Red Bull - Hit the Streets

in #adventure8 months ago

So last night I worked the Redbull Hit the Streets event for First Thursdays in Cape Town.


The event was the final qualifying round for the South African nationals of Street Fighter 5. The winner would go on to represent South Africa in Japan and to get them ready for the heat, Redbull flew down the current world champion Daigo Umehara to come and do some warm up games with the guys.

The day started off with the guys playing friendly games against the champ that would later be used for b roll in between games. This was whilst we got everything set up outside. We put up a scaffolding tower with a LED screen for playback, we had the Redbull truck where the players would play and then a commentators table.

Throughout the night there was knock out rounds, interviews with players and feedback from commentators and the MC and naturally loads of Redbull. Here are some of the snaps I managed to work in whilst doing the audio. Luckily for me everyone on the premisis submitted to being filmed so score!!!!

Congrats top the winner Jabhi Hudson Larry Mabuza
. Good luck in Japan brother!!!










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