Intuition Vs. Super-Intuition - A followup on the nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman's studies

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Excerpt: the science of psychology does not know much about what is going inside our mind. Since there are no scientific proofs for the existence of the soul, scientists can not allow themselves to go beyond the mind to explain daily life occurrences, like intuition. This lacuna is unfortunate and here, while debating with the Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's work, I am suggesting that super intuition is something to be considered, explored and adopted, if humanity wants to claim its true heritage and march into a brighter future.

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Daniel Kahneman (1934-) is an Israeli-American psychologist and a Nobel laureate. He is notable for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, behavioral economics and hedonic psychology.

In the last decade, he has dedicated his time to complete a scientific theory about the way our mind uses intuition. His book, titled "To think, slow and fast", has received extreme superlatives by worldly thinkers such as Nassim Taleb, Prof. Daniel Gilbert (Psychologist, Harvard University) and Steven Pinker (Brain researcher, Harvard University). In 2011 Kahneman gave an interview to Calcalist, an economic Israeli newspaper, in which he spoke about his new book and the theory he has developed regarding the identification and tracking of the human intuition and cracking the common faults it carries in it. His theories reflect the current leading thoughts in the scientific psychological community. Unfortunately, science is lagging way beyond the what really does happen in our psyche.

In the following paragraphs, I would like to raise some criticism on Kahneman's conclusions and assumptions, as described in the interview, in light of my own findings on this subject.

What is intuition?

Kahneman claims that Intuition is the automatic mechanism in the mind which is unaware, uncontrolled and operates behind the scene. He calls this mechanism "system 1". The regular mind chatter, the flow of thoughts, the aware thinking, are termed by him "system 2". Both systems, according to Kahneman, are responsible to take care of our daily life, to handle unpredictable situations and to make decisions and plans about the future.

What I find most unfortunate in that statement is the fact that it does not go deep enough, beyond the mind, to a plane where other parts of the Self, exist. There lies the real intuition, or, what Kahneman would probably call "Super-intuition". I will share with you a story that will demonstrate where real intuition comes from.


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A rich man in my dream

Years ago I was dreaming that I was the personal assistant of a very rich Israeli businessman. He took me in his limousine to a jewelry shop in Jerusalem, then left me in the car and went in to buy something. I was thinking (and feeling) that soon he would come out and bring me some money. That made me very happy. Then he did come out, I lowered the car window and he handed me a bill of 1 dollar. I was disappointed, but he then waved his finger at me and said: "This 1 dollar will be worth a lot". And the dream ended. I woke up and carried on with my day. Two days later, a relative of mine called to ask for an advice about her legal lawsuit against the insurance company. "They want to settle. They offer me money but much less than I want. What do you think? Should I accept their offer?" As soon as she finished I remembered my dream from two days before and knew that she should agree. "Take the offer, the little sum of money you will receive now will worth a lot", I told her, quoting my intuitive self from the dream.

Intuition comes from a much deeper place than the mind. It comes from a nearby dimension, a place that exists outside the boundaries of the box we call mind. From that place, I received the intuitive answer to my relative's question. Many of us, although not remembering our night-dreams, have such moments of inspiration during the day which are based in the near-cognitive worlds of the self. Kahneman's theory, I suspect, ignores such level of intuition. His scientific orientation forbids him to acknowledge anything that has not been proven in laboratories. And the art of dreaming, as we know, is still considered occult.

But what would Kahneman say about artists who report of blasts of inspiration that lead them to create songs, books and other items of art? And generally, where does muse come from? Kahneman would probably explain that system 1, i.e. intuition, is responsible for such artistic inspiration which surfaces from the mind through the associative process. Association is a key element in his theory. However, in my opinion, based on my own experience, true intuition, or what I call super intuition, is beyond association. New inventions must be new. If all inspiration came only from known associations then humanity would still be living in the Stone Age.

Kahneman also argues that intuition is always bound by the laws of the reality; that it is based on known orders and laws, that it will always fight to justify its initial belief.

However, the intuition that Kahneman's speaks of is what we know as an impulse, a gut feeling. It is the pale and immature offspring of the intuition that I speak of, the Super Intuition.

Allowing super-intuition

Kahneman says that if we want to harness our intuition to our benefit we need to program it, and the way to do it is through setting rules, extensive practice and a continuous immediate feedback from an expert.

Again, I have to disagree. True intuition is not rational at all and will not succumb to known rules, will not improve by repetitive exercises and will definitely not require external opinion as to its validity.

Super-Intuition constantly speaks with our mind. It feeds it with inspirations, innovative thoughts, visions about the futures and more. The problem is that only a small shred of those knocking-pieces-of- information is allowed by our mind to be aware. The guard, our mind, filters out most of it for reasons I would not go into here and now. Therefore, the way to allow the intuition is by stopping the regular process of thinking. To focus our attention on the present moment and to utilize our regular thinking process only to accomplish immediate tasks which are necessary to our daily proper functioning.**

I have much esteem and appreciation for a scientist and researcher like Kahneman. However, I am afraid that his words on the subject of intuition might be taken as sacred and therefore would impede other researchers the further exploration of true intuition.


