From a Slave to a Master; a Memoire – Introduction

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Excerpt: Today I am beginning to publish posts about my personal road out of slavery. It will be more of a pedagogic and instructive manual than a collection of personal experiences, though examples will be given, resembling the previous posts I have published. Please make sure you read the disclaimer at the bottom.

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99.998% of the human population on earth right now are slaves in their consciousness. That's fine. For many years I used to be a slave too. It's not your fault and there is no one to blame because this is how humans are born. From the moment of conception, we are choosing a life of slavery on earth.

But what for? Is it masochism? Do we enjoy the emotional and physical suffering?

Of course not.

There could be only one reason for a consciousness to choose slavery, one true excuse to imprison a free spirit in a cage, at a zoo, for years and lifetimes of hardships.

And that is to outgrow the situation. To free itself even more.

The ultimate purpose of the human life, if you seek a purpose at all, is to cast away the consciousness of the slave and become a master of your own sovereign domain.

I was filled with joy to read your many comments about the nature of enlightenment. I read that enlightenment is about mindless, God, miracles, thoughtless, freedom, non-judgment, independence, soul's desire, vision, rationality, wisdom, self-improvement, philosophy, knowledge, a reunion of the dark side and more. And all answers are true.

And yet there is more which you will find out by yourself in time.

This is the first post in many more to come that will describe the road I have taken from slavery to mastery. It is my road, tailored to the needs of my soul self, and while being very custom-made I believe many of you will find it helpful on their own path; hence, the publications.

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How do I know if I am a salve?

  • Do you think that 1 million $ is exactly what you need to make your life awesome?
  • Do you believe that if you had a great partner who loved you, then you would be happier?
  • Do you wish you could quit your job and travel around the world, carefree and happy?
  • Do you wish you were a bit luckier in life, that you were given better cards?
  • Is your life's purpose to help other people, to bring peace to earth, to stop global warming, to save the world/family/spouse?
  • Are you still searching for your One?
  • Are you still mourning the loss of a loved one?
  • Are you praying to some God or Deity to help you in life?
  • Are you saving your virginity for your marriage because this is the moral thing to do?
  • Is sex for you immoral/ugly/shameful/dirty/boring/painful/addictive in any way?
  • Are you addicted to something?
  • Are you afraid to get old?
  • Do you fear to die?
  • Do you still think you will go to hell if you sin?
  • Do you still think you can sin?
  • Do you often feel you are alone and no one is there to be with you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are still a slave in your consciousness.

What will be the nature of your posts?

I am a practical spiritualist. I don't do long philosophical discussions about the nature of existence. Therefore, as you have already seen from past posts, I am addressing the practical issues in life, that many of us encounter, and describe the Master approach to those. If you choose, the posts will have a practical influence on your daily life.

If I want to be enlightened do I have to follow your steps? Can enlightenment be taught at all?

No to both questions. You have your own way to ascension. You may be inspired or merely enjoy to read but definitely not obliged to anything. Moreover, the process of enlightenment is not rational at all. The reading serves as a way to focus your attention and distract you at the same time. In my words, there is no knowledge that is not known to you already. Having said that, you do not need to go through the process alone.

How long will it take me to be enlightened?

You are already enlightened, but you don't realize it yet. And that's fine, as the "human" part of you needs a slow process to keep its safety. It will happen when it will happen.

Is the process dangerous?

It could be. When you take this path things will change in your life. Things and people - friends, loved ones, jobs, fortunate, health - will leave your life to be replaced by others. The good news for you is that you have already chosen the master way, and when it gets tough you can take a break. I will quote the words of @shahaan: Enlightenment is a destructive process.

Enlightenment in one word?


I am religious. Will my process be quicker or easier?

I am afraid that the more you stick to your religious dogma the harder it will be for you. Religions have played an important role in the history of humanity and they have brought us here, to this point of evolution. It is high time we released what is not serving us anymore, religious dogmas included. However, if you are emotionally attached to your religion and feel comfortable within its structure then it is highly respected.

When I am enlightened, will I be richer, healthier, have love in my life and not feel lonely anymore?

Most probably yes. Most probably you won't care.

What will happen from now on, on your blog?

  • On Sundays, I will publish a post in the series called "from a slave to a master". For the time being, I will limit the posts on this subject to one per week.
  • On weekdays (Monday-Thursday) I will publish dreams interpretations and general info and Q&As about relationships.
  • On Fridays, I will publish a post discussing various issues from a masterly perspective.

Are enlightenment and ascension the same?

In my terminology, yes

So, what is enlightenment?

Stick around and in time you will find out for yourself. Any answer I will tell you now will be meaningless. Enlightenment needs to be experienced first-hand. You already have been in an enlightened state, for a second or a fraction of a moment, else you would not be here reading this, and now it's time - because you are ready – to go way and beyond.

Why do you use the term "slave" and not "servant"?

If you are a servant it does not mean you are necessarily a slave. On the contrary, only a master can be in true service.

I need to ask again - can you promise me that I will be enlightened if I read your teachings and follow them?

