Doing Things That Scare You

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Recently, Laura and I bought a 23 foot bus. Being two 20-somethings we hadn't really bought much in our lives, not even a car!

When we finally decided that we wanted to buy a bus instead of an RV that was already made with everything we needed, we knew it was going to take a lot of work to fully renovate it to fit our needs. Now, having bought the bus and actually walking around in it, it is much more intimidating than we imagined.

Somehow, just knowing what you have to do never really kicks in until you have to do it. I'll tell you what... Looking at the tasks ahead and what we have to learn scares the shit out of us! Sometimes your mind begins to panic a little, but we know that there is no choice but to successfully learn about how to do everything from insulating the walls to installing and wiring our electrical system.

Again, why would we impose such an intense project on ourselves when we have no prior experience? Well, one key fact was that a quality RV would cost about $15,000 more than what we paid for this bus. Disregarding the money side of things, the amount of growth to be had during this next 2-3 months of creating will be one of the most condensed growth periods of my life to date. For both of us.

Not only will we learn skills that are extremely useful, we are also putting our brains on overdrive. Over the last 9ish months we have comfortably worked at home from our online business, pretty much from the couch. It doesn't get much better than that. Now, we're ready to shake up our reality.

We've gotten so comfortable over this last year that it's time to go back to discomfort and growth. Not to say that we haven't grown this year, but there is something about doing something that we never dreamed we would attempt (let alone be able to actually do) that is extremely appealing to us.

It's very different from sitting on the couch on our computers, that's for sure!

Attempting such a project like this over the course of a few months is also serving as a (big) reminder to us of the value of doing things that scare you. The reason we are scared of them in the first place is because we fear we will not be able to do it and it is SUCH a steep learning curve. At the same time however, that's why it is such a fun and mind expanding process.

Over the course of the building process, I will be throwing in the occasional post about what we have learned so far from our experience. I won't so much be creating content on how to install solar panels but rather, what I learned FROM installing solar panels (on a more personal development level).

Hope you stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

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Awesome dude! This is exciting! Looks like a lot of worthwhile hard work to convert this guy into a home, but I'm super excited for you!

Thanks a lot mate! It will certainly be an interesting journey!

Really cool! Excited to hear about your upcoming travels :) This reminds me of the Argentinian couple who rented a van and traveled across.Seems like it's a popular trend nowadays!

Thank you @sharebear! It is definitely a fun and different way of doing things haha

great way to think and change something! In my opinion, the only way to grow is, when you go out of your comfort zone.. So you're perfectly on the right track :) you can do this! motivational penguin shakes his ponpons for you