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When the sun goes down, they all come out!

As a man who enjoys interacting with and capturing various wild creatures, the sea provides another unique adventure for @papa-pepper. Each time that we traveled to South Padre Island while we were in Texas we stayed out until after dark.


So many of the interesting fish that were so hard to bare hand during the day suddenly became easy to grab. Perhaps it was the blinding flashlight or maybe the bold confidence that they normally have after the sun goes down. Either way, I was able to literally grab a handful of them out of the water.


Although we found many crabs crawling around during the day, other crustaceans came out to play at night. The little Red Shrimp below was one of many. Their eyes sparkle bright silver under the water when the flashlight is shined at them.

Also, we found an incredible species of crab. These bumpy, vibrantly colored crabs would have been amazing to photograph during the day, but we only found a couple, and that was after dark. The photos below display how amazing they look. Plus, there are a few other crabs after them.

I love how the variety of creatures available can change so suddenly. Also, having creatures that we had seen all day rapidly become easy enough to catch that you can use your bare hand is a great experience. The @little-peppers had a blast and I enjoyed myself to the fullest.

Though I have to head back to Mexico in a few months for some more dental work, at least we will be able to share adventures like this one and make memories together as a family that will last a lifetime.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Hello @papa-pepper. I translated this post in Russian. Translation here: . Thank you! I really liked your photos.


Thank you! I just upvoted it!


@papa-pepper thank you very much for your supporting!

I was eagerly waiting for this.. Resteemed..


Glad that you enjoyed it.

Great photos and really cool catches :)

Aww, they are so cute :)

Am amazing post.I like your post so much.@safran

Those are some wild sea creatures! I pretty much grew up in the ocean and have never seen those crabs before, they are absolutely astonishing! It's amazing how long scientists have been studying the ocean and we still have only explored less than 5% of the ocean. There are so many creatures out there that we have no idea about. Very interesting post @papa-peper, thanks for sharing and keep on steemin!


Yeah, you truly never know what you are going to find. I am always impressed!

So many of the interesting fish that were so hard to bare hand during the day suddenly became easy to grab. @naz722

Awesome Post...i love it !!


Thanks Mate!

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!


Thank you 007!


Nature is so awesome!!
Truly a work of art!
The work of the Master potter's hands!!
Thanks for sharing!!!


Applause to you @papa-pepper for touching all those cute little slimys with your bare hands. I think they're pretty cute, but not sure that I'd personally go scooping them out of the water with my hands ;)

Thank for this lesson on nature
Always learning something new from you@papa-pepper

Night life is more biodiversity than the day light. Great experience 👍

Excellent adventure . In a word amazing and awesome nature photos

The crabs are pretty cool. I remember fishing for blue crabs off a wharf in Gulfport,MS when I was a kid back in the 1960s. My dad would get chicken necks from the grocery store and tie one to the middle of what can best be described as a bucket net. Throw it off the wharf, wait a few minutes, pull it back up and see what's in the net.
We used to go to the beach at low tide and look for hermit crabs. That was always fun as a kid.


That sounds so cool. I was just catching Blue Crabs and Hermit Crabs with the @little-peppers just days ago!

Unique! Upvoted and resteemit. Thank you for sharing.

And now it is NIGHT time adventures with the kids! You never cease to amaze @papa-pepper! It's great to see that you are exploring life to the fullest. I'm happy to see your posts and to get inspired myself. Thanks for sharing! <3


Glad to hear it. There is so much life out there to enjoy!

Wow amazing pos @papa-pepper

Source of protein, in my country indonesia. Fish is the only source of the most readily available protein. Besides easy, it is also very cheap. good job @papa-pepper

beautiful creatures seems to be found during night time.... its amazing....

Some interesting things that come out after dark... that's for sure haha!! The second one under the category of fish is so pretty though. It looks like a miniature little swordfish.

I am sure there are as many interesting creatures on land that come out to play after the sun sets too.

Very interesting post :)

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Great photos specially taken night time... I hope you release the fishes back in to the water!


Oh yes, everything went back to its home.

Your love with amphibian family is awesome.

Awesome pics! The first one with the crab in your hand looks like the crab is singing to an audience!! :)

Wow i like that crab!!! It's cool.

different colors, some of those I never saw, thank you for showing us

You'd be an awesome guy to have on Gilligan's island. Spear fishing without the fish.

That green crab looks like a truly tough customer for his size.

I would do an amazing dish with the red shrimp @papa-pepper! They are so beautiful! Wondering how many bites you got with the crabs!
Your hands seem really soaked with that salty water mate!

great post man ❤! Honestly I liked the fishes than the crabs!! And yes, may like my recent compilation, its about the amazing BLUE City in our country


Alex Koshy

hi,I like it and good post

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Oh my!

upvoted and already following😀 Great night shots of underwater life!

That's nice,please cook that so we can that.he he,I love seafoods,,

Animales bien chéveres, pocas personas son capaces de tocarlos o de llegar hasta los sitios en dónde los esperan. Me gusto mucho el post

Talk about free range ocean life! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.


Oh yeah, free range ocean critters!

WOw you are a wild man indeed!
So many cool creatures found in just one night!
You da man @papa-pepper

You catched a lot did you cook the crabs?

Nice one fishes but take care of yourself they can cut you lol.

so beautiful

I love your post. I am an avid adventurer and love photographing unusual creatures. I live about 8 hours or more from South Padre though in north Dallas and only rarely get down that far.