Don't take your 6 yr old skydiving... PROMISED FOOTAGE in 360 and Virtual Reality as edited by Devil Dan and Des

in #adventure7 years ago (edited)

As I said yesterday, I would be uploading the videos from yesterday's indoor skydiving adventure. I edited one for 360 and Virtual Reality Viewing and another standard HD video. I really hope that you enjoy this @Sykochica  The irony is the kids were able to put their creative input and direct me on how they wanted me to edit the videos. Not only is it a teaching moment, but its also a bonding moment as @justinashby expressed the importance of earlier.

@papa-pepper the 1st video below is an opportunity to try it vicariously.

@sirlunchthehost it isn't XXX VR but I feel creepy sharing that.

It's really cool to watch this video in Virtual Reality but you can also watch it on YouTube without a headset.

Or for those that are technologically challenged...

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Great work! I'm waiting for a XXX VR video. 100% upvote!!!!!

When the kids go to sleep...ITS ONNNNN

hahah, perv

This was freaking awesome! Adding the 3d view/camera controls really added to the viewing experience on this, otherwise I'd never had seen you all (and the instructor) when flying higher up. It looked like you guys had a great time...even with the 'wind blowing.' Lol

Those trick the instructor was doing near the end were unbelievable! Thanks for posting this!

Thanks for enjoying it. It took hours because I made a mistake in the coding during the PODCAST.

I'm glad you went through the effort...well worth it.

Lol, I understand. I can't do anything as picky as coding while listening in, especially to never quite know what's going to be said to break you out of the 'zone.' :P

its likely I mistyped somewhere between buttholes and photoshop lmao

Rofl, exactly! And don't forget...DONUTS! :P

Now watch some old school Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the Fizzy Lifting drink. ;)

ohh yeah the infamous glass elevator scene. I bet that was a lot more fun than this lol.

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