No. I am not your teacher and I am not taking responsibility for anything. Please read the disclaimer.


I am writing for my own pleasure. I am a speaker, not a teacher and I am not educating anyone. You should think carefully if you want to read what I will publish, and if you decide to do so, then claim full responsibility for your life. I will say it again, if you do not take full responsibility for your life then the material I am writing about is probably not for you.


credit: pexels

We are embarking on the final part of the most exciting journey of all of our lifetimes. You may not realize this now, and you may not see any change for a long time, but I am telling you friends, because I have been there, that change is inevitable and resistance is futile. So if you made the choice to stay, fasten the belts, harness your courage and try to enjoy the ride ahead.

It's my pleasure to be of service.

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I think about 70% of the people on this planet will answer yes to these questions, its because we are used to pain than freedom, I believe to be a master one has to be a slave for a time being and if the luck favours him and he believes in him self, he can be a master one day.

i agree in one way or another we all are slaves to our daily needs, addictive to them...

Is it masochism? Do we enjoy the emotional and physical suffering?

truly this is high level of masochism, we all are masochists we enjoy pain more than freedom....
i agree with all they FAQ's we all do want something for some reason...

Deport me if u want.... I am not a Slave 😎😎😎


I'm ticking all the boxes for the slave application right now. That sucks.
this is a brilliant post, and I'm ready for this journey. Let's see how far I can go. I really like your thinking about all this while still being open to anything.


I strongly agree as you say @rjunaid12. "I'm ticking all the boxes for the slave application right now". Because it's not good for people.

all humans are born with their destiny, but we have to work hard to be able to change it for the better, and do not just stay in place because it will not change anything but try hard to make good fortune from slave to become the master in honor


Speaking of destiny. Do you think humans have a free will?


No every human is born with a purpose acording to a religeous


I tend to agree on this👍

Very good post @nomad-magus, I really like to read the contents of your article. Because the words you write, can be a very good motivation for me. I really like reading articles about life. Because a lot of new science that we can from each of us read such postings. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful day ,,, :)

At the start of the sentence, I was shocked by the percentage of @moman-magus that 99.998% of the human population on earth today are slaves in their own consciousness. after I read through to completion, what I said @noman-magus was very true, and I just realized that not been able to throw away the awareness of slaves to become masters of my own sovereign territory. Although @noman-magus confessed that he was not a teacher, but I still pledged himself as a student himself. I still desperately need the guidance of @nomad-magus and choose to live, tie up the tie and take advantage of the courage I have and the science that comes from @noman-magus. Thanks for the service @nomad-magus.


Very well, mate. Stick around.👍
Btw, I am not a student either.


I mean there; I still claim to be his student @noman-magus. Hehe

The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall.

After reading all of question , I am sure that i am a slave..@nomad-magus
Because I have fear of die.
And i think, everyone has it.


From my experience not everyone. You die a small death each night when you go to sleep and drift to your dream world, so why fear physical death which is nothing but a longer break, as if it was a long night?


There is fear towards physical death because of ignorance. I always fear what we do not know. when the Consciousness awakens, ignorance disappears. Then, fear towards the unknown ceases to be.

I am like. Got nothing to say ..

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are still a slave in your consciousness.

guess my answer is yes for every question you asked .....
@nomad-magus you are so connected to the behavior of human being . whenever i read any of your post, i guess everyone feels like what ever you said is right , though those situation are common to everyone but the way you represent it and give a way to overcome those things ...they are your posts...
Thanks man .... You are making our lives better...

I think this post can change many peoples lives as most of us dont want to be a slave... But after reading all the core points and FAQ's , then we all are slaves by one or the other way....
To become a master, you have given the perfect solution,or i can say a nutshell solution to bring a change in oneself.
You have perfectly mentoined all the points about slavery and mastery.. if i say yes to any FAQ, it guves me an inner feeling that yes i am a slave and i should change it to be a master....
Thankyou...much awaited post of sunday...


To acknowledge your situation is half way towards freedom👍

Absolutely! We as humans have definitely gone to the slavery state tha is craving more, not satisfied with the things, although enough... And surely want to come out of it... Want to acquire tranquility in life.. And somehow get this consciousness out from these desires and settle down to some negentropy... But I want to add here that for me, my religion has definitely helped me a lot to attain all this.. May be that wouldn't be the case with all.... Surely gonna seek the wisdom from u in this..

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You are a great speaker and the way you put your thoughts into words is just wonderful. Here you are absolutely right to say that there is one reason to enslave yourself and that's to free yourself even more. But I think answering to some of the FAQ's , some of those don't relate to slavery or so. I mean helping other people , the morality,virginity and the religion, these are some aspects that has nothing to do with consciousness slavery. I contradict with you here, no offense, I think that you are a great mind and a beautiful personality but I cannot kill my thoughts to please anyone. So I would really appreciate if I would get a satisfactory reply. Thank you sir. Have a good day.


