December 02: Building A Snowman

Yesterday, this reindeer was sitting by the fire and on day 2 he decided he build a snowman. Not a good idea to do it alone maybe he will find someone next time. Today is already the second prompt for advent drawing challenge 2019 I am trying my best to participate.

Here are some drawings to let you see how I made this art
I tried my best to be consistent with the look just like how it was yesterday. This is a bit time consuming because every detail must match
I also kept the same color palette and brushes
I was not satisfied with the green background I think some blue pine trees are needed. Looking at the final picture I think the reindeer is taking a selfie than building a snow man hahaha

Hope you guys like it. Thank you so much.



Cheese n crackers this ain't the way

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Maybe the snowman would like to come in close to the fire?
We have milk and cookies...

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