emotional distress and I call all my friends and family and no one answers. Then I decided to call my ex even though I knew I should not, but I felt that only she could help me. But she did not answer me either. I woke up, in the middle of the night.

This dream also speaks explicitly of how you feed off of her (and others). You need attention, love, support – else you're in great trouble. In the dream, no one answers your call and the message is clear - you must find and trust your source of inner nourishment. No one can give you from the outside what you cannot give yourself from within.


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Well it's such a great advice you have given to him. I think we should not depend on anyone but our inner self. And seriously being in love doesn't need to be perfect. This person with the dream, I want to tell him to let go of that person and occupy your thoughts with other things, hang out with friends and family, travel and enjoy your time. Life is precious so live it , don't waste it thinking of someone who is not worth your time.


Once he does enjoy his life a new love will come, for sure. The more he lingers, the harder he tries to get her back, the more time he spends in the past - the deeper he is stuck.

dass du das gesagt hast, ich träume nie da drin in unserer täglichen Arbeit.

Hahahaha .
Your observation is awesome .
Carry on with your dreams.

If she love you she will come back to you .
Do not be worry .
You see dreams a lot about her . its mean you think every time about . you love her a lot .

If we think a lot about some thing .after go to bed our brain process that all which we think a lot .
Go and get her . because your dreams say you love her very much.

Blame yourself for lack of attention, sincere affection from heart and most importantly, copy the sincere belief of heart. Perhaps in your dream no one will answer your celebration, then you have to find your solution in the deepest heart and we also have to see our personality every day, is there anything wrong with us to our girlfriend, still i pay less attention and affection. it can not be answered.

I now want to share with you about our dreams, if we dream of our true snake in chase "the same girl .. how do you think that bener I say this?


True snake?

We dont appreciate people and things untill the hour of separation.

I often refer to dreammoods.com to analyze my dreams. One time dreamed I broke some champagne glasses. According to dreammoods, a relationship of mine was about to end. Sure enough, my wife filed for divorce. I have found dreammoods to be quite accurate. Thank you for your share, very insightful.

@nomad-magus ..coming to your dream interpretation power , i must say it is not everybody's cup of tea.. .. it is surely a spritual knowledge and the way you observe them and explain here is an amazing thing.
As per the above interpretation, there are few conclusive words which defines it all like "feeding off" .."seperation"and then "sprituality".. the main thing is that,unfortunately, we often realise the taste of our relation after seperation and this case looks similar.. ofcourse,you said it right,she need some little time for herself,for her sprituality and to find the real her in herself.. these are the thing which you can't give her even if she is your girlfriend.. similarly,this point coincides with the problem like no one answers your call...yes ,you can't get your own spritual power through others, how can you expect something from others when you even cant give anything to yourself.
Thanks for this beautiful post...


Nice one 👍
Thanks for feedback!

This is true ,dreams are connected to your true self .no matter how much you keep ignoring your inner self ,it will reflect back in your soul ....the heart know what nourishes it , it is kind of being addicted to someone you deeply love with heart but the brain keeps on ignoring (i wud say it is ego that shatters everything)


... Or perhaps the addiction comes from a lonely ego? Reflect on this my friend.

quite informative got to know more about dreams, and now i believe dreams are related to life somehow and somewhat...
your dream interpretation are amazing, but the problm with me is that i don't rmmbr dreams correctly or forget all about it as soon as i wake up... is their any remedy that you can help me with it...

Really no one can give him that, only he himself can achieve it, I also think he needs attention, love, support and for that he has to start from himself first, I really like this dream interpretation session of yours. Its quite learning

First of all let me tell you that you are a great counsellor because you seem to be giving great advice to the people who need it each and everytime. Anyways coming back to dreams, dreams really have got the power to realise about the reality or make you believe something or even make you start achieving something which no where from close to your mind. But the thing is we do need to counsel our dreams and take it in the positive way otherwise they could even have an ill effect on our body and soul.
Moreover i am still not having sleep paralysis😂


Thanks for the feedback, mate 👍
You may want to train yourself, there are many books on the subject. Google "out of body experiences".


Its mine pleasure. Anyways yes we have already discussed about it previous time also. So maybe this time we could have a conversation regarding dreams rather than sleep paralysis.

good post, we can take a lesson @nomad-magus

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Very interesting, the dream and dream is something that makes people excited. There are novel authors whose stories are constructed from dreams. I think people should dare to dream and have dreams. People who dare not dream is a loser. Imagine, dreaming they do not dare let alone do anything else. Then, what's my dream? I want to one day go to Tel Aviv if possible. However, if not, I only hope when I wake up, while in Tel Aviv.


.. Or you can dream about visiting Tel Aviv 👍

In Islam, and it is my belief, not all that dream as a flower bed solely. But there are dreams that comes from God. As an example of the Prophet Ibrahim, when he dreamed of killing Merely Wayangnya the Prophet Ismail. And the dream is Right comes from God.


Indeed, you are correct!
Some dreams come from your soul level, what you term as God.


I think in fact every human being there is a creator. Namely, God Almighty. And it's back to their respective beliefs.

I believe dreams are associated with our life. Thanks for this lovely post.

I think this is main reason .

some women will tell you that they just don’t have time for a relationship, which is also complete crap. They would make time for a guy they really want in their life.


Which is fine. They listen to their inner wisdom.
There are 4 billion women out there.
How many you need?

Just one... 😊

Dream @nomad-magus has given answers to many questions.

I believe dreams square measure related to our life. Thanks for this pretty post.

Girlfriend is such a victim, after a few days, breakup again and again, is there, it is so


Why a victim? 🤔
If she listened to her inner voice and made a decision.. then why is she a victim?