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Our comfort, as humans who try to understand themselves, lies in the fact that there are scientists who claim that people receive their best decisions while they are not thinking about the subject at hand. They go further and suggest to sleep or think about other things in order to allow quality decision making. If that route is followed then true intuition will come to the fore.

Then, a new era in mankind will begin.

And what happened eventually to my relative, you may wonder? Well, she took the offer and used it to buy a small apartment. Now, years after, her initial investment tripled its original worth. Would it happen without my intuitive suggestion? Probably yes. But the wisdom that was available to me then and the confidence in which I gave my advice to her, were helping to make the right choice. That wisdom is available to each and every human, right now, anytime, and anywhere.


What is enlightenment to you? 2 days remain to share your thoughts

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Our thinking mind sees only what lies within the eye. It is short-sighted, bringing short-term comfort at best yet long-term discomfort.

Our Intuition or (Super-Intuition) sees what lies without the eye, taking into account subconscious curveballs, letting our every movement and action become preemptive measures which dissipate the curveball's subconscious root energy so that when it appears in our conscious it has been dismantled already.

Somewhat funny how Kahneman draws certain conclusions like 'immediate feedback from an expert'.
Intuition is Trust and Faith in one's own inherent power, as soon as something becomes externally driven it is not 100% in alignment with ourselves anymore. 'Programing' is somewhat synonymous with 'taking control of', and hence with 'Knowingness'.

The Universe has its own order and the best way to take control of it is to not take control of it.

Thanks and have a good day!


"The Universe has its own order and the best way to take control of it is to not take control of it."

Need to echo this👍


I'am agree


Whatever the condition when we go to the psychiatrist they first instruct is to be patient and learn to accept reality and engage in positive deeds, they also have a solution so that we are not caught up in the wrong thinking.

I enjoyed reading your post.
your post is dealing with the mechanism of how intuition works.
but, I wonder whether intuition is a successful way of thinking?
how can we tell that the outcomes of intuition decision making are better than rational decision making?


Practice my friend Yoram
When you get to a point when you know your intuition and trust it and see evidence from the outside reality then you know it's successful.
It's practice. No one can do it for you, as you are developing your own mastery.
Good question!🙏

May be that dimension us just infinite..Its very hard to put any dimension to intuition but yea cant deny the fact that soul does exist.When you feel a little guilty about anything, its your Soul which goes languishing


/..actually, guilt feelings are the product of the mind that entices the emotion.
But I will talk about it later in the year in a separate article.
Thanks mate, good to see you are sticking around👍


Yea rightly said by you..Its only worth sticking around here, I'm only going to learn infact all of us here are going to learn, you put up the basic issues of life, they might sound philosophical but they are very productive in longer run..Im learning alot

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Your tool is a great contributation to the visually impaired. 👍

Intitution is quick understanding to interpret but without using reasoning or perception. It is a quick judgment related to any topic that about which we were not thinking for a while. Surely it comes somewhere from deep inside and thats why most of time it happens to be a correct decision. However if we start later working on our intitution by thinking about it we may bring out the best decision for ourselves.


It takes time to practice the rational-intuition balance. When it is reached life becomes easier and more flowing. 👍


Surely if the balance is created life will become tons easier... But it needs some doing first so that later we can dwell. First of all what we should do is that we should let our intitution speak

How are we suppose to know the difference between the inner voice and the ramblings of a brain-washed mind?

I heard if it is loud that is EGO. When it is whisper it is intuition.

How do train your inner voice to yell at you? What if your inner voice is lying? What if your inner thoughts are incorrect and misguiding you? How do you deal with that?


Practice and more practice.
You fail once, twice.
You succeed once, twice.
You develop trust and a fine inner senses.
You pay attention to the hints that your body gives you
But most of all you listen to your feelings (not emotions which are the product of your mind).

Explained perfectly....@nomad-magus ... Yes it us rightly quoted "Intuition comes from a much deeper place than the mind". There is a well defined connection between intution and the soul.. The rich man in my dream includes all of it.. thankyou for such an informative post

An informative post.
Intuition is a blessing. I am sometimes puzzled that how we get intuition of certain happening.But now u have auccessfully explained how the process works like.
I really like your posts, they always teach something new

Intuition is the direct messenger of the soul @nomad-magus

Well it was hell of a test of my psychic abilities, Institution's really do the thing, they tell us what to do in any situation, as Daniel Kahneman said there are 2 types of institutions system 1 and system 2, I think there are, I loved the way you realated that dream with your daily life, this is the function of institution, I also think at some places low means a lot. Institutions really help to advise others as you said in the last paragraph and best decision are made when you dont think about the same subject and think about another related to that.

Previously scientists say that round, now scientists say the earth is round. Surely the truth will be tested by time. There is no such thing as a conclusion as long as people are still thinking.