A satisfactory reply will have to come through your own experience alone.
The morality that comes from dogma is a form of chains. They are comfortable for you because they allow you to feel you are a good person, compared to your fellow human being. You see, while it's true to say that the universe supports the "no offense" guideline, the "good" vs. "bad" is a dualistic dichotomy that the society has imposed on us. I think I have shaken your world enough for one day and will elaborate on the issues in the future.
Thanks for your comment, mate 👍

When you are still a slave for something you really cannot move on. I was like that before too. Don’t wanna separate from my parents because I am scared and I realize that the things I did wa not healthy and I wasn’t enlightened enough. Enligjtenment sometimes are realization it is a reality and we or most of us are still improsoned with the past or we are in a reality but we don’t even realized it.


Excellent example. Our ancestors are a huge anchor on our way to mastery.
Thanks for this reminder!🙏

If we are living out of a sense of conscience and devoir we are slaves and if we succeed in remaining obligated we will gain the mastery of life @nomad-magus


Obligated to...?


To Life and having an obligation to be an optimist, tendency to expect the best. . .always and always, no matter what the conditions will be


Indeed, trust!👍


😄👍 keep on doing all the good you can. Best of luck.

We All human beings have their own skill or ability, the weakness and the excess of every human being, to change something that we want to hear we can and we must work hard to be able to change it to be better than the master, and do not just survive always be a slave because nothing will change. Except hard work and a strong desire to produce better than his master.


Please note that the road is not about making a better human. The human will coexist next to the master.
Good point, thanks👍

The words that you have highlighted in your personal way are truly instructive. I do it.
Each of your every points is important. It does not obey whether or not it is its personal matter. But I believe that it should be followed by everyone. There is a lot to learn from here.


👍Indeed, no obligation whatsoever


you man, a greatest genious. you know that?
when i read your advice that time i feel my heart that a biggest writer will advising me.

I wish to honor you from my heart. The religion is entirely based on their family or society. One's religion belongs to him. But I do not think there will be any impact on religion to adhere to your personal opinion. I request you to continue with this issue. We're with you. your every point will be logical. You do not know whether to deliver, Now i am big fan of you. salute man♥

It was so enjoyable to read your post, it literally describes my life. I could tell about myself that I’m a slave in my consciousness. There are times when I feel free or enlightened, but mostly I’m as you described a slave in my consciousness. I’m a religious, wasn’t much in my past until something happend and it has changed me completely. I’m happily married and would not change a bit even though I feel sometimes as a slave. I own my business, because I want to be my own boss and not someone else’s slave, but at the same time I could be my own slave, does this make sense? I can’t wait to read more to find out what it means not being a slave in your consciousness. I’m not sure if you get a chance to read this, I live in US and the timeline is a bit off, however I will keep reading your amazingly educational posts.


I read all comments. Thanks for your feedback.
Owning your own business is a great starting point to claim your full sovereignty.

I quote "If you are born slave its not your problem but if you die a slave its your problem". Thats life if you live life being curious you will end slavery.

the moment you become fully conscious of yourself is the moment you stop being a slave

I can not respond to things as you pointed out about servant or slave matters, maybe it's a history that you reveal and it does not affect my mind to be able to respond, because that history I have not learned.
if the problem of slavery is happening right now, I am likely to say that because of the economic influence, people will run into slavery because of the lack of ekomoni for their needs, if powerful and wealthy they will also slavery others who need his services .


Slavery has nothing to do with fortune or status. Those who enslave others are slaves themselves.

Hey @nomad-magus Such A Nice And Great Article Love To Read This I Hope You Will Write More Interesting Posts Thanks For Sharing

Enlightenment to me was just like any other word but after I read your post, it valued and weighed to something big, substantial, and beyond my simple comprehension. Even until now, I’m still grasping to what it really is. Hoping to learn more from your posts! 😊


It is very good that the concept is beyond your comprehension as enlightenment is not rational!
if it can be grasped by the mind then it's not enlightenment.

Great post :)

posts that are interesting good photos, can share a good lesson @nomad-magus

I had two "yes", so I still have work to do.

We as humans are the best creation of God , definetly slavery to HIM would be only suited to it.but we as humans have become slaves to the wordly things which we know aren't going to be with us always.Our conscious has become slave to pleasures of world and we feel it's all our soul wants but our soul Yearns for peace and love of God


I am not a slave. You can try to take everything I have, but only GOD can have ME. 💞💓💞


Seems that we have a way to go my friend as God maybe your final chain.
Will love to see you around👍


I'm sticking around anyway though..

thank you for keep motivating people! with your post a lot of people will get inspired and see the lights of there ways.
@nomad-magus you are a great man2

This post has received a 4.94 % upvote from @boomerang.

looking forward to Sunday's posts (Fridays too).
I am very much interested in this process that you named "Slave to a Master" and "enlightenment".
I prefer to use other words to describe the process.
Words like "waking" instead of "enlightenment" and "sheep to a lion" which differentiate a lion from a sheep by the assumption that a lion is creating and walking its own path and a sheep is walking the path it was programmed to walk.

Deport me if u want.... I am not a Slave 👌👌👌👌😎