Lower Antelope Canyon

in adventurer •  last year

Ever wonder where the Microsoft Windows screen savers on your computers came from? Well, my adventure to discovering this started with a 2 hour flight, and an almost 6 hour drive to from Phoenix (Arizona) to Lower Antelope Canyon. The drive was tough, going through sharp bends and an elevation of almost 7000.' But the sights were worth it.
I got there for my 10 am tour, the temperature was perfect, and the light was perfect. Visiting the Canyon required climbing alongside pre-installed ladders in some areas. And using my phone's camera, I was able to take this picture.IMG_8737.JPG

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Looks amazing. So glad to have you join up on steemit. Be sure to head over to #introduceyourself for your next post so everyone can meet you.

Super amazing, would love to visit that!

This has been on my bucket list forever! So beautiful!

Fantastic shot and a place I would love to visit one day


To be inspired enough to travel all the way for a shot through a screen saver, is something worth thumbs up and upvote for! Well done!

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