I scream for ICE-CREAM

in adventure •  2 years ago


Whats better than Ice cream and waffles on a hot evening?

Let me know how is your day going? I ended work early to spend time with my lovely lady cause she was feeling a bit down today!

Brought her for her favourite ice -cream!
Waffles, soft serve with granola & berries!

Where ever you are, have some ice cream! It really brightens the day!

PS: I need to be back in the office after dinner :/

So what do I post mainly on my blog?

I am a financial analyst, trying to show people how to make money by just swapping around with currencies and cryptos

I am a traveller and business owner sharing some of my encounters and travels

I am an aspiring writer

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I need waffles with 3 scoops of ice cream right now..


here you go 🍦🍦🍦

a beer is better!


Would had gone for a beer if it was me feeling down!!
Thanks for the comment buddy!


My pleasure buddy,I just posted an article about beer benefits :> :D


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The rhymes in there.

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so yummy 🍦

I want ice cream too :(

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