Ray of Sunshine- By D-VINE & DARREN CLAXTON - CHAOS-Audio-Productions - Video Production.

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Here's a great audio visual animation made exclusively for us @d-vine & @darrenclaxton by our good friend, MSP Waves DJ and all round nice guy @globocop.

It really ignites this collaboration and adds those much needed classy visuals for our Deep House track.
You can find Globo on Steemit via this link - https://steemit.com/@globocop

My video is at DLive


Always a pleasure @darrenclaxton! Thank you so much @globocop for your collaboration <3

What an awesome track!!!
And yes, @globocop is the best!!!

Thanks for the shout-out D. It's been a fun project.

I am also able do much on audio post-production, for example:

  • Voice isolation
  • Drum isolation
  • Music track isolation
  • Dialogue clean-up
  • Removal or remix of voice, drums, music and unwanted background noise.
  • Removal of mic bleedings
  • Live-track clean-up

Awesome collaboration - it's a privilege to work with amazing talents such as @D-vine and yourself.

Thank you Globo <3 It's very much appreciated <3

Great collabo you and dvine did great

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