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Nebula spotted in the Steem Universe!!

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welcome to steemit.welcome to future.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Greetings Shihab,

I'm assuming you were born 1997, a chinese fire ox among the stars =>

Lets the flames in you come alive to create light and warmth for all those around you, a warm and bright future, be the ox and plough through the hard soil in-front of you to plant healthy seeds for the humans of the future.

The 2star Galaxy share a similar sentiment, we are more interested in the community learning and creating steem, earning it, putting in hard work from their minds, emotions and souls, not buying or pumping and dumping it, for me the steemians are the future, the you and me, the community;
steemit is just the book cover lets all be part of it's awesome story?

We have the ability to rewrite humanities programming on what brands and communities mean to the world, shift it from ego and image to eco and community.

Thank you for bringing my first real comment, that must mean something unless you a bot, then again it makes you my first bot =) hahah.

Gratitude from a galaxy far away, hope to connect with you via real matter and not data one day.
Sayonara Shihab.