Because the content @noman-magus previously wrote a lot about women, today jum'at dated 09 maret 2019 I want to wish happy international women. in my last post, I want to introduce to @noman-magus three female characters who become heroes in our area.

Thank you @noman-magus for the outpouring of science that you have been giving us. Success always make @noman-magus.

brother psychology is wierd sometimes... the psychologist make u do the things that u fear .. like fear to sit alone ... they will make u sit alone for some time till you find peace with it... Means if a guy fears death... they will kill him n then will tell him ur fear is gone as u r gone now... lol wtf


you are exaggerating of course. All the psychologists that I have met are good people, with a lot of compassion to their patients. Unfortunately, in their studies, they were not given enough tools. Some of them who continued to develop, study, learn have much wisdom and provide great inspiration.

Very good post @nomad-magus, after I read from the contents of your article, this is very useful for all and for myself. Because you share a new science for me. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work.


Thanks for the feedback and your support 👍

Absolutely! Intuition is never really rational, it is not bound by our rules and we definitely can't programme it... It is there since the ages.. It goes parallel to the functioning of the human brain.. It can click any day any time.. Don't know about Kahneman, but u got wisdom bro.. Your thoughts always mesmerize me... God bless

I really like to read interesting and good posts that you write. Your writing is related to the mechanism by which intuition works in our mind, but I wonder if intuition is a successful way of thinking for our lives ...... How can we know that intuition decision making is better than a decision rational make intuition better.


Good question.
Which I have answered to Yoram's. See comment above.

I agree completely that intuition comes from somewhere deep within..

"Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning"

On the contrary our mind needs proof or evidence to come to a conclusion.
You have explained it beautifully


Indeed, and this is the old training of the mind. We have given it tasks that it cant fulfill, like predicting what will be in the future. So it analyzes and thinks and eventually fails miserably. See how many people get divorced after they have made a very rational decision about the person. 😏


That is called a mindfuck I think 😄..


I'm not familiar with any of the F words. So you will speak when needed.
If you agree. 🤔


Ok 🙄

I completely agree with you that intuition is an universal, intelligent, life force that exists within everyone and everything. It resides within each one of us as a deep wisdom, an inner knowing. I don't completely disagree with kahnemans theory , I guess intuition is something that tells us what's right for us at a particular moment. Anyways your disagreements are worth a note.

I enjoyed reading your piece. May I ask if you believe in revelation. What is the difference between intuition and revelation?


Revelation is more tangible, direct and unequivocal when it occurs. Intuition is more subtle, and the latter leads to the former. Meaning, when one is opening oneself by adhering to their inner intuition/wisdom there comes a point when revelation occurs. I'll talk about it more throughout the year.
Great observation, my friend, great one!


Hope there will be a follow up soon?


In time👍

That super-intuition comes from a heavenly source maybe. Some kind of part of the universe inspiring us to do this and that art and such or write some stuff.

I've felt that, like a sudden compulsion to do this or that. And it's sad when you don't get to do it, it's like you feel you've lost something. Maybe the chance to finally do it or whatever it is, you will feel bad if you don't do it when you feel like it.

That's how it is for me.


Not an outside source or a deity but you.


Yeah well I think otherwise. :D


And this is respected.


Thanks! :D

Daniel Kahneman is really a great man. In fact, compared to his psychology, it is nothing but a fool to compare. Maybe he has published many books with a strong speed of 2011, and has created the doctrine of all scientists, but he was a wonderful one.
It was very good that you shared the story with us about being rich. Truly speaking, we should learn a lot from your story. Thank you very much, for the greatest man Daniel kahneman's life.


Well analysis @nomad-magus ...about intuition vs super intuition..
I knew a little earlier about it. But after reading your post i know huge about intuition.
Thanks .

psychology is important to read the direction of the minds of others so that we can understand each other. walking time psychology can give a thing that can determine a problem, sometimes the problem can be solved right away in the consequences of a person's psychology that gives a positive impact

post a good thing that can discharge electricity@nomad-magus

Its quite obvious if we want to garnish any thing it requires practice and hard work, same is the case with institutions.

agreed with the post, the true artist comes from within...

I am interested in reading your writing, it adds to my knowledge,
Thanks for sharing @nomad-magus

Coffee is black, but the mind is not the same.

@menggugat j1.jpg

For us the majority of easterners, there are occult things that we even consider real, in accordance with our beliefs, even some things that can not be reached by reason and logic, can not be proven scientifically, but we believe it is real. that is belief, we trust angels, nature after death, we believe in the day of vengeance, there is heaven and hell

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"The Universe has its own order and the best way to take control of it is to not take control of it." the answer given to @noman-magus is very profound though only with short sentences. @Noman-magus is not only smart in the posted content, but also has smart answers to all friends' questions. This proves that it is indeed the origin of his own thought. incredible @noman magus. I'am salute you.

@nomad-magus you have share a knowledgeable blog... very interesting. Thanks for sharing.