ADHD and Creativity: How Creative Gifts Can Treat ADHD

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Given the way adult ADHD disrupts lives, it’s not surprising that chronic worry and stress often overlap with it. ADHD erodes self-confidence. New plans and projects feel ominous. Past struggles and mistakes are replayed over and over again, usually in an unrealistically negative or amplified way. Wins and successes are minimized. This is a breeding ground for performance-related anxiety of course, but it also leads to a sense of chaos and incompetence. When we don’t feel able to manage our lives and struggle to find personal successes due to our ADHD, we are going to feel chronically stressed and doubtful of our own abilities.

What to do:

While both ADHD and anxiety batter self-esteem and confidence, the good news is that they are both very treatable. We’ve looked before at treatment options for ADHD. Anxiety is responsive to treatment too, and often in a pretty short period of time. The most common treatments for anxiety involve medication and skill-based therapy.



Habitually disorganised? Always running late? Struggle to manage money and relationships? Take this test to learn more about the symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), and then take the results to a mental health care professional for evaluation.



Me in 1978!

*I’d to share something with you all, I had an assessment today with a physiologist regarding adult ADHD (ADD), I have been on those bloody Sertraline meds (zoloft) since 2013 because my Doc thought I was depressed and anxious, well, it turns out that I've had ADHD since year dot and I've been struggling along with it for the past 40+ years.
I f*****g cried like a baby earlier when the realisation hit me, and I shared it with my family. They were not too surprised and I now feel like I have a cool label to be proud of! I am hyper active and my head is a messy shed, but that is me! But you know what? I'm OK with that now! It defines my personality and I can now give my reasons for my impulsive and sometimes irrational behaviours and paranoia.

This really touched my heart and I can totally empathise!
I find that people find me weird at work but do feel like I belong here and on the various Discord families I know belong to!

Me being a manchild! because that's what I am!

I just wanted to share this with you all and make you aware of my ADHD ways and often impatience! To be diagnosed at 44 years old is quite a lot to digest and process! The amazing thing is that, I am a passionate musician and songwriter, and that's the only thing I've stuck too throughout my life! I'm also having weird withdrawal symptoms from giving up the Sertraline (Zoloft) meds! feel well spaced out but also very focussed on my music and crypto journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and if you’re also finding things hard, please go and get some help! It’s an amazing discovery that we must embrace!*

Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician and Producer of his own music, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’. But most of all, it's his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.

You can hear the music I create here:

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I also like to sing funny songs with my kids! this is me and my son a few years back! He said to me today, "Daddy, why do you act like a kid?" I said "Because I have ADHD son"

We we both laughed!

Thank you for reading about my life, listening to my music and all being so supportive on my journey here!

Much love



Please have a read of this wonderful blog that I stumbled across -
ADHD and Creativity: Your Creative Gift Also Treats ADHD


My dearest D – we share those 'enlightening letters'. Likewise, I wasn't diagnosed until I was nearly 41.

Mine looks quite a bit different than the hyperactive kind – I'm what they call 'Inattentive ADD'; the hyperaware daydreamer, appearing to pay attention to nothing, when in fact, I'm paying attention to everything at once. It's what makes me so damn good at my job.

The beauty of the ADD mind is that, once supported and given structure, we thrive. It's simply that our brains are wired differently, in ways that struggle with the standard societal framework. Learning to see those differences as 'gifts' rather than 'disorders' is really half the battle. I'm still working on that one myself.

From one little freckled ginger – who sees and hears and feels everything so deeply – to another...welcome to the part where you begin to forgive all those things you always thought were 'wrong' with you, and you blossom more and more fully into your brilliantly radiant, perfect self. <3 xo, z


ps – you and yer lil fella are just too damn cuuute!

thanks, this actually helped, the "inattentive hyper-aware daydreamer".

You! dear lady, are an incredibly empathetic soul!
I wanted to add so much more to this post, but found it hard to write the little that I have!
Processing my new label, will take me a while I think and there's a long road ahead.
What an adorable little ginger gal you were/are! I'm very honoured to have met you here in this crazy crypto space and look forward to many more moons, sharing our experiences!
I'll let you in on a secret! who sees and hears and feels everything so deeply I DO TOO! although I didn't care to admit it until now, I'm taking in as much information as I can! I'd also like to drop the 'Disorder tag too, because, I don't feel disorderly! In my ginger brain, i'm rather orderly, it's just that others don't see it yet LOL!! My besty and equally amazing human bean @d-vine can join our exclusive club too, and embrace all things complex, creative and beautiful! Society has tried to mould us for too long, it won't win, because we will never fit inside any preformed idealistic human jigsaw puzzle! I wanna be that spare piece that doesn't fit!
have a beautiful rest of your week and accept a massive 'Ginger Dazzle Bear' hug for being AMAZING!

Screenshot (51).png

that pictures is super cute, the freckles!

And so you are rare, and what is rare is precious
and maybe because of it an artist...
I happen to be very sensitive... like I cry watching the stars, and I hug trees and I rescue spiders... Many would take that as odd but I am proud of it.
My misdiagnose came from "physical" condition for a long while... I also thought I had something I had not until it was properly "placed"... but still everything makes us who we are.

We are all special snowflakes ❄ Priscilla! Some more than others! Every snowflake is completely unique in its makeup, much like us as humans. Anyone that disagrees with this is in denial and lacks the embrace of their own weirdness! After all, what is normal? There is no such word on my vocabulary! You are an incredibly weird, wonderful and beautiful soul, and never change! I hope you're feeling better hun. ♥ @paintingangels @d-vine I include you in this too you freaky deaky beauts! 😘

I made a song about that, pretty sure you've heard it... about embracing our oddities... because they make us unique.
Well we change, even if we are not aware, we are constantly shifting and at the same time that is not a betrayal to ourselves because we´re always in endless flow, we get also richer as we share and see the spark in others... Blaze! And thanks for the compliment and for extending to my favourite friends around... cos I adore them!

Grand to hear that you're in great spirits mate...
Onward to creating more amazing music!
Cute video of you and your boy.

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy



One day I will actually get diagnosed - maybe. I'm not sure what this label would do tho, for what purpose. Or if Im truly adhd, or autistic, or have some other unmentionable mental illness that will depress me.

A label feels like an excuse I can blame everything wrong on to account for why I can never seem to cope with anything.

I don't want doctors to solve things by throwing pills at me which may or may not resolve an issue. I've tried that, it's a dangerous path, as the pills might make one thing better and another worse. Pills for anxiety almost ended in suicide for one family member, and did for another.

I feel that I found my creative side way too late, and that I am a talent-less creative, which defeats me. I don't know where to begin. I have creative ideas and no idea how to execute them as I want to, which leads to a huge amount of frustration and self doubt.

I lack self confidence or direction. Plus I'm not ginger. the missing ingredient. will a label help me here? I'm not sure, but I can definitely identify. If you have any wise words. lay them on me.

Oh I'm sorry to hear of your struggles! My advice would be to write all your creative ideas down, brainstorm them and pick 1 idea to develop and concentrate on (if your ADHD lets you)
Pills can help but being given the wrong ones like I have, definitely haven't helped!

im like zipp, im a hypersensitive, and right now im so overwhelmed that I am non functional. i dont even know if thats adhd. or depression.