Adventure brings back fond memories...

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There is nothing better than adventure! Long after a trip is finished memories of the fun and comradeship remains. Even though the average age of the small group of walking friends was 60+, it did not stop us from doing seriously risky things.

It was Day 2 of the long distance walk called The Franciscan Way and five of us were intent on leaving the little Italian town to start the long 30km walk early.

We look fresh and excited to be on the path at this stage.

As fate goes, we were not meant to leave this town the easy way - on the direct path in the map. That path was blocked with many logs dislodged from rain. Our challenge was to find another way out of the town. Our intrepid leader had climbed up the side of the steep, muddy and wet slope to check out what was ahead. He could not get back down so had to keep going on the ridge.

Ken and Peter decided that the only way to get to the right road was to walk along the Express Road, climb over the barrier on this motorway, trek down the slope on the side the road and jump 8 feet to the ground. That all sounded straightforward, right? I believe that walking on any busy motorway where vehicles move at 100kms an hour is strictly prohibited.

This little rule did not deter us. Onto the side of the motorway we walked going agains the traffic so we could see them in time to get our backpacks out of the way. It was a hairy walk! When trucks and cars saw us in time they moved over a lane away from us. Once the right sport was reached we climbed over the barrier and walked down the slope. Because I am short, I got a heave up by the men and then was able to get over to the other side. Peter was the first to jump onto the ground first. They found a wheelie bin for us ladies to jump onto.

There is a happy end to this story. Our intrepid leader eventually made it down the hill and we successfully made it to the starting point for our 30kms walking day 2 hours after leaving the hotel.

Talking about our adventurous day with everyone over beer and wine was as much fun.


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Red solo cup.. I fill you up


Thank you for commenting. You are most creative.

howdy there @angiemitchell! well I don't have as intriguing comment as starwarz but I wanted to say that ya'll look wonderful and happy and I bet you would like to go back and do it again?


You are not wrong @janton. It was the hardest and most enduring mountainous walk but yes I would love to be back to do it again.


I thought so, is that a possibility?

Wow keep on doing stuffs that make you happy! You are all cool dudes out there. Godbless