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RE: Portraits in the Snow... #portraitphotography #adsactly #ladiesofsteemit

in #adsactly5 years ago

I love these, but I love using the human figure and animals in my own work so any addition of people always makes me happy.

I think you really caught a clever innocence with these especially the little girl lost int he woods trope often bringing up images of faerie tales and the like. I like the soft outer focus blur with the intent on the figure. Good job!


Thank you, so glad you like them! I was actually talking about you when I was editing them, saying I bet you could come up with some awesome little animals to go in the pictures! lol

That's funny because when I saw them I began 'drawing some' in my mind. Just where my mind automatically goes. :)

I was imagining little birds and squirrels like in snow white when she was singing in the woods! haha

I saw a wolf, like red riding hood. Sometimes I like the dangerous animal in an almost non chalent way to share the world with us, maybe a 'lion and the lamb' thing subconsciously?

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