Loch Affric circuit

in adventure •  6 months ago  (edited)

Today we went to Glen Affric to walk around the remote loch for 19 km. 0y17b9e9o9.jpg
The weather was quite bad ad the storm Freya was still roaming around the glen. I am sure in olden days we just used to call it wind and rain and they never had any friendly sounding names.
As the wind was blowing and the rain was pouring horozontally was walked keeping up a good pace.
We had to cross endless streams and rivers. v6b2j6rhsi.jpg
One of them was too rapid and deep and after walking up and down the stream the two of us decided to cross at one point. 7129gccc3l.jpg
Soon both of us discovered that it was a silly idea as we both fell into it...just making to the other side... soaking wet. The thought the we had to walk for another 13 gf59ig8at5.jpg km in wet gear wasnt appealling at all. The two remaining walkers become scared and went back to the car park. Whereas we were too scared to cross them back so the party splited in two.
We saw a lot of rainbows...
After the very quick lunch we carried on as we were too cold to stop.
It wad a long and wet hike so happy to be back home and warm my feet at the fireplace.
See you next time

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Awesome rainbow 🌈

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Howdy from Texas highlandwalker! wow what a walk you guys did! I think that would be exhausting but it was also very beautiful! You should consider joining tattoodjay's wednesdaywalk challenge for some great exposure if that sounds interesting. At any rate, well done on a fine post!

Thanks very much @janton, I will check